Interview with Peter MacKay abruptly cut short after question about social media post


An interview with Conservative leadership hopeful Peter MacKay was cut short after a question about a tweet. Heather Wright reports.


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39 Comments on "Interview with Peter MacKay abruptly cut short after question about social media post"

  1. He’s weaker than Scheer and more liberal than Trudeau.

  2. O’Toole is the better candidate.

  3. Wow. McKay really needs to rethink who’s going to run his campaign. So far they’ve been rather sloppy.

  4. He should have been prepared for that given his change in attitude…clearly not ready for the big stage yet.

  5. If you think McKay will save you from the liberals; think again. He is a more educated version of Trudeau.

  6. If he gets voted in, they lose my vote.I’m not particularly thrilled with any of them, though.

  7. garrett knecht | February 4, 2020 at 8:49 AM | Reply

    Ugh. He shouldn’t have apologized for the tweet. It’s stupid and pointless but now it’s a “stinking albatross”

  8. if you start with a bum, you end with a bum. CLEARLY, a bum!

  9. LOL What a coward

  10. WEAK

  11. Mackay will be the final nail in the coffin for the conservative party if he is the chosen one…

  12. So Peter MacKay agreed to an interview where his “handlers” dictated the terms to the journalists? Big strike against all of them. Except the journalist for ignoring their dictates.

    • Is that any worse than being the PM and using more than half a billion dollars of the tax payers money to buy the MSM?

    • James Ray Or shouting down a legitimate question by a concerned citizen by accusing her of being a racist?

  13. The CPC is trying to find Mr Perfect to go against Trudeau’s imperfection, McKay is not him. 16k for a helicopter ride is a sign of a problem of judgement, and Mckay needs to find a new team, one that understands irony.

  14. Maybe he can get a match in the UFC if this whole political thing doesn’t pan out

  15. A higher level of BS.

  16. Is mackay or his advisors running the show. So weird. Mackay had a decent response but should explain why its still up

  17. His team made him look bad with that reaction 🙄

  18. Meet the new MacKay, same as the old MacKay

  19. Politician’s owe it to civilian’s to have transparency in all things. The interviewer was in the right to ask him that question.

  20. He’s done — in record time, too.

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