New PSA Designed To Jolt The Gun Debate In Washington Out Of Its Stalemate | Deadline | MSNBC


Democratic strategist Basil Smikle, New York Times Magazine’s Mark Leibovich, former White House and State Department aide Elise Jordan, and Donny Deutsch on the new public service announcement released by a group of Sandy Hook parents showing the frightening reality schoolchildren face concerning active shooters. Aired on 09/18/19.
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New PSA Designed To Jolt The Gun Debate In Washington Out Of Its Stalemate | Deadline | MSNBC

43 Comments on "New PSA Designed To Jolt The Gun Debate In Washington Out Of Its Stalemate | Deadline | MSNBC"

  1. You dont need an assault rifle. If you think a modded weapon with an extended clip is all thats standing between you and the government, you dont understand how tanks work.

    • @ED S If that’s true then no need for AR-15 style guns, any gun will do.

    • ED S, you’re just silly. You *really* think the Government isn’t coming after you because they fear you have weapons?!?! GTFOH!! If the Government wants to come after you, you have ZERO chance. None.
      Besides, they’ll never come after you in that manner, they don’t need to. They have a million other ways to control you. You being delusional shouldn’t be an excuse for kids getting gunned downed everyday.

    • @K. Cook you’re being delusional and you sound worse than right wingers. The government isn’t just some faceless entity that “comes after you.” It’s composed of human beings. Do any of you idiots even remember what happened at the Bundy ranch a couple of years back? Why didn’t the government take their land?

    • kasparov9

      Then AR-15’s aren’t the problem then huh?………………………. Way to prove every firearm owners point while undermining your own. Why do you think black steal is scary but the same firearm made from wood isn’t? Get it yet?………….

  2. Annette Urbanski | September 18, 2019 at 7:49 PM | Reply

    That made me tear up. That should reach every human. Sadly Moscow Mitch and Crazy Trump DO NOT CARE. They need to go. They are bought and paid for.

    • They are all DEMONS

    • I often wonder why they think they are pro-life?

    • That SHOULD reach all of us. But take it from someone who has some real gun-loving crazies in his immediate family: They don’t care. All they care about is their precious guns and their ability to strap up and look like they are paramilitary or militiamen. They even have children, and they don’t care…god forbid they find another way to express their shallow understanding of “manhood”.

    • Thats not funny | September 19, 2019 at 8:33 PM | Reply

      It made me tear up too. I was not expecting that.

  3. should have had a gun shot sound after the text at the end. *_ hay, repubs…get it yet?!?!?_*

  4. I used to laugh at Moscow Mitch, the Senate tortoise. Now he just disgusts me.

  5. No don’t bulshit us Moscow Mitch. I think every one of us know you are simply stalling and blocking for your employers. I don’t mean your constituents because they probably have no idea how crooked you really are. Do your job or you’re fired.

  6. I implore each and every one of you that work at MSNBC to stop referring to Mitch McConnell by his given name. I ask and I plead with you to call him out by his new name, his well-deserved name. Mr. Moscow Mitch.

  7. Childrens bulletproof backpacks ? OMG !

  8. Active Shooter Drills is this MAGA?

  9. Brian Szymanski | September 18, 2019 at 8:12 PM | Reply

    Mitch McConnell of Kentucky please do something to stop this madness. IM WASTING MY BREATH! While children cower in fear .

  10. Nasty Mitch McConnell. What if someone in his family was the victim of a mass shooting.
    How sad that kids have to learn this and live through it

  11. Trump and his administration do not care about all the people that gun violence hurts …. their base even calls the mass shooting “staged”!

  12. Patrick Reardon | September 18, 2019 at 8:20 PM | Reply

    For the love of God. Do something!!!!!! Thank you MSNBC for not giving up the narrative.

    • You’re probably not even American

    • @Mike K I’m not. Which is even worse! When the outside world starts to scrutinize America’s Commander & Chief with disbelief, wonder, worry, disgust and utter dissapointment it should worry you as a US citizen. What you don’t understand is America’s bad behaviour has huge influences on the rest of the world. Ever heard the saying, “When America sneezes the world catches a cold”. Unfortunately America is still dominating world trends under this administration. How do you not see Trump’s double standards? I probably know more about what is going on in the USA than you do. I’m not happy being obsessed about this, ‘selfwill-run-riot-president’! All the hatred he spews, he himself lives. He is anti immigration. BUT, he is married to one, has divorced one. His mother was an immigrant. Trump has less claim to America than any of the candidates running. He is a first generation American. His mother was born in Scotland. He has been married twice to “eastern block” women. This would mean nothing to me if Trump didn’t make such a big deal of tearing children from parents. Melania, your 1st lady, did not quite become a citizen of the US with good, honorable means. She slept her way into a green card. Trump can’t run his own family, his wife clearly cannot stand him. But did what she had to, to stay in the USA. Her parents are block-chain immigrants. Something Trump is trying to abolish. So it’s only okay if he may do it, but you *CAN’T* Mike. And you best understand that soon. Mike, because of Trump you cannot do many of the things he has done. He is, at a quick pace now, starting to turn Americans into an endangered species (oh yeah, he’s cut funding to help with protecting your endangered species by the way), by making the US a vulnerable target. Your traditional enemies (Russia, China, Middle East), are just waiting to pounce.
      Speaking for myself here. I don’t make these critisicms about POTUS because I have nothing better to do. Im no keyboard cowboy either. I say these things because I care about the impact it is having on the world. Look at all your conventional allies. One by one, they are slowly turning their backs on America because of the instability he sows. The propaganda media of FOX is doing its best to be a distraction for the Trump base, to hide the truth from them. That in itself should be a crime if it is not one already.

