“Mind your own business”: Quebec gov’t unhappy over ad citing Bill 21 to woo workers to Manitoba


Quebec’s premier says Manitoba should focus on retaining their own citizens, citing Dustin Byfuglien, rather than try to woo civil workers in Quebec with an ad citing Bill 21.

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25 Comments on "“Mind your own business”: Quebec gov’t unhappy over ad citing Bill 21 to woo workers to Manitoba"

  1. That is smart regardless to the motion 21

  2. Tammy j Monette | November 28, 2019 at 2:22 PM | Reply

    BILL 21 YES

  3. “Mind you own business”…It’s everybody’s business when a province implements raciest policies.

  4. All the froggies should learn to keep their language laws out of the rest of Canada! We do not need french frog labeling on everything! I am open to starting a war against french Canada in particular Quebec!

  5. Screw Quebec, Canada’s most burdensome, demanding, racist and self centered province in Canada, hope they seperate this time..

  6. Bill 21 should be law across the country, not just in Quebec.

  7. As an Albertan I feel the need to troll Quebec. Instead… I’ll be polite and ask how their propane reserves are? 🤣

    • We need to have an inquest to find out who was still putting propane into tank cars bound for Quebec!! lol… we can’t contribute to them not being “Green”… what a terrible environmental crime… better to stop sending all petroleum based products east just to be sure this doesn’t happen again!!

    • Steve Lalancette | November 28, 2019 at 10:12 PM | Reply

      I’ll answer politely to this albertan… Fine, thanks for asking. And you, how are you holding up after such a bad election for you?! Does your Wexit thing is getting a lot of attraction?

  8. Way to go, Manitoba !

  9. Manitoba is a dark cold depressing environment and Quebec is full of weirdos so their perfect for each other…

  10. great premier manitoba has, quebec is toxic aids cancer that needs operating on.

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