Near Half Of Sanders Supporters Have ‘Extreme Enthusiasm’ | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders have 'extreme enthusiasm' for the 2020 candidate, according to new polling from Iowa. Vaughn Hillyard discusses. Aired on 1/13/20.
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Near Half Of Sanders Supporters Have 'Extreme Enthusiasm' | Morning Joe | MSNBC

78 Comments on "Near Half Of Sanders Supporters Have ‘Extreme Enthusiasm’ | Morning Joe | MSNBC"

  1. Who on Earth could have “Extreme Enthusiasm” for Amy Klobu-shart?🤔

  2. Kaffekaffe Kaffe | January 13, 2020 at 10:22 AM | Reply

    Bernie makes me hopeful ❤️ He’s the only choice for me 🔥

  3. Bernie is best!

    • Bernie Sanders is the best Communist for Americans to be slaves to government and government control

    • @Adam P get a job for health care or go on welfare as nothing is free to be slaves to government control for AOC and Bernie Sanders with two bread companies owned by them

    • KZ the best way to learn about your own country is by leaving it. Try it some time. The English aren’t slaves.

  4. Whats so funny about Bernie yelling. Joe yells all the time!!!!

  5. So clearly he’s the candidate democrats should choose, if the moderates are going to vote blue no matter who then you must placate to the Bernie wing because they have the energy to match Trump’s base.

  6. Save America! ‘VOTE’ bernie the man sanders #2020

  7. I feel ….The BERN👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿‼️‼️‼️😂💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  8. Vaughn Hillyard is such an establishment tool – his questions of Bernie are ridiculous most of the time

  9. Yes, we love him. Bernie 2020

    • Bad Bird My Mum, from here in Europe, was visiting America on holiday when she was taken ill and an ambulance was called, with subsequent hospital checks and tests – all basic, nothing particularly special.

      The first bill – the First – that she was sent afterwards was for $10,000. The first, of several – just for falling ill and needing some basic care, Your healthcare system tried to charge her, a visiting pensioner, $80,000+. That cost for an ambulance here wouldn’t have exceeded €200, and her daily health bill at the hospital, all-in? €75.

      So, if she’d fallen ill in the same way here, her total bill, which she could pay in installments of her choosing, would have come in at less than €400.(Fortunately her basic travel insurance, which cost about €35, took care of Everything, so she didn’t have to pay any of it.)

      Yes, we have a struggling healthcare system. Yes, it has Many problems and deficiencies, and runaway waiting lists in some areas. But we can live with it, get treated and the care we need without being destroyed by the bills for the rest of our lives.

      Finally, I get free EU medicines which keep me alive which would cost thousands of dollars a month in America, where I’d have died a long, long time ago if I was faced with your medical system. Yet you Americans still claim that your system is amazing and ours is inferior, when your astounding costs sentence ill people to either lifelong debt or death. Now That’s what’s really sick.

    • @Brian Smith Don’t need MSM to see the facts and the results of this American disaster we have foisted on the planet.

    • trainwreck told ya | January 13, 2020 at 4:49 PM | Reply

      Nancy Pelosi and the DNC doesn’t. She’s taking him out by waiting till this week by sending the impeachment articles this

  10. MSNBC can’t ignore Sanders now.

  11. John David Redmon | January 13, 2020 at 11:44 AM | Reply

    I watched this live and couldn’t believe my ears. They can’t ignore him anymore… they left a lot out

    • John David Redmon bernie conspiracy theorists are part of the reason we have Trump. STFU

    • @Fali Disu how so?

    • @Fali Disu bernie blackout is real and actually proven. ask chomsky if you like. i mean i agree that it sometimes gets a bit overboard, but a very enthusiastic followship got screwed of having the best president in decades by the dnc and mainstream media. allow them to be angry, they should be

    • morning joe is one of the better shows on msm that gives fair coverage of bernie. they were the only msm show that covered bernie’s massive rally in the bronx back in 2016.

