Animal investigator falls in love with kitten he rescued | Animalkind


As an animal cruelty investigator, Jay doesn't always get to see success stories. But this one was different. This one made all of his tough days worth it. 🐈
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This tiny kitten was stuck 30 feet below ground. Luckily, someone heard her desperate meows and animal control officers rushed to the scene to help.


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9 Comments on "Animal investigator falls in love with kitten he rescued | Animalkind"

  1. Touching story!

  2. Amazing kitty, amazing man.

  3. What an amazing story. You should post videos and photos of her on a regular basis

  4. Hello brother 😊👍


  6. sir the best always stay blessed

  7. We need more humans like you in this world.
    I love my animals and no matter what they have everything they need even if I have to go without. Some people just dont remember pets are family, if you buy them you best make the commitment to them for the rest of their lives or yours.

  8. “If an animal is not giving up on themselves… Why should we give up on them?” ='(

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