Is the tech industry sexist?


Is the tech industry sexist? A Sky News survey carried out with online magazine The Pool found that nearly four out of ten women said they had been denied an opportunity at work because of their gender.

More than one in three women said they believed that their organisation was biased towards hiring men for senior and technical roles. Technology Correspondent Tom Cheshire reports.

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25 Comments on "Is the tech industry sexist?"

  1. Absolute load of rubbish.

  2. drain the swamp

  3. No More Identity politics to divide us!

  4. kill me

  5. King of Somalia | December 7, 2016 at 5:20 AM | Reply

    Stop the ridiculous quotas, its the best man/woman for the job! if that
    happens to be men then so be it. An application should be looked at

    • The trouble is a lot of men who head up companies where born in the 1960’s
      and 1970’s so have a different attitude to women. Less Respect! Men born in
      the 90’s and 00’s have a completely different mindset.

    • they are pussies, (the men from the 90’s and 00’s) they will employ a woman
      even if she was way down the list of brains for the job, just not to get
      labelled sexist.

    • +jock stew that’s not what I’ve seen in the business rates sector and trust
      me it’s cut throats at the moment. We sack probably 10% more men than
      women! Women want that commission very badly. In 10 years time the old
      timers will be gone and things will change even more rapidly. Trust me….


  7. Women need to set-up more companies and create more pathways for promotion
    for its female employees. As we know women have since 1998 done better in
    school than men and thus should therefore build more profitable successful

  8. guys deal with this more. guys just don’t b1tch about it every hour. tons
    of all women companys and most all county, dhs, family services, state and
    tons others are 90% women. this sexiest sh1t about women is not out there
    just a few feel or think people are being sexist and its most women saying
    it to women.

  9. would ye ever let up with this bollox

  10. answer: no.

  11. omg i will personally gas everyone at sky.

  12. Everything is sexist and everything is racist… oh look these words have
    no meaning anymore.

  13. Who cares? If they want more women in the field, find women that actually
    want to work in that field.

  14. just as sexist the all female tech company

  15. We should all sit in cubicles in silence with bags over heads in the
    workplace. That way,the pc masters won’t get offended.

  16. Sky News and its own bubble!!

  17. No, it isn’t.

  18. No sexism doesn’t exist anymore just people looking for excuses

  19. Women are better of then men in most cases


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