  12. Yes I am extremely enthused! Feeling the Bern of the Next President of these United States.

  13. The Bern, it’s happening .

  14. TheMoonKingdom | January 13, 2020 at 12:04 PM | Reply

    The fact that this clip made it to YouTube, is truly shocking. We got this Bernie:)

    • warb, that would make sense but not possible. Dem party just like Rep party in US are private corporations owned by the financial oligarchy. There is no way for the owners to transform parties against their interests.

    • @Dearly Diane Maybe, but if that is the case, they are keeping up a false democratic appearance. Should Sanders clearly be the most popular in the primaries but doesn’t get selected as democratic candidate (superdelegates), there will be extra support for a third party. If you don’t try something, you certainly won’t succeed.

    • warb, that is the case but since you are not in USA, you don’t realize how hard and costly it is to start any political movement. There is very little you can do if you are not extremely wealthy in the USA.

    • @Dearly Diane Yes, it is certainly easier said (from another country) than done (by others).

    • I came to the comments section to see if I saw this comment, the comment of someone who knows what is going on, im glad you’re the top comment too! There is hope, lighten up the blackout. Bernie is the way.

  15. Bernie 2020! Get with the times Morning Joe

  16. Liberal Jewish Eagle For Bernie 2020 | January 13, 2020 at 12:16 PM | Reply

    Bernie 2020, as always! My President!

  17. They’re flailing to find a way to scare people away from Bernie.

    • @IdleBigots lol, that’s what triggered you?
      You can’t argue about anything in my comment, because it’s all facts…bernie is a disaster for America.
      His heart is weak, bernie has a foot in the grave…most likely he won’t live to see the next election…the world will be a better place without him…I meant every word I said!
      💔<<<< tick tock bernie.

    • @Smoke Rise Go shove your nose back up Trump’s behind with the rest of the sycophants. I’ve learned long ago that people who shout MAGA and are all Trump 2020 have really nothing new or interesting to say.

  18. Fair coverage on MSNBC? I almost had a heart attack

  19. I’m an Independent now registered as a Democrat to vote for Sanders.

    • @Buck Melanoma What a shallow negative person you are – I wonder why?

    • @jebblottin92 Actually, jebblottin92, although I assume that this situation you’re describing is the case in the state that this gentleman Beto Buche posting here lives in & votes in, because otherwise he wouldn’t have had to go to all that trouble of changing his registration just so he could vote for the person he wanted to vote for in that Democrat primary, what you’ve described is definitely NOT the [legal] situation in many states of this country.

      Have you ever heard of “open primaries” ?

      What open primaries are is the situation in MANY states of our nation, where a person whether they’re registered as a Democrat or Republican or Independent or “whatever” CAN, on a regularly scheduled state Presidential primary day, vote for a Presidential candidate of ANY party, so in other words someone registered as a Republican who wanted to vote for Bernie Sanders or any other Democrat on the ballot in this year’s Dem primary could do so WITHOUT having to change their GOP registration, & if in 2016 a registered Dem wanted to vote for Donald Trump or Jeb Bush or whoever in that GOP primary, they could have, without having had to change their Democrat registration.

      So that’s what an “open primary” is, that they have in many states of this country.

      I think however that the one special rule they have, in those “open primary” Presidential primary states, is that you can only vote for ONE Presidential candidate on the special state Presidential primary day.

      So, for example, if someone was registered as a Republican they could, once again, if they wanted to, vote for a particular Presidential nominee running in the Democrat primary, without having to change their registration from GOP to Dem.

      HOWEVER, if they did go ahead & use their one allowed vote on that day to vote for a Dem they wanted to vote for in the Dem primary, they couldn’t also on that same one state POTUS primary day vote for a Republican POTUS nominee candidate in their own Republican party primary voting taking place on that same day : I think that’s the way it works. : – )

    • @God of destruction diecast Listen, ignoramus lefty brainwashed bozo : “Tax cuts & deregulation” utilized right out of the box by this simply outstanding President Donald Trump administration are the primary reason that since not far into 2017 economic situations across ALL sectors of the U.S. economy improved !, with wage & income increases across all economic levels, & where as a matter of fact wage increases among the “poorer”, lower income segments of society have increased during the Trump Presidency at a higher pace than they did in the higher income brackets !

