Which 2020 candidate is leading in electability?


CNN's Harry Enten reports on the latest polling data on the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates ahead of the third Democratic debate. #CNN #News

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  1. Are these the same polls that said Hillary Clinton would win in a Landslide?

    • – An election poll doesn’t say anyone will win. It’s a PERCENT CHANCE. An indicator. When the weatherman says there’s a 70% chance of snow, it means there’s a 70% chance. What percent says a candidate will win? 51%? 75%? Get it?

      – Clinton DID have a 90 something percent chance in 2016. It’s nonsense to say pollsters faked it to help her. If anything, her high poll ratings HURT her chances. People, (especially illegals), don’t like to vote. It’s a hassle. And with the electoral college, folks tend to think their individual vote counts even less. If anything, Clinton’s high poll numbers kept people home on election day.

      – The 2016 polls reflected the popular vote, which Clinton WON. That there was a statistical upset only strengthens the theory that Russian interference affected the outcome.

      – If you think the 2016 polls were fake, what do you think the “real” numbers were? Do you think they all got together and conspired to add 50 points? 40? 60? How many points? Even independent pollsters whose existence depends on a record of accuracy? The fact is, even polls by right-wing groups had roughly the same numbers.

      – Donald Trump actually did pay for fake online polls. He also paid people $50 a piece to attend his first rally.

      – Do you vote, anonymously, with no money at stake, for the most popular candidate? Just to be on the winning side? If so, please don’t vote. You don’t understand the process.

    • @Bauss At least the election in 2016 was not rigged otherwise Trump wouldn’t have won.

    • people keep seeing these Biden boomer polls and keep voting

    • @Nicholas Thom It was a narrow victory by 70000 through 3 states and losing by 3 Millionen Votes Nationwide. The Republicans still had to cheat (Voter Suppression, closing polls etc.) to pull that off against the worst candidate the Democrats could find. I would not be so proud about it.

  2. “Electibility “is one of the most stupid terms i have ever heard of.

  3. Like anyone believes a word you say….. bahahaha
    Pathetic journalism

    • @Dennis Manson Yes I understand you are a reality denier and obviously don’t believe in or support free speech. Do you want to delete my account because you can’t handle other people’s opinions or are you just a Nazi?

    • @William H The only thing I take issue with are your constant baseless homophobic attacks they are totally unnecessary and are not opinions. It’s dam hate speech !!! So grow up and try to act like an adult….. until then the reports will continue now go away I am done with your ignorance

    • @Dennis Manson it’s unbelievably lame… I think I’m going to go on a reporting spree of Denise Manson on every one of your posts I find offensive or pretend to find offensive. With that kind of thinking people will eventually report everyone and we will all lose this CNN YouTube forum that we all love.

    • @Florida Man Of course liberal men won’t judge a person’s sexuality… they think pedophiles and or HOMOSEXUALS are not problematic.

  4. You know who is ELECTABLE? Someone who voted against NAFTA and the WAR in IRAQ!! Someone who did NOT support the TPP!!

    That man is Bernie Sanders!!

    Joe Biden supported NAFTA, the IRAQ WAR AND TPP!!

    • sanders sold his communist sole to the democratic machine in the last primary. He will do no better this time. Damn the dnc has some real losers going up against Trump. Not that, that, is a bad thing but DUAM they are bad! They suck. The gal from Hawaii, she isn’t, so bad but the DNC won’t give her the breath of life and neither will the mainstream controlled media. *Trump it is! Dejavu all over again!*

    • The dems will lose hard in 2020 vote them all out they don’t deserve to be our leaders.

    • WE already have a president who did not support the above list and he is also fixing many on that list. Bernie Sanders is an old communist man. All he is looking to do is jump in the race for another Free House from Biden. You idiots just dont get how socialists and democrats transact business. They dont create a profit or value they steal via Taxes and Regulation.

    • So you would vote for a self proclaimed communist?

  5. lol, cnn really tries to keep Biden in the game. He is gone…

  6. Lmao CNN poll 😂😂

  7. That is how it is done at CNN, they have to give each other props… cuz nobody else will.

  8. Andrew Yang gang.

    America will have a brighter prospect with Andrew Yang.

  9. Enten has been a known Sanders hater since 2016, and even here he dismisses him nonchalantly. How is he allowed to do what’s supposed to be “objective” analysis?

  10. Even after 2016. These people still believe in their “polls” 😂

  11. This guy Enten has to justify his job with bs polls with Biden leading….

  12. Stop trying to force Biden on us. He is not electable

  13. Thomas Armsworthy Jr | September 12, 2019 at 8:57 AM | Reply

    The electoral college all that matters not the popular vote..go ask Hillary…lol

    • Right that is the way the USA works. You can help yourself by picking up a book called American Civics 101. It will teach you everything you need to know about how our government works.

  14. Fake analysis by corporate propaganda machine. These so called pundits are bought, hired for the hit job to rig the election. Stop this madness by supporting true grassroots. $100 Democracy Dollar per year for every voter is most effective and timely way to wash out dark money out of politics. America can’t wait!

    • Tessmage Tessera | September 12, 2019 at 10:41 AM | Reply

      Independents decided the 2016 election and as usual, the cable news pundits haven’t polled a single Independent voter, in any of their polls. Biden’s numbers are completely false. He is currently in third place nationwide.

  15. CNN definition of moderate needs to be altered quite a bit.

  16. Inglelick LaMuere | September 12, 2019 at 10:11 AM | Reply

    This is worse than a weather forcast.

  17. Can we stop promoting Biden? I have yet to meet single person who has Biden as their first choice.

  18. Fake news CNN trying to downplay Bernie. It’ll be funny to see their faces when he’s the nominee lmfao

    • Lol. Bernie had his chance and he chose to support Hillary and the Establishment.
      Bernie is an independent, supposedly?
      So when Hillary cheated Bernie, what did Bernie do ? He supported her.
      This is what very weak and controlled people do. The bow to the establishment.
      If Bernie was a true independent, he could have easily ran as the 3rd candidate.

    • EG_UIO 1019 even funnier when he loses in a landslide to Trump in 2020

    • And it’ll be really funny to see your face when Bernie gets destroyed in 2020 by Trump. Bernie can’t even beat a punching bag.

    • Too bad he will get played again by Biden.

  19. Taralya Mcdonough | September 12, 2019 at 11:07 AM | Reply

    Biden doesn’t have a better chance of beating Trump! Biden is the one that Trump would prefer to run against, there’s a good reason for that.

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