Elizabeth Warren Narrows Gap With Joe Biden In New Polling | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Joe Biden continues to lead the 2020 Democratic field, yet Elizabeth Warren is seeing a boost in the newest round of NBC News/WSJ polling. The panel discusses. Aired on 9/18/19
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Elizabeth Warren Narrows Gap With Joe Biden In New Polling | Morning Joe | MSNBC

80 Comments on "Elizabeth Warren Narrows Gap With Joe Biden In New Polling | Morning Joe | MSNBC"

  1. Morning joe, you need to admit that biden is the wrong pick. stop this campaign against warren.

  2. Can’t wait to hear warren is bad for our compan…. country. Oh no I can’t choose from crappy overpriced ripoff insurance anymore!

    • @Skeeter 82 Hi, again! By the way, it’s “taken”–not “takin.” Tell the IRA that they need to raise the standards of their English classes 😉

    • @Vinista And that tax raises about $250 billion a year. That’s about 15% of the tax increase needed to pay for Medicare for All. $250 billion down, $1.75 trillion to go.

    • @Vinista Who’s gonna want to do business here when the government takes so much from them. There goes jobs and $$ back oversees because instead.of smart policy let’s just tax people for all our money needs say the democrats. Seriously, you think your taxes aren’t going to go up with the Dems LOL just like you can keep your own doctor. What a joke ha

    • @Santa Clause oh, haven’t you heard? Overseas assets owned by American citizens and corporations would NOT be immune to the new tax.

    • @CJ J it would be a down payment. And, yes, you and I would probably pay a tax to support it, as we are already paying a Medicare tax, as we are already paying outrageous health insurance premiums, copays, and deductibles, and as we are all ultimately paying for the care given to indigent patients who end up in the emergency room with conditions that would have cost a lot less to treat if they had received care earlier. The system as a whole would be much more streamlined and less wasteful. Businesses, no longer being the direct providers of health insurance for employees, would have a lot of cash freed up for … what? More investment? Higher wages? Use your imagination.

  3. Biden has dementia and is a corporate hack… familiar?

  4. Totally the wrong analysis from rightwing establishment hacks.

    • @Marc Connor It’s like some of these people only started paying attention to politics after Obama got elected lol. Forget about the lies that led to the Iraq war, corp media is our friend as long as they say orange man bad.

    • Banned B!!!! Anyone who hates trump is a Marxist commie America hating hippie loser even a right wing former Republican congressman now nbc host

    • @mpgallogly after Bush Jr. literally blew up the world’s economy with his reckless and wasteful spending, including the Iraq war, President Barack Hussein Obama systematically and consistently grew the economy at such a steady clip that Trump was able to declare, just one day after he was elected, that “we have the best economy, ever!” Just. One. Day.

      Note: Bush Jr.’s policies were no different than Trump’s policies. Massive tax cuts for the rich, and spend, spend, spend on exuberantly priced war toys, followed by deregulating every industry imaginable. All of which are detrimentally harmful to the American economy and people.

      The Mango Menace has already blown up every spending record in history. So buckle up folks, its going to be a doozie!

    • @Marc Connor it’s the old GOP playbook. Raise the deficit while in power (@ a much higher rate than any dem)… and once they lose power complain about deficit spending nonstop.

  5. Duran Sayed Baha | September 18, 2019 at 11:44 AM | Reply

    Media is manufacturing consent to frame it as a “2 person race” by selecting polls that match that.

    • @Ken Shaw that’s not even close to true. There was just a Monmoth poll that had him in the lead and Biden in 3rd and immediately MSNBC ran multiple segments attacking the methodology of the poll then ran segments selecting data from said poll that proved favorability numbers against Trump. So the Monmoth poll is ok if it supports their agenda of propping up Bidens numbers against Trump but flawed when it supports trends in the democratic party. The polls being championed by MSNBC and CNN are polls of “likely dem voters” meaning people who voted for Hillary Clinton last election. That’s a pretty scary sample to be drawing conclusions from.

      p.s. google the Pied Piper strategy before you accuse someone of supporting conspiracy theories.

    • @mpgallogly Actually there were serious issues with that poll. Even Monmouth said so and the poll has been withdrawn.

      Anyone I encounter who believes CT will be called out for it. As to things like HRC was a pied piper meant to elect drumpf all along? That’s truly a stupid CT.

    • Duran Sayed Baha | September 19, 2019 at 5:58 AM | Reply

      Ken Shaw If sanders at 20% in the Monmouth poll was an outlier then him polling at 14 is also an outlier, but MSM wouldn’t tell you that. I won’t agree with the large scale conspiracies others have proposed but there are deep structural issues with corporate media and even specific individuals they hire that disadvantage sanders more than any other candidate.

