Fox News poll, Drudge have bad news for Trump


A new Fox News poll finds more than half support impeaching President Donald Trump while Matt Drudge, a key ally in conservative media, appears to turn against the president. CNN's Don Lemon discusses with Ana Navarro and Matt Lewis.

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102 Comments on "Fox News poll, Drudge have bad news for Trump"

  1. I’m constantly amazed that anyone can buy into trump, clearly we need to spend less on defense and more on education, especially in the south.

    • @Dicky Jones awwwe, your feelings were hurt. Reality is scary isn’t it…

    • @ruth lindemann lol, disinformation does not work here tRumpTard

    • @D M and that is because of tRump…….lol, oh my God, so gullible…

    • Emperor Kim Jong-un | October 10, 2019 at 11:04 AM | Reply

      @MajesG Weird, my paycheck from Trump hasn’t arrived since 2015. By the way I have video of Bay-den admitting the crime – so how is this misinformation?

    • When I first read this comment I was a little offended due to I live in Texas; however I had to stop and reflect. I reviewed some of the policies which have been enacted in Texas in regards the education system and I realized there is validity in your statement. in Texas, there is not enough money to compensate Teachers or upgrade the curriculum; however we find the “money” for firearm training, metal detectors, and safety glass in schools. I had to take an “L” and realize, yep “the tater is correct”, the best to keep in control is to keep them uneducated and uninformed.

  2. Jerry Sedlacek | October 10, 2019 at 2:23 AM | Reply

    Republicans can either Impeach Trump or they can help Trump hammer the last nails in the coffin of the Republican party.

  3. Hope they’ve disconnected the big red button on his desk

  4. The baby in chief will not like this when he is in the toilet this morning.

    • Ricky Fontaine | October 10, 2019 at 6:47 AM | Reply

      As i read this im on the toilet and i like it finally people arnt supporting this crap anymore..

    • Biden’s son. Kerry’s son. Pelosi’s son. Romney’s son. ALL on Boards for Ukraine Oil and Gas companies? You Democrats are either intellectually dishonest or you’re all commies. either way, you’re all going to get CRUSHED in 2020. True story. Mueller / Mifsud / FISA Abuse / No hearings? / No applications? / No judges? / Judicial Watch Release / Ukraine / Criminal Referrals / Barr Investigations / Horowitz Report / Huber Report / Closed Door Testimony / Baker / Gang of Eight Material / CFR / 302 Reports / Brennan / Oversight? / Clapper / Rice / Power / McDonough / Jarrett / Baker / Google / Fakebook / Twitter Jack / 702 / Muslim Brotherhood / Obamagate / Rhodes / Steele / Blumenthal / Dossiers / Russia! / FBI / Immunity / Laptops / ISIS flourishes under Hussein / Fake Military Intel / Where’s Lerner’s deposition? / Southern Poverty Law Center / (D)McCain Songbird / Uranium One / Hard Drives / Smashed. / BleachBit / Perjury / Foundation / Mills / Lynch / Tarmac / Kerry / Comey / Priestap / DNC server? / Federal Reserve / DNC Fraud / Chemtrails / Fast and Furious / Seth Rich / DOJ / IRS / Fast and Furious / Holder / Contempt of Congress / Taliban 5 / Benghazi / Obama / Justice Roberts COMPROMISED / Hillary / ISIS / Iran Ransom / Podestas / NXIVM / Pizza / Benghazi / Bergdahl / Soros / Valerie Jarrett / Imam May / Imam Merkel / Five Eyes / Stolen Elections / Fusion GPS / Rosenstein / Rhodes / ILLEGALS over American Citizens / UNMASKING / Huma / Mills / Weiner / Laptop / Blackberries / IRS Hard Drives — Smashed. / Caravan / MS 13 / Open Borders / Abolish ICE / Socialism / UNSECURED servers / Voter Fraud / Scope Memo??? / Uranium One / Pervert Island / Steele / DOJ / Strzok / Ohrs / Page / Yates / McCabe 700K$+ / Memos / LEAKERS / Lynch / Tarmac / DNC server? / Burn Bags / Acorn / 5G/ Obama birth certificate/ 911 / GMO/ Wasserman-Schultz / Global warming.. / Seth Rich / Taliban 5 / Benghazi / Holder / Consumer Protection Agency / Las Vegas? What Las Vegas? / DNC Fraud / Podesta / Mook / Palmieri / Fallon / Jarrett / Obama / Hillary / IG Report / TREASON / MSM Censorship / Awans WALK !!! / Benghazi / Taliban 5 / VOTER FRAUD / Feinstein = China SPYING 20 YEARS / Iran Ransom

    • Crybaby dumocrats need a pacifier and baby bib for their tears.

