Kelly File 8/30/16 FULL: 30 Benghazi Emails Recovered by FBI, Hillary Screwed!

Kelly File 8/30/16 FULL: 30 Benghazi Emails Recovered by FBI, Hillary Screwed! 1


The Kelly File 8/30/16 full episode: New 30 Benghazi Emails Recovered by FBI, Hillary Screwed, the State Department is reviewing Hillary Clinton emails not turned over to during the FBI investigation, Donald Trump supporter Pastor Burns talks about the failure of the democratic party to help the black americans and that Hillary Clinton only wants their vote, NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton talks to Megyn Kelly about violence in major cities.

Fox News – The Kelly File – August 30, 2016 – Full Episode

24 Comments on "Kelly File 8/30/16 FULL: 30 Benghazi Emails Recovered by FBI, Hillary Screwed!"

  1. 11% of the people find her trustworthy? Said @ 4:54 … why would anyone
    vote for this person? The polls sound very rigged now

    • Contact your Congressman and two Senators and tell them keep the Obama
      Administration out of running the Oct-November election or you’ll vote for
      someone else! — Words that get their understanding!

    • Email all you know about Trump’s rallies to that of Kill-ary’s. Polls are
      rigged by corrupt reporters who only care about their pay. Money us the
      root of all evils.

  2. If she didn’t intentionally lie but was mistaken about handing over all
    work related emails then how is she fit to be in charge of ( for now) the
    most powerful country in the world????? I’m not American but what goes on
    there effects me here so wake up Americans before it far toooooo late.

  3. I’m beginning to dislike Kelly. Of course 90% of MSM report that Killary is
    winning to discourage people to vote. Thanks Nigel for exposing this
    because it is the same thing in your country. Independent pollers show
    landslide win for Trump. MSM is complacet with the establishment. Killary
    is devil.

  4. In this video she must have not had “the eye contact coaching while you
    lie” class. I have noticed over the years that she typically looks back /
    forth left<>right and upward (but not straight ahead into the cameras) when
    she is lying.

  5. And yet, we are told privacy is only needed if you have something to hide,
    so you shouldn’t care that government has access to all your emails, your
    location, your contacts, your facebook, your tweets, your bank and your

  6. Cookie Monster | September 1, 2016 at 5:29 AM | Reply

    So so Obvious….!!! Hillary is that Corrupted..Globalist protecting
    Her…! Her Fruits are Rotten to the Core Ppl..Wake Up…! Trump for

  7. Yeah… if you can fool people about the content of the redacted
    portion of the emails… The White House is involved. Obama is as corrupted
    as the Clintons.

  8. All of those photos of her staring down at her phone are going to be
    revealed as her reading texts from her girlfriend Huma describing the
    sexual escapades they shared together, and the new dildos that are going to
    be used, besides how. And that Anthony and his little weiner never gets
    into my vagina like you know how Hillcrap…
    And hey, I found this new all-you-can-eat buffet restaurant…!

  9. There is abundant evidence that she lies.

  10. Wow typical dem… Being mistaken and lying are different, the American
    people weren’t lied to, the investigation found no intent, there’s no
    evidence of pay for play… Blah blah blah

  11. ANYONE who thinks (poor, poor, picked on because he’s black) Obama knew
    NOTHING about what this F—— C— was doing while she was SOS, is just
    helping them destroy this country. It’s what they both want. A country that
    is no longer the greatest, strongest country in the world, but another
    Muslim country. A country run by a dictator. They both have already set the
    ground work. Pretty much ruined the infrastructure, have created an immense
    racial divide unlike anyone has seen in thirty years, damaged our economy,
    probably beyond repair, created ISIS. Aids ISIS by not doing everything
    they could to stop it or at least contain it. Ruined the population &
    sovereignty of the United States. Made sure none of our past allies trust
    us, & there is no longer any enemy who fears us. LOOK what Hillary Clinton
    was doing while just SOS. As president she would have all the power she
    needs to finish bringing about the destruction of the United States. Anyone
    ……..liberal, conservative, Christian, atheist, Republican, Democrat,
    white, black, red, yellow or polka-dotted, who believes her, supports her,
    stands up & defends her, & votes for her, YOU have just handed over your
    children & grandchildrens’ lives & futures.

  12. John GoldenWolf | September 1, 2016 at 10:20 AM | Reply

    Look if it quacks like a duck and waddles like a duck, it’s a duck…
    She lied call it like it is and quit defending this scummy witch.

  13. When will Americans wake up? Who are the idiots, traitors that want to even
    consider voting for Crooked Hillary, the Queen of Corruption!!! Depravation
    personified. No Christian should even consider to vote for this daughter of
    Satan that is telling the American People to put aside their beliefs and to
    follow her??? Who does she think she is, she has never done anything right,
    she has always been a thief and a liar: The Clintons admitted that they
    were bankrupt when Bill left the White House and now Crooked Hillary admits
    that she personally, worths more than 100 Million dollars, where did this
    money come from?? By selling USA Secret Information to Foreign Countries,
    By selling her services to Wall Street and to the Big Lobbyists, by using
    all kind of corrupt methods and now you want to vote for her?? she would
    finish destroying USA. the leader of perdition. She clearly said that she
    would not allow programs in the Internet (of course programs that are
    against her). Wake up Americans, the only choice we have is to vote for

  14. @ 1:50 “Mm… OR NOT.” LMAO. That was something like, straight outta

  15. Bael Hernandez | September 1, 2016 at 3:52 PM | Reply

    thats why you can never trust a democrat nobody gets out there and denounce

  16. it appears that everybody under the Clinton umbrella is a liar.

  17. Why do Americans have to put up with this bullshit, someone needs to put
    her under citizens arrest. If not a revolution is on the way if she gets
    elected. Washington is corrupt, JFK was about to spill the beans before he
    was assassinated. It is now apparent that he was right.

  18. Marcus Francart | September 1, 2016 at 10:48 PM | Reply

    she says release my emails so she can make it seem like shes telling the
    truth…..shes a metal case compulsive lier ….GO TRUMP!!!!!

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