Opinion Piece From Dominica User’s Group

From:     James A

Hi Trevor,

How are you? These are some strong sentiments/observations I must admit.

For the record, my fellow countryman let it be known, that as far as I know, we
do not know each other nor have we ever met. I was on the island of Trinidad
less than two months ago and I’ve not made contact with you nor have we met
then. However, I've been following this debate (some may classify it) and
candidly, as I have indicated both my mailbox and Blackberry are bombarded with
these emails. I refrained from getting involved because of the reasons you have
articulated and in particular, the bad spin these have placed on some of us in
the Diaspora.
Frankly, I am concern and ask, with much respect, that folks on the ground (as  they like to refer to themselves) kindly refrain from associating all Dominicans  in the Diaspora as party to this BS. Truth is Trevor, all these emails and  debates are going no-where and they at the end of the day, appears to be  “lip-service” with no alternatives to what we have at present and I would love  to see alternatives and how we can advance our beloved birth land, the  Commonwealth of Dominica forward. I am particularly interested in the following,  but not limited to: economic development, infrastructure and natural resources  perseverations, environment, and overall residential, commercial and industrial  development through all sector of the island and is of the view that our elected  officials on levels from all political parties on the island are not  representing their constituencies well especially in the areas inferred.   For that reason(s), I am not a supporter of none of the current political  parties in Dominica. To the contrary, I am and have been a constant and adamant  advocate for development for our country (no matter the political party) and as  such, I am an “independent thinker and perhaps voter”. Of course, with that  status no one can purchase me or cause me support their position because I am  capable of determining and arriving at those conclusions myself.    Having said that, it cannot deny the fact that there has not been some kind of  progress in Dominica because to join others and say that would be very  disingenuous. I am disappointed in the Melville Hall airport night landing  project and the big hoopla that was made over a few celebrity flights that  appears to be just a “show cause”. I was looking forward and expecting to land  at night on my trip in the next week and a half but instead I have to overnight  in a nearby island.   Trevor (Garcon), folks will talk and they may say what they want but that does  not make it true nor will it deter me from my travels and of course, if you wish  to meet with me while I am on Trinidad if you are available, as fellow  Dominican, I have no problem meeting with you on condition that in and of itself  should not be misconstrued as I am part of any “gang” because I do gang…lol.              In closing, let me say this, the PM and I have to give his due respect because  he is the PM of our Dominica hence, I am calling him the PM. At the first ever  Dominican Diaspora Symposium held in NY the PM was a cabinet minister at the  time of his attendance, and I was a presenter and panelist at that function.  Amazingly, during my presentation I simple said that it was “unfortunate that  all the parties in Dominica where not represented”because one of the condition  for I participating at that function” was every political party attend. The PM  (minister at that time) took offence to that statement from me and implied that  I ignored him or did not recognize him or his party. So there were a little  Dominican “melee” so to speak and interestingly, many of the folks who are now  against and disgruntled with the PM and his current administration were at that  time his greatest supporter and some (many in the Diaspora) advocated behind the  scenes to have be leader of the party and PM and sadly, these folks are now his  enemy and would join in taking his head to the chopping block. At minimal, I  find that amazing.     With that said, Trevor I am as always and independent and my focus for the  overall good of our country so you want to me meet with me – no problem my  brother.     I just want to make that point and my position clear, my brother.   God Bless.... 

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