Woman Explains EXACTLY Why Hillary & Democrats Lost Election 11/19/16


Woman Explains EXACTLY Why Hillary & Democrats Lost Election 11/19/16

The Reasons why Hillary Clinton and the Democrats lost the 2016 Election – November 19, 2016


11 Comments on "Woman Explains EXACTLY Why Hillary & Democrats Lost Election 11/19/16"

  1. Arguing wrong point. It’s ice that needs to start functioning.

  2. Mustache stutters at the end and wouldn’t comment on ex Mexico president

  3. you keep talking about the Border but you got airports and every country
    coming to the US

  4. election is over – done.

  5. The 1.4 million illegal aliens who signed up for Obama’s amnesty are prime
    targets for deportation. The incoming Trump administration will get their
    identities and addresses, along with their open admission that they broke
    into the country. Yes, Obama has already handed over their Info and voter

  6. Rivera is a puerto rican lackey, a colonized, second class citizen with
    serious Stockholm Syndrome

  7. The US should use Mexico’s border policy,,, its brutal.

  8. Mexico is a failed Narco state.
    Their leaders are particularly funded by the drug cartels…. is it
    America’s fault that Mexico’s economy is in the toilet?

  9. How about US sends it’s criminals to Mexico? What Fox is saying is
    ridiculous! and Geraldo is in the same boat!

  10. Trump should make a ruling that when an illegal commits murder or rape,
    then the Mayors themselves should serve time for not protecting their legal

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