      And that’s simply a FACT !, no matter what blatant lies to the contrary your loony left brainwashing Socialist propagandist “handlers” may have told you, or whether you’re just “lying to yourself” now about this Trump administration’s economic results, without your even bothering to find out the facts of the matter, maybe because you’ve so completely bought “hook, line, & sinker” previous Socialist brainwashing you’ve received, to the effect that “tax cuts & deregulation” in a country must necessarily always economically hurt poorer people in the country, which once again is simply FALSE !

      And btw, your mixing “the cost of living” into this is simply “mixing apples & oranges”, & one thing that’s really HELPED the cost of living is the Trump administration making this nation “energy independent” through judicious increases in use of fossil fuels, where incidentally increased use of fracking & natural gas in the Trump administration has actually quite measurably IMPROVED the environmental [pollution] situation in the United States !

      And if you REALLY wanted to see the cost of living in this nation SKYROCKET, & this nation’s across the board economic situation “bottom out” into this entire nation devolving economically into truly miserable “3rd World nation” status, just institute your Democrat party’s biggest lefties’ “Open Border Policy” of unlimited #s of immigrants from poor nations of this world [i.e.-Honduras, El Salvador, Guatamala, etc., & the list goes on & on] flooding into this country many of whom would immediately go on full welfare benefits courtesy of your Democrat party, right along with what you’ll also no doubt want to see in the form of your socialist “Green New Deal” & “Medicare for All” plans being instituted in this country absolutely AS SOON AS POSSIBLE !

      So then if you wanted to get a chance to see what it would be like living in nation that could be most closely compared to “Venezuela combined with Somalia”, that would be your ideal chance to find out !

    • God of destruction diecast | January 13, 2020 at 10:20 PM | Reply

      @sweetparvardi well I have evidence to prove every time they cut taxes and the regulate the economy always took a nosedive fine example the the Bush administration when they did it in the 80s it pretty much destroy the middle let’s go back to the 1930s Everytime we Republicans have control the economy always crash everytime they cut taxes and deregulate the only reason why you saying that because you got a business and trust and Believe we will have another recession because all the deregulationand the government is not taking the money they used to take him because they cut taxes for corporations and billionaires and gave the middle-class scrapsI’m not about to sit up here and debate you about what works at don’t works I know for a fact every time they cut taxes in the regulate the economy always crash happy New year and you have a blessed day I’m done with this

    • God of destruction diecast | January 13, 2020 at 10:28 PM | Reply

      @sweetparvardi Everytime we Republicans in charge they always blow a hole in the deficit every time and they talk about they conservatives and deficit Hawks yep you need to look up the deficit it is very highafter Barack Obama worked eight years to bring it down this fool goes in there and brings it back up

  20. Can’t stand the male host of this show.

    • @IF

      “Canned” or “caned” ? I’d imagine that vast multitudes of individuals would say they richly deserve BOTH !

    • you mean the one the show’s named after? 😆😆

    • @Telly Vin-a If what you’re suggesting is that ever thinking with his crotch Mr. Mika Brzezinski should somehow feel terrifically “honored”, that the MuchStupidityNoBasicCommonsense channel named after his own completely execrable “Mourning Joe” self that show, which today represents a total waste of what at least at one time previously had been a potentially useful 3 hours of completely empty programming space, I would say the following to you.

      If in the days of Germany’s Third Reich there had been regular weekday morning TV broadcasts to the German Nazi nation, & one channel had as it’s “flagship” morning show a TV program hosted by the head of the German Nazi state itself, where that show was called “Morning Fuehrer”, I don’t think that if any copies of that show may have survived to this day, that the fact that that particular show was named after Adolf Hitler would today somehow stand in any way as some kind of eternal honor to the German nation & nationality, & to the present day German people as a whole.

      In other words, I would not at all say that the fact that a given TV show is named after a person who appears on or “hosts” that show, in any way at all necessarily “honors” or reflects well on that show, or at all necessarily “honors” or reflects well on the person who that show is named after.

    • OMG i feel that so much

    • theyre all right compared to everyone else on msm.

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