Will Canada get any of those loans made to Bombardier back?


Political analyst Tom Mulcair discusses why the federal government keeps bailing out a company that keeps selling off its assets.

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14 Comments on "Will Canada get any of those loans made to Bombardier back?"

  1. I got an idea how about building skidoos ,so crazy it just might work.

  2. Probably not

  3. If the CDN government gets those money back, can I have some of those tax money back as well?

  4. I think Trudeau will write those loans off as he has done to the rest of this friends.

  5. Government bailing out private corporations. Sounds like capitalism to me.

  6. I miss Tom the NDP leader represents Surrey now which is disgusting.

  7. Canada will be paying Bombardier’s outstanding debts instead, you think?

  8. Jeez give this guy a day off, his voice is dying.

  9. Buckbennyrides | February 17, 2020 at 9:09 PM | Reply

    Guess that carbon tax is going up to support this new French money pit.

  10. Selling everything off, cutting huge bonus cheque’s for the executives and then walking away from repaying the loans… and the taxpayer gets stuck again

  11. I want my money back now.

  12. French company…… So no!

  13. Give the money back!! Nothing ever works when the corrupt Liberals are involved Ever!

  14. Why does anyone still wonder why the west wants out?

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