      Mike, I can write pages about Trump and his blundering bafoonery. But I actually don’t have the time. It’s great that you’re watching MSNBC. Hopefully you’re open to other perspectives. I’m gonna end by saying, I live in a country where there was a huge disparity between race. I live in a country that was isolated and alone from the rest of the world, which is what Trump is trying to do to the US. I live in a country that literally used the word :nationalism very proudly. It used that word in many speeches. I live in a country that did not want any immigrants and made the living standards for those who should benefit. very hard. However, miracles do happen and our country changed. We were set free from the bondage of a corrupt presidential administration that only catered for a certain type of human being. Our country still has a long way to go but we are making good strides. We no longer need to deal with problems alone. We are now a part of an international community. We are seen as a country with its own sovereignty and power. The country that I speak of is a country that has not had to go to war in order to create peace. That country is South Africa. Please learn from our mistakes.

  13. 100 people hospitalized from vaping:

    1000s die from deadly gun laws:

    • @Mike K So is freedom of speech, but you’re not allowed to falsely scream “FIRE” in a crowded movie theater. If it’s dangerous to the well being of the general public, there should be limits to those constitutional rights, especially gun rights.

    • @George Huynh don’t you think if you were in the movie theater you would feel the heat from the fire or smell the fire you know that guy that has a sign up that says a hundred people are killed a day buy a firearm he’s not telling you about the 66% of 100 that commit suicide with a firearms the other 15% are probably justified shootings by the cops on some thugs and 10% is gang shootings and the rest of the percentage is probably people that get murdered by firearms there are 3,000,000 people that use firearms to stop crying from happening 2 them each year you think that’s worth giving up our guns and my second question to you is are you even American?

    • @Mike K Oh wow, you actually took me seriously. I thank you for that. BUT, you sir, are cherry picking statistics to justify your own views and beliefs. You’re forgetting that gun laws are effective at curbing gun violence and gun related deaths. Evidence of this would be laws passed in Australia, The UK, and Japan.

      I’m an American, and no I’m not advocating to have your guns taken away. I’m arguing for stricter gun control laws. The fact of the matter is: ease of access to guns is the real problem. I want high capacity magazines and weapons accessories that modify guns into what are effectively machine guns to be banned. I want the ATF and relevant agencies to actually be able to digitally store and search gun owner’s data (licences, permits, etc.). I want the CDC to be able to research gun violence and possible solutions to gun violence. I want there to be a nationwide licencing scheme in which there is a three week waiting period before someone can get access to a weapon; three weeks to take classes on how to safely carry, maintain, and operate a gun; three weeks in that local, state, and federal workers have a chance to fully rule out whether a person is dangerous or not.

  14. That made my skin crawl. That was hard to watch and thinking about my daughter in that position.

  15. That made me sob. I’m so scared for my child every day he leaves for school. I pray he graduates before being shot. Last year, they stopped a girl at his school from carrying out a plan for a mass shooting, and we live in a tiny mountain community. 😢

  16. Junior Campbell | September 18, 2019 at 8:34 PM | Reply

    It boggles my mind that 3 years old have to do active shooter drills. I am pretty sure that the US is the only country in the world where kids have to do this first day of school.

    register and vote blue 2020, make America great again

    • @Ryan Edwards you are not just as American as me because you openly advocate to take us citizens rights away. There are background checks right now. The 2nd amendment is not for hunting it is resist tyrants both foreign and domestic. You are a subversive in our nation wether you know it or not. Embrace freedom before it is to late.

    • @Mark Haddox man…you really drank the NRA flavored cool aid didn’t you? You do realize…if the government wants you…they are just going to send a drone with a missile straight into your living room…right? The only wanna-be tyrant I see around here currently are our borderline-illiterate Fox-and-Friends guest-star president and his little sad-sack-of-crap wanna-be Josh Lyman, Stephen Miller. And you can bet if they could, they would get about 65% of the gun-worshipping nutjobs in this country to go out and round up the people that you have the audacity to call “not as American as you”.

      The fact you would even say that is disgusting, and you should be ashamed that you EVER said anything like that. Alas, it just shows how pathetic you are to everyone reading your comments. And no one will follow a pathetic little coward further down the rabbit hole.

    • @Ryan Edwards get your mom or maybe a teacher to help you with an argument here. You dont want to come into a comment section calling someone a coward and then run away from the debate proving to all people reading that you are a coward.

  18. Massacre Mitch can’t do his job. He tells us he’s working for The Quisling Coward Trump, not The People. Maybe “we” don’t know who’s paying him…

    • “Massacre Mitch”. . . Brutal and I love it. . . And the use of the word “Quisling”? Man, just keep the hits coming. . . Well done.

  19. “in a holding pattern” and waiting on Trump? If Massacre Mitch cared at all, he would put it up to a vote then hold Trump’s feet to the fire to do something instead of wasting time!

  20. Overwhelming majority of people 70+% want sensible universal background checks and common sense gun reform. How about doing your job Moscow mitch and provide advice to Atgolf Twitler about the recommendations on gun reform. People are over you both passing the buck and insinuating its the other holding up the process.

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