Fwd: FW: Fraud at Dominca LIAT Office ???

Dear Management,

Please bring to urgent attention of LIAT Manager

As a Caribbean frequent flyer I believe that we the Caribbean people and the public request and demand an explanation, clarification of alledged fradulent activity at the LIAT offices in Dominica to the questionable sum of EC$27,000.00 stolen. It is my understanding that party faithfuls at all sides chipped  in to resolved this matter and is talk of the town. However if true, the employee concerned is still at work and  and under normal circumstances there would have been, should have been a suspension of duties until matters are resolved. I further understand that the employee concerned was apprehended at the Police Headquarters for some hours and is a close confidente of the person who are part or afiliated with  the ruling governemnt Labour Party, so is the current Director of the local LIAT branch.

This does not auger well for confidence, transparency, investment etc.

We intend to take this further to the Board of Directors and shareholders if a public announcement is not made and if the money was alledgedly stolen etc, who paid back, how was it paid back and was there a crime committed/

This nonesense of crime in small islands affecting islands development must stop. The public need ot know what is happening.


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