Joe Biden Hits The Trail In New Hampshire As Rivals Focus On Impeachment Trial | MSNBC


NBC News correspondent, Mike Memoli brings the latest from New Hampshire as Joe Biden hits the trail in the state.Aired on 01/24/20.
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Joe Biden Hits The Trail In New Hampshire As Rivals Focus On Impeachment Trial | MSNBC

32 Comments on "Joe Biden Hits The Trail In New Hampshire As Rivals Focus On Impeachment Trial | MSNBC"

  1. Biden is so entrenched in the establishment he’s going to be a Clinton repeat of 2016. Do the democrats not get it, or just not care?

  2. Biden 5 all rich from VP Biden’s Influence

  3. Trump was caught bribing Ukraine into opening up a bogus investigation into Biden and his son, while he and his own family members are engaged in real crimes in the White House.
    There needs to be a special counsel investigation into Ivanka and Jared’s business dealings (GRIFTING) while being members of Trump’s administration.

    In 2017, Joshua Harris, a private equity billionaire started paying regular visits to the White House. Harris, a founder of Apollo Global Management, met on multiple occasions with Jared to discuss a possible White House job for Harris.

    The job never materialized, but later that year, Apollo lent $184 million to Kushner’s family real estate firm, Kushner Companies. The loan was to refinance the mortgage on a Chicago skyscraper. It was one of the largest loans Kushner Companies received that year.

    An even larger loan came from Citigroup, which lent Kushner’s firm and one of its partners $325 million to help finance a group of office buildings in Brooklyn. That loan was made in the spring of 2017, shortly after Kushner met in the White House with Citigroup’s chief executive, Michael Corbat.

    Apollo executives, including Harris, had tens of millions of dollars personally at stake in Trump’s massive  tax cut for corporations and the most wealthy that was making its way through Washington that year. Citigroup, one of the country’s largest banks, was trying to get the government to relax its oversight of the industry.

    Kushner also had multiple interactions with potential investors from overseas. Kushner’s firm has sought investments from the Chinese insurer Anbang and from the former prime minister of Qatar. One of the largest investors in Apollo’s real estate trust is the Qatari government’s investment fund, the Qatar Investment Authority.

    Kushner’s firm previously sought a $500 million investment from the former head of that Qatari fund for its headquarters at 666 Fifth Ave. That year, Jared’s father, Charles Kushner, pressed a Qatari official for the $500 million loan from a government-controlled investment fund. Weeks after Charles Kusher’s request was denied, Jared backed a punishing blockade of Qatar, which was enacted by Saudi Arabia. Kushner’s family, which had struggled to get the financing to save their underwater skyscraper at 666 Fifth Ave, were suddenly bailed out by Apollo, which had business ties to the government of Qatar, one of it’s largest investors. Two weeks later, Sec of State  Pompeo told Saudi Arabia that enough was enough, and the blockade was lifted.

    Shortly after Kushner Companies received the loan from Apollo, the private equity firm emerged as a beneficiary of the tax cut package that Trump championed. Trump backed down from his earlier pledge to close a loophole that permits private equity managers to pay taxes on the bulk of their income at rates that are roughly half of ordinary income tax rates. The tax law left the loophole largely intact.

    China approved several Ivanka trademarks at the same time that Trump was agreeing to drop sanctions against Chinese telecom company ZTE. Days before Trump’s decision, China agreed to invest half a billion dollars in an Indonesia theme park resort linked to the Trump Organization through a licensing deal. A major Israeli insurer loaned Kushner Cos. $30 million just days before Kushner visited Israel to work on a peace plan.

    In June 2018, Charles Kushner attacked ethics officials for questioning Jared and Ivanka’s shameless and egregious grifting, by calling them “j€Rks” who can’t get a “real job.” He also talked about the “sacrifices” his son and daughter-in-law had made.  😲😂😲😆

    • Think about if Trump was a “gamer” and not a golfer…HOW MUCH MONEY we’d save. So, lets say he plays Fortnite instead. No helicopter, no secret service team, no “beast” limo, no Air Force One…NO SPENDING $124,000,000. Someone get him high speed internet, and subscription to some games, ffs. 🤣

    • If you have evidence that Trump bribed Ukraine you better hurry up and tell Nancy Pelosi. The gossip, innuendo, and baseless accusations they have right now don’t stand a chance of holding up in court. Maybe Nancy could add your info to her “Articles of Impeachment for the Profoundly Stupid and Gullible”.

    • @Sux_2_B_U problem is, the only case Nancy could make is a case of empty vodka bottles.

  4. Hey Joe, pull up your adult diaper and get tough!!! We need a fighter!

  5. Andrew Jackson | January 24, 2020 at 11:57 AM | Reply

    New meaning to D5??
    The 5 Dems leading the shampeachment.
    D5 Avalanche coming and Dems, starting with the top 5.

  6. Patricia Dixon | January 24, 2020 at 1:36 PM | Reply

    USA! USA!🔊🔊🔊🔊🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸❤♥️❤♥️👏👏👏👏👏👍👍

  7. Just because Joe Biden got his fam paid big $$$ doesn’t mean it was wrong.

  8. I thought he died on the campaign trail months ago!

  9. Biden offers nothing but a giant step backwards. I understand why that can seem desirable at a time where RetardedHitler has given us so much to step back from, but Biden is NOT the way _forward._ At _best_ Biden is the way _back_ to a status quo that was so inadequate that it drove a desperate nation to self-harm. He’s a kinder, gentler racist, sexist, classist old man.

    Those are still harmful.

    Even when they don’t mean to be.


  11. Adam and Eve Schiff,, Truth is Coming!
    “It will be Biblical.”

  12. A “Schitt storm” is incoming. 🤫! I am very excited to learn about the secret Awan court case!!

  13. #BernieSanders2020
    Medicare for all Americans
    And the Green New Deal

  14. Tessmage Tessera | January 24, 2020 at 4:45 PM | Reply

    Well, while Biden is out there stumbling and fumbling and sniffing women’s hair in New Hampshire, Bernie has renowned actor John Cusack out campaigning for him. *BERNIE 2020*

  15. These supposed “anti corruption committees” are staffed with the CRIMINALS, so they can keep their crimes under the rug, and frame those who are seeking investigative truth.

  16. Now I hear Kamala “I was that little girl!” Harris is going to endorse Biden, still holding on to her pipe dream of being Vice President. I’m going out on a limb here and say that only the people are for Bernie.

    • She’s an insufferable woman even her father would agree with you.

    • @Max Strong Since Biden is toast, and I don’t mean “of Broadway,” I hope whoever gets the nomination doesn’t make the blunder of giving Harris the VP slot in an attempt to lure Hillary’s vagina voters… at this point, all five of them. Being a Californian, I know she’s no progressive.

  17. What a convenient timing. Thank you Nancy

  18. GASPARE E GRIMALDI | January 24, 2020 at 7:23 PM | Reply

    The whistleblower can be a woman “ cause they can’t be blow whistles “
    “ well maybe they “ well

  19. Biden new campaign ad totally smeared and lied about Bernie’s policies. The fact that he’s willing to lie to win make me not want to vote for him anymore, even if he wins the nomination

  20. Biden can hide from his comments on medicare and social security..

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