      As for polling, Whenever he is doing well in a poll it is ignored or called an outlier. His lead in the last New Hampshire poll, his lead in Nevada last weeks cbs poll, and the Emerson poll showing him in the lead in CA were barely, If at all talked about. Somebody actually made a graphic for his positive and negative coverage in polling and it was deeply concerning.

  6. Bernie and Warren need to join forces, combine voter pools, and usher in a blue wave that washed the swamp clean for us….

    The EC will not allow Warren, its just reality… They will set a record for faithless electors. No one but the media folk want Biden, but htey have to push him cuz their boss says so.

    Let Bernie have the shot the DNC stole, and let Warren back him up as VP thru it. Then we can lay the groundwork for Warren in 2024/2028…

    • @Douglas Murray the cities mostly provide poor quality water and the fda approved HFCS, the government wont keep you safe from yourself, has the epa forced Flint to switch back to original source of water

    • @Troy Stocker We need better regulations on what is companies can dump in the water, which the EPA controls but regulations were rolled back recently. As for Flint, it is an issue with the pipes, which need to be replaced. This is an emergency that the President should step in and force to be taken care of… but both Obama and Trump failed to handle. We have strayed a lot from the original post by the way. I admit, there is so many items the Federal Government hasn’t handled but the issue stems from companies profiting and paying off our lawmakers. We should remove lobbyists and have Congress work for us and see corporate money as what it truly is, a bribe.

    • If the EC was willing to elect Trump, they’ll elect Warren.

    • Naw son, I want Bernie to stay independent untill the end. if Warren wins. i will gladly vote for her if she wins.

  7. It’s almost like MSNBC is always for the establishment Democrats, right?…

  8. Wow. This panel is brought to you by corporate America.

  9. Trash this is a 3 person race and one doesn’t deserve to be there and it’s not Sanders or Warren. Stop pushing Biden on us. His position on the 3 crime bills he tried to pass shows you all you need to know.

    • Andrew Long it’s the same thing they did with Hillary and it will end up with the same results.

    • Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup.

      Lotta people betting on “Let’s Make Things Normal Again”,
      instead of working towards a better future,
      with _new ideas_ and plans.
      #Warren2020, no question.

    • Andrew Long If MSNBC was a real news channel they would not appear to be pushing any candidate for any party. Thank you for confirming what President Trump has said many times over, MSNBC is fake and biased news.

  10. Warren has momentum. Biden is in a state of severe and accelerating mental decline. Warren will eventually be the nominee. Sanders is still definitely a contender. A very long fight ahead

    • Robert Briggs-Dylan | September 19, 2019 at 6:17 AM | Reply

      @mpgallogly Yeah i know but this country has shifted pretty far right since then, not sure what your point is. I don’t really like Tulsi that much but it wouldn’t stop me from voting for Bernie if she was on the ticket.

    • @Robert Briggs-Dylan my point is we need to drive both parties further left. Warren needs to be framed as the moderate republican that she is. The DNC can’t continue to trot out corporate centrists without a big wakeup call.

    • @Robert Briggs-Dylan Nah…Americans have shifted back left on economics after 40+ years of right wing class war.

  11. MSNBC doesn’t get it. Donny you are living in the 90 dude. Time for some meaningful change

  12. It is a 3 person race for sure and it is potentially 4.

  13. Whatever you do, never mention Bernie Sanders’ name and never talk about how he saved a Veteran’s life this week.

  14. Wow , MSNBC digging deep to pull out a poll by a lobbying firm to help push their Biden narrative, people will not forget how you are trying to manipulate your viewers !!!

  15. David Cascadian | September 18, 2019 at 1:00 PM | Reply


  16. Wonder why no one ever polls me or anyone I know. How about we have free online polls that ask more than 500 people.

    • Hard to believe. I get 10 e, s a day asking, who do you want to be Prez and what do you want them to do. I’ve never been one on one polled, but there loads of time to go.

    • That’s not a poll. That’s a survey.

    • Online polls are too easily manipulated. They mostly go by landlines (which is probably why Biden *appears* to be the front-runner despite having absolutely nothing going for him) but I’ve gotten a couple of phone calls. I think doing those surveys that pay you is one way your info ends up getting to someone who’ll actually call you.

    • @dietotaku Depends on the poll. Many of them call almost twice as many cell phones as land lines.

  17. MSNBC and Fox News along with the Democrats and Republicans are exactly the same thing and represent the same People. #Bernie2020

  18. Lol, as if Donny Deutsch knows what it’s like to worry about medical bills. These people get paid to spread terrible advice. Yay Capitalism!

  19. MSNBC stop trying to brainwash people into voting for biden!

  20. Given that “90% of the United States’ media is controlled by five media conglomerates it’s really not farfetched to believe they are out to get the guy that talks about breaking up massive corporate monopolies such themselves. Breaking up these conglomerates isn’t a bad idea considering that they create the polls and try to drive public opinion through their biased coverage.

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