2020 Dem Under Fire For Alleged Police Brutality | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC


During the second Democratic debate, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand and Julian Castro criticized New York Mayor Bill de Blasio for inaction on the police officer who used an illegal chokehold, killing Eric Garner five years ago. Barr’s DOJ has ruled they will not bring charges against the officer involved in Garner’s death, and while the officer has remained on active duty the New York Police Commissioner is set to rule on the fate of his job this month. Mayor de Blasio diverted responsibility for lack of action saying the buck ‘stops with me on many, many issues but the Justice Department asked the City of New York not to act.’
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2020 Dem Under Fire For Alleged Police Brutality | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

43 Comments on "2020 Dem Under Fire For Alleged Police Brutality | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC"

  1. Richard Owens | August 1, 2019 at 9:11 PM | Reply

    Welcome to the Fascist States of America – where the government of the people is by the rich and for the rich!

    • J. Milton Jeffreys | August 2, 2019 at 2:00 AM | Reply

      you’re about 250 years late making that post

    • @Yo-yos Tenbucks a lot of serpent talk, I bet you have one of those bright colored button up dragon shirts.

    • Richard Owens | August 2, 2019 at 5:59 AM | Reply

      @jake canebrake I don’t care whether someone is rich or poor. I care whether they’re competent and share the values upon which our nation was founded. The rich got rich because of their love of money – or, luck. That doesn’t make them qualified to lead our country. Witness Donald Trump!

  2. wow, that dude shoulda been fired and jailed immediately.
    I cant breathe like 11 times.
    and he was pushing down on his head to the floor with the full force of his body.

    • John Brattan | August 2, 2019 at 3:31 AM | Reply

      @grzlbr Suppose the cops never showed up. You think he’d of died. You guys are amazing in your rabid defense of brutality.

    • @John Brattan If he was in prison were he belonged he’d probably still be alive today, but i know, “criminal freedom for POC”

    • @grzlbr You’re acting as judge and jury for the cops. Judge, jury and executioner for Garner. Same as Barr, a prosecutor. This is shameful.

  3. Ronald Daugherty | August 1, 2019 at 9:23 PM | Reply

    i just eliminated another presidential democratic candidate !!!

  4. Peter Lawrence | August 1, 2019 at 9:24 PM | Reply

    Spartacus grew up in an all-white neighborhood he was really repressed

  5. Not only fire, but prosecute this a-hole. Bill Barr is a pos on his decision not to criminally charge the tyrant officer.

  6. Kamala Harris – ex prosecutor, wont comment cause she kept a Black man who had been Exonerated, in jail for another 3 years.

  7. * 9/11 DANCING ISRAEL'S* | August 1, 2019 at 9:32 PM | Reply

    Police reform is needed THEN CRIMINAL JUSTICE REFORM

    • texas thunder | August 2, 2019 at 12:59 AM | Reply

      WATCH: In 1999 Elijah Cummings Called Baltimore ‘Drug-Infested’ Baltimore Is the U.S. Heroin Capital UNDER DEMOCRAT RULE FOR MORE THEN 50 YEARS!!!
      Chemical attacks murder 72,287 Americans each year from Mexico!!! MASS MURDER!!!! But CNN MSNBC Democrats wants OPEN BORDERS! and BOMB ASSAD over faults flags!

    • No the cops are not the problem, black thugs who can’t comply are.

    • Cpt.Sisko thinks you're soft. | August 2, 2019 at 2:30 AM | Reply

      @John Snowe What happens when we say we don’t want any more white law enforcement officials in our communities? Because that’s the next option. Wnites like you will be targeted if this continues as it is. The only thing saving you now is YT anonymity.

    • @John Snowe You will answer to your maker for your sins one day. Repent now and cleanse your heart of racist sin so you can see the white light and make it into Heaven.

  8. Barr blocked any arrest of this cop, is anyone surprised. 10 times he said he couldn’t breathe.

    • birdlynn hubbard | August 1, 2019 at 10:28 PM | Reply

      They must not give up, that police man needs to be in jail, this whole act was wrong, wrong, wrong!! Keep it in the news and do not let it go until he is fired.

    • Good. the cop was doing his job. If this thug couldn’t breath he wouldn’t have been able to say that 10 times.

    • @birdlynn hubbard No he’s a hero.

    • @John Snowe police officers are suppose to detain a suspect in a way that is least conducive to bodily harm, transport them to a holding facility where they wait until their case can be reviewed by their peers. Police are not judges, police are not executioners, police are not juries, police are not punishers. They do not have any right to use excessive force and anyone who supports excessive force is just as big of a pile.

  9. Yet another aspect of American life that needs a severe overhaul. Status Quo Joe is not the answer.

  10. Eric Judkins-van buren | August 1, 2019 at 9:36 PM | Reply

    This is what happens when mayors say one thing and do the opposite. I like Castro!

  11. Lawrence Hawkins | August 1, 2019 at 9:44 PM | Reply

    I am a Democrat. As of last night, Corey Booker blew any chance at all of a contribution from me, let alone my vote.

    • They all were BORING saccharine.

    • Lawrence Hawkins | August 1, 2019 at 10:43 PM | Reply

      @Dave Schultz No disrespect but the, “Debates,” aren’t supposed to be entertainment. This is about America. There is only one Mission. ONE. Dump Trump and the GOP. There is no Mission 2.

    • @Lawrence Hawkins , It will not happen with this Conga line of losers. There’s ZERO enthusiasm for any of them

  12. Hundreds of millions of people around the world are fighting to rid us from the deep state infection

  13. Hello.

    Time for ol’ bill(BEHIND) barrs, thays wjat i call em, bill (BEHIND) barrs because that where he needs to be. With his obese heavy mouth breathing self causing injustice wherever he may roam. Wherever he may roam. What a joke this guy is. And shame on all of you envolved in covering up a MURDER on behalf of a dirty cop.
    SHAME! On you. Shame on you.

    Good luck.

  14. birdlynn hubbard | August 1, 2019 at 10:26 PM | Reply

    That brutal attack by the police is extremely corrupt!! He needs to be fired now!

  15. Panteleo should be charged and fired, Barr is to busy lying for chump to do his job.

  16. william willie | August 1, 2019 at 11:19 PM | Reply

    The guy that filmed Eric Gardner being killed is sitting in solitary confinement

  17. Sneak Chamber | August 2, 2019 at 12:41 AM | Reply

    Absolutely disgusting use of force.

  18. Halcyonacoustic | August 2, 2019 at 12:53 AM | Reply

    That Garner footage makes me sick.

  19. jhoseph Levy | August 2, 2019 at 2:06 AM | Reply

    I am a Trump supporter and that cop should be fired the black guy
    said he cant breathe repeatedly
    he couldnt breathe and died violently .
    that cop should he fired thats brutality on video

  20. Dominick None of your business | August 2, 2019 at 2:13 AM | Reply

    I am seeing every day more and more how Democracy is is a form of radical right-wing, authoritarian ultranationalism characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition, and strong regimentation of society and of the economy. It says it, Fascism is and was completely different then what they say it is. All they did with fascism is spread propaganda

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