Seminar Hinged on the EPA Negotiations

Roseau, Dominica, 15th April, 2008 – Stakeholders with specific interest in the area of Trade in Goods are informed of an upcoming EPA Sensitization Seminar organised under the auspices of OECS ‘Hubs and Spokes’ Project. The seminar will take place on the 24th and 25th of April 2008 at the Public Service Training Centre starting at 9:00am.


This seminar is hinged on the EPA negotiations which commenced in April 2004 as part of a broader change in trading dynamics between the European Union (EU) and the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) Group of countries. The initialling of the EPA Text on the 16th of December 2007 signalled the completion of the negotiating process between the two sides. Now the task at hand for the Region is to move on to the implementation phase of the Agreement ensuring that the Region is positioned to maximise the opportunities offered under the EPA.


The upcoming seminar, facilitated by the CARIFORUM Lead Negotiator on Market Access and other senior CARIFORUM Officials, has as its key objective the presentation of a full and complete scope and outcome of the EPA negotiations to stakeholders both private and public.


All interested stakeholders in the area of Trade in Goods are urged to attend the upcoming seminar and find out how the EPA affects you as a citizen of a CARIFORUM Member State.  (Ends)

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