Mayor Pete Buttigieg: ‘He’s Made It Clear That He Deserves To Be Impeached’ | Deadline | MSNBC

Mayor Pete Buttigieg: ‘He’s Made It Clear That He Deserves To Be Impeached’ | Deadline | MSNBC 1


Democratic presidential candidate Mayor Pete Buttigieg says he supports the House moving forward with impeachment proceedings but says he believes the only real resolution is to defeat the president in 2020 along with his ‘enablers’ in the Republican caucuses. Aired on 09/23/19.
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Mayor Pete Buttigieg: ‘He’s Made It Clear That He Deserves To Be Impeached’ | Deadline | MSNBC

34 Comments on "Mayor Pete Buttigieg: ‘He’s Made It Clear That He Deserves To Be Impeached’ | Deadline | MSNBC"

  1. Go Mayor Pete.

  2. Sure glad the unfounded conspiracy theorist are popping off in the comments, while choosing to ignore the actual crimes outlined in the Muller report. Great, really hopeful for our country 😒.

  3. Mayor Pete for pres

  4. Like Mayor Pete or not, he is on message.

  5. yes, focus on the lives of everyday people. and how our lives will be affected by the outcome of the elections in 2020.

  6. Only Penalty for Treason is Death

  7. Well said, Mayor Pete. This whole Biden “scandal” is nothing more than a smokescreen to get the simple-minded not to notice his crimes.

  8. Trump behaves this way because nobody ever puts a stop to this. He’s cocky and he has a right to be….all those lazy, sorry, EMPTY SUITS in Congress continue to do nothing. When you get away with it… why not laugh & keep going. DISGRACEFUL!!


    • You guys need to vote on senators to give full power for the party you like so they can have power to block him as Mich doing but people go out only presidential vote only which is not enough idea form niegbour.

  9. I like Pete

  10. Smartest guy in the room.

  11. As a former life long Republican and a construction worker let’s go Pete

  12. Every time Pete speaks i like him more

    • Linda Lindsay From the first moment I heard him speak, I felt the same way. I don’t think he can make it this time, but he is definitely the future of the Democratic Party.

    • @Nancy Quon I think he CAN and SHOULD make it. He’s got my vote!

  13. I wish he’d rise in the rankings. He’s just great. He’s what a leader SHOULD be. Just listening to him calms me.

  14. America needs Pete NOW.

  15. “Imprison & Impeach”
    Trump needs to go to jail, not just get a stain on his record.
    Don’t forget that.

  16. Madison Marshall | September 23, 2019 at 11:24 PM | Reply

    Serial Abuser. Yup that describes the president of our country. Abismal human being.

  17. The impeachment should not have anything to do with how it affects an election

  18. Well said mayor Pete! The criminal in chief is diverting by spreading lies. But Warren is even more on point. Now it’s time to stop individual 1! Arrest him, pure and simple. The GOP / trump mafia must be taken down!

  19. How can Congress turn a blind eye on all the impeachable crap Trump has committed? Are they afraid of him? This Mayor Pete, at his young age, is 100 times more Presidential than old man Trump will ever be. GO PETE!!

  20. Pete, you rock. Change the channel away from Trump

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