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kimora_hodgeIf you want to know what’s on Kimora Hodges’s mind, have a look at how she’s dressed.

“My friends say that I dress according to my mood, and that my personality is expressed through my fashion choices,” she said.

From this, we can deduce that her personality must be bold, given her fondness for statement jewelry. The 30-year-old Dorchester resident (, who is originally from Dominica, still borrows from her island’s colorful style, but has adapted it to fit categories from “tomboy chic” (Hodges’s term) to “fabulous darling” (another Hodge-ism). Time to hear from the source. Give a gracious hello to this week’s Instagram style star.

Q. I didn’t know much about Dominica, but thanks to the wonders of Google, I now understand that it’s known for lush natural scenery. Did you leave because you’re not a nature kind of gal?

A. Dominica is indeed the nature island of the Caribbean. I love my homeland and I go back every year to visit my grandmother. I’m definitely a nature lover. I’ve done everything from African safaris to rafting in the Costa Rican rain forests.

Q. I love a lady who speaks her mind — when she’s being nice to me — but tell me how you speak your mind through fashion?

A. Moving to the US definitely changed my introverted ways. I quickly realized that I had to be assertive in order to be an effective communicator. I will wear white before, after, and on Labor Day. I don’t believe that any piece of clothing is outdated. It’s all about good pairing to me.

Q. I don’t meet a lot of fashionable tomboys on Instagram. Is there a trick to balancing glam and masculine?

A. I am definitely not a tomboy, I just enjoy experimenting with masculine looks and playing with pieces that are predominantly male-targeted. I think it’s all about attitude and personality with whatever you chose to wear. You need to mix and match with the right balance.

Q. Can you trace the history of your love of statement jewelry? Did it begin when you were a girl wearing candy necklaces?

A. Candy necklaces would have to go past my mouth in order to be worn. But they never would with this sweet tooth. My love for statement jewelry was realized when I had to go on a strict budget. I slowly figured the right jewelry could turn a plain tank and jeans into a work of art. Learning to accessorize is a skill. I made my share of faux pas before I got it right.

Q. Do you have a fashion icon, or are you your own fashion icon?

A. I admire the talents of many designers, but I adore Michael Costello. I’m obsessed with the way his silhouettes embrace a woman’s frame. I don’t have a fashion icon because a lot of celebrities have stylists who pull clothes for them, so it’s not really their own. I hate to say it but I like my style. There are moments when I’m sitting on the train and I extract one piece of clothing or accessory from everyone on the train to do an imaginary makeover for a lucky rider.

Interview was condensed. Want to be featured as our next Instagram style star? Hashtag your photos #BostonSnap. Christopher Muther can be reached at Follow him on Twitter @Chris_Muther

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