Scheer on emissions: “Canada is not the problem”


Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer says his climate plan will give Canada the 'best chance' to reach the Paris Climate Agreement goals.

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46 Comments on "Scheer on emissions: “Canada is not the problem”"

  1. This election is going to be run on the environment, blackface, and taxes.

  2. Lol these liberal “reporters” and the Paris accords. Almost as bad as the parrot speak from liberal voters. Canada could shutdown everything that produces environmental concerns, and never change where all the horrendous global pollution comes from…… Asia and Africa….oops forgot India.

    • Asia and India are the biggest polluters, but I don’t see those countries slowing down anytime soon.

    • Those reporters are bought and paid for by Trudeau so what do you expect.

    • Sure. Let’s do nothing. I say that only because I don’t have children. “Officer, why are you giving ME a ticket? Everyone else is speeding too.” I hope that you aren’t passing that attitude on to your kids.

    • @Piktor Music absolutely I’m teaching my kids this attitude. Critical thinking, instead of horrible analogies, should be on every parents list lol…please don’t have kids, we have enough “drones” already.

  3. This is his way of saying that we won’t try and bankrupt Canadians, as our emissions aren’t an issue.

    • He is lying to you. Our emissions ARE an issue. Every country is to blame, but Canada pollutes A LOT considering how small our population is. We have also been doing it for longer than a lot of countries. The problem didn’t just start 5 years ago.

    • @Kelly Jones We can be cleaner, but we don’t have to destroy our economy in the process.

      Tax incentives to go greener/be more efficient, is the way to go.

    • Sporty Sixfifty | September 25, 2019 at 4:55 PM | Reply

      @Kelly Jones Oh yeah SHAME on you Canadians. Thunberg is really pissed now.

    • @Kelly Jones enough of your crap STFU

    • If the left really cared about the environment, they’d be pushing for a boycott of Chinese products. But hey, just keep gluing yourself to sidewalks. That’ll help too.

  4. I mean taxing Canadians is not helping the climate.

    • I actually got more money back from my rebate than I paid… but make less than 500,000 a year so…

    • @Jay Ray did you really get more than you paid. Say you paid $500 a year in actual carbon tax. An extra $500 in goods purchased to make up for the companies being charged carbon tax. Then the government gives you $700 back. Technically you got more back than you paid, but financially you are worse off.

    • Roger Galbraith lmao like I said, I don’t make 500,000, so I’m largely unaffected by it. If I did my math right, the carbon tax cost me less than 50. I got well over 100 back. Cost of goods is always rising, so that desperate spin is non-relevant.

  5. Okay I don’t like Scheer but this is actually based

  6. Look! It’s Trudeau with a face mask!

    • Look! it’s a Bernie troll. Go find a Bernier video to go cut off your nose to spite your face, because that’s exactly what you’re doing when you split the vote. If Bernie wasn’t such a sore loser and didn’t leave the CPC, I guarantee you would be voting for Andrew Scheer.

    • @OVI-Wan Kenobi Wrong., if it wasn’t for the PPC I wouldn’t waste my gas to vote for the other idiots.

    • @Wone Motie agreed haven’t voted in 50 yrs if not for Max it would be another 50

  7. This makes sense, can’t argue with that. HOWEVER I am still voting PPC!

  8. Jonathan Gosselin | September 25, 2019 at 6:15 PM | Reply

    Vote conservative for a greener future!

    • lastpirateslife | September 25, 2019 at 7:14 PM | Reply

      well… as the alternatives appear to lead only to massive debt and a shutdown of the resources industry i’d have to say you are correct. frankly, even scheers green plan makes more sense than the others. *not including berniers party in this, no idea of their platform on this subject yet.

    • okay, greener. than what? how is this gonna make our lives better? jobs, taxes, house marketing?

    • Jonathan Gosselin -WTF?

    • as you write on a machine thatll end up in an ocean and was produced by oil consumption & youll get another more badass one for christmas cause… you can. but yea by all means, these guys seeking political power at all costs, they want plants & to study the atmospheric gasses/pressures in between trading their bank accounts

  9. Taxing Canadians is the problem, find a new solution smh..

  10. canadian welder | September 25, 2019 at 6:55 PM | Reply

    Why do Canadians have bend over for the climate, while China,India,and Russia destroy the planet. 35 million compared to over 3 billion where is the problem here.

  11. He’s right it’s China

    • lastpirateslife | September 25, 2019 at 7:26 PM | Reply

      more than that… it’s the other 98% of emitters or whatever the figure is.. we are almost inconsequential. we need to continue to produce our fossil fuels to remain structurally solvent as a nation. while doing so we might also put out the support of alternate industries, but these industries too are reliant on fossil fuels. so, the issue is not fossil fuels but how they are used (or wasted when it comes to burning them with little to no return)

    • Lmao I like you dude

    • India too.

  12. vote conservative please….

  13. Hey is the solution, how about cleaning up pollution?? Like the garbage in our oceans and growing more trees.
    Why is it always taxing

  14. Why won’t environmentalist protest in china with thousands of factories without emissions control? Chickens…

  15. RAM-1500 KING OF TRUCKS | September 25, 2019 at 8:48 PM | Reply

    screw the targets and lower our cost of living…this is ridiculous

    • Bernier is the only guy not taxing you for these garbage proposals on saving the climate. it reminds me of a message from the Soviets… we need to take away your newborn or investigate your apartment in “name of the state” [name of climate change]

  16. He better win

  17. Canadian politics and politicians are weak! The only reason I have to vote for any one of these weaklings is that they are not Liberal or Treaddoo. Thats it, thats all!

  18. Finally a plan that’s global and not filled with Urban Liberal Guilt!

  19. Why don’t we vow to stop importing Chinese Goods if Canada and the United States came together and did this the world’s pollution levels would drop at least 15%

  20. Scheers plan is far than Trudeau’s plan of crippling the economy and screwing the middle class!

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