    • Cody Bloodworth | October 10, 2019 at 10:34 AM | Reply

      A. Osman can you try not to be so racist or please?

  5. Paranormal News Today | October 10, 2019 at 2:38 AM | Reply

    Someone please create a cartoon showing Trump feeding a Poodle called Republicans.

  6. Can’t wait till he’s gone.

  7. “I got more than 50% on a poll? Those are great numbers, perfect numbers, maybe the best numbers since… maybe ever. Hilliary Clinton never got those numbers when she was president.”

  8. I think he’s a meth head or on coke

  9. as a veteran I’m disappointed in this county and the wannabe 4th Reich

    • @Mojo Maximus “You morons believe in a million conspiracy theories” Russia Gate, Ukraine Whistle Blower, Trump is a pedophile, Trump raped everyone, Trump has made money from the Presidency, Trump declared bankruptcy 6 times, should I go on?

    • Explain what “Naziish” things Trump has done. I will warn you, the Democrats draw many many more parallels with Nazis than Republicans do. And I don’t call you all Nazis.

    • @GeezerGamez It reads to me like he was saying “Everything being left wing isn’t good” not “Everything left wing is bad” I could be wrong though.

    • @GeezerGamez Civil rights aren’t left wing

    • poolplayer poolplayer | October 10, 2019 at 12:32 PM | Reply

      Yeah Democrats are dictators and want to control everyone

  10. The deficit only bothers the GOP when they are not in power.

  11. WHY are Cops required to take a leave of absence from work while being investigated but the President can stay in office and destroy evidence start wars and comit crimes and high Treason??

  12. Mike McLintock | October 10, 2019 at 3:28 AM | Reply

    “Tell me about the rabbits Vlad.”

  13. Donny Fuckstick’s drug problem is out of control. He needs professional help. Fast.

  14. Frans van Mook | October 10, 2019 at 4:00 AM | Reply

    “Like I own my poodle” Fantastic comparison.

  15. Johnny Davisson | October 10, 2019 at 4:05 AM | Reply

    Republicans gave their party up years ago, you are a fool to think otherwise. Fox News is not a legible cable news channel, they are a right wing rag equivalent to AMI’s National Enquirer.

  16. When Trump is gone, Fox and GOP are going to say Trump was a secret Democrat.

  17. It’s kind of disappointing to see that 40% of Americans still think that the President is above the law.

    • @HB’s Illegitimate Son Trump’s scared, ……. are you scared?

    • @Ingrid Dubbel I took the poll. I said I supported impeachment. I don’t. What non of you realize is that we on the right are tired of the medias BS so we lie to them and pretend that we support the left. Remember that Hillary was a 98% favorite to win? Yep, I told every poll I would vote for her too. It’s going to be funny to watch the media tell you all for the next year that Trump will loose. When he wins you will all say it was election hacking again.

    • HB’s Illegitimate Son | October 10, 2019 at 12:19 PM | Reply

      RuBaron715 You said the same thing about the mueller report. Hahhahah

    • @HB’s Illegitimate Son Lol Yep. I call on everyone on the right to say they will vote Democrat in every poll.

    • Trump says he did nothing wrong
      Ukraine says he did nothing wrong
      The transcript said he did nothing wrong
      The evidence says he did nothing wrong
      The facts say he did nothing wrong
      Democrats- we need to impeach he did everything wrong!

  18. DarkDivineGoddess | October 10, 2019 at 5:47 AM | Reply

    “The chaos cadidate” is an accurate characterization of Trump.

  19. It’s like when Hitler was moving soldiers on his board that no longer existed.

  20. Trump is doing an excellent job, of hanging himself.

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