Martin: MacKay fires first shot in a leadership takedown


Don Martin says Peter MacKay's comments about Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer are just the start of an attempted 'leadership takedown.'

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22 Comments on "Martin: MacKay fires first shot in a leadership takedown"

  1. McKay won’t have support of the West.

  2. McKay the stuff that floats to top of the same pond as the commie Libs, WEXIT WEXIT WEXIT! And then bring in some Western Vac trucks and Suck’ em all up, putt’em on ClimateBarbies container SCOW and shippem all to China there original controllers!

  3. Scheer had been given the best possible chance to remove Trudeau from office but he proved he is not a great fighter. Let’s bring the real leader on because we don’t want Trudeau to win the next election. Hopefully, Canadians getting smarter and smarter everyday and be ready for the next election.

  4. Lance Sterling | October 31, 2019 at 9:09 PM | Reply

    That’s what we need. MacKay. I’d vote for him if he was able to find an ounce of humility.

  5. Alberta needs to stop all outgoing money to ontario and quebec. Start boycotting all products from the east.

  6. Janusz you know | October 31, 2019 at 10:00 PM | Reply

    he looks like FBI agents

  7. Sheers misleading attack on Max Bernier was plain deceptive and an devil of a tactic. He deserves to have lost. I would never vote for Sheer after hearing what he did to the PPC with false claims of the party being Racist when in fact it simply was not True. Sheer must go for this reason alone. He did not behave like a conservative he behaved like Trudeau Liberal and played from his hand book, therefore deserved to lose!

  8. I am sorry Andrew but I think we need a different leader

  9. Don Martin the actor that plays a political journalist. Him and PM Jolson have a lot in common no wonder he supported him.

  10. I’ll stick with the PPC. The CPC is dead to me after the last few years. Conservative party of Canada… HA! what a joke!

  11. Peter, you were part of Stephen Harper’s SOLID MAJORITY GOVERNMENT 2011 to 2015, along with Jason Kenney and Andrew Scheer. During that opportune time having a breakaway on an open net with A SOLID MAJORITY, WOW, I can still feel the power of what was to come. Instead, your Party got into an all out brawl, Attacking the POOREST province in the Federation Newfoundland, after promising them, they wouldn’t get any POORER. Your Party reneged on that promise, wanting them to become even POORER, touching of what became known as, ABC, ANYTHING BUT CONSERVATIVE. Progressive Conservative Captain of the Newfoundland Team Danny Williams, was reported to have said to Stephen Harper, I will chase you to the four corners of this earth, I believe MacLean’s made a typo, Danny said four corners of this Arena. Well Peter, this brawl went went on for about a year, come to think of it, I cannot recall seeing you on the ice, fighting or trying to break up a fight, were you out of the Country during this time? Peter, what exactly did you do back then to address the issues that are still facing our Country today? Have Canadians had enough MOTS, MORE OF THE SAME. I cannot speak for them, I only know, I have.

  12. regular donkey | October 31, 2019 at 11:42 PM | Reply

    Never vote for an easterner..absolutely never!

  13. Ambrose for the win.

  14. Peter MacKay said that he would not organising leadership bid against Andrew Scheer although he blamed Mr Scheer for Conservative loss at the election

  15. Crystia Freeland defeated our election system with her Ukrainian Teams and the Help of the Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies.

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