Colorful caps keep baby cows warm on cold nights | Animalkind


Who knew this winter accessory would be so cute on a baby cow.
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These Moo Muffs protect baby cows from getting frostbite during the winter.


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12 Comments on "Colorful caps keep baby cows warm on cold nights | Animalkind"

  1. when youre early and dont know what to say

  2. pretend i said something funny

  3. Im speechless

  4. sure this is where the UK got its annoying libtard style music (the U.S) that seems to be added to every vid or tv program these days. juvenile nonsense gone mad!!!!

  5. This is both heart and ear warming!

  6. That is ridicoulus…
    If our barn would burn down and we really had no place for our calves, then we ask our neighbours for help…

    • Most animals just suffer. Agribusiness & the USDA “ranchers” in America don’t have or use & not require by “law”, to have or supply barns, for contract or private livestock.

    • @Jason Tempel it should always depend on the clima and the race of that cow …
      Some actually do well in the cold, but it is just stupid not to build a barn in my opinion.
      I live on a small farm (compared to those in the US)

  7. Sarcastic Klutz | February 3, 2020 at 8:50 AM | Reply

    what a warming feel i get from watchin the cute lil calves

  8. UHHHH.. I still kinda feel bad for that sheep, looks so uncomfortable!!!

  9. People have some pretty critical comments. What I see is someone who truly cares about her livestock trying to make the best of a bad situation. Thank you for sharing. I found it interesting and rather heartwarming.

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