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  Chat rooms are virtual places on the Internet where people can type messages that will appear on other people's computers almost immediately.
Chats are usually anonymous since the participants use nicknames to identify themselves.
Many people refer to instant message (IM) conversations as "chatting," but there is a slight difference between IM and chat.
IM usually refers to a conversation between two people, whereas chat is a conversation with a group.

safety tips for chat rooms

1.  Never give out your personal information in a chat room.
2.  Never agree to meet a stranger in person whom you met in a chat room.
3.  When you're asked to enter or sign up for a chat nickname, choose a name that doesn't give away your personal information. For example, you might use SavvySue instead of DetroitSue.
4.  Be wary of other chatters who ask you to meet in private chat rooms.
5.  Check the terms and conditions, code of conduct, and privacy statement at the chat site before you begin chatting.

Chat rooms are a popular form of communication for kids. Unfortunately, predators know this. Therefore, chatting poses a particular threat for kids and teenagers.

Here are five additional tips specifically for parents of kids who want to participate in chat rooms. For more information, read A parent's guide to online safety: Ages and stages

chat room child safety tips

1.  Monitor your child's use of chat. Remember, kids can participate in chats using Web sites, chat software programs, cell phones, and even some online games.
2.  Tell your child that if something in a chat room makes them feel uncomfortable, they should immediately leave the chat room and tell an adult.
3.  Insist that your child never send photographs of themselves to anyone they meet in a chat room.
4.  Learn the chat lingo. Kids often communicate using shorthand. For example, POS means "Parent over Shoulder."
5.  Tell kids to stick to moderated chats.
6.  Consider software designed to help keep your kids safer online, such as Windows Live OneCare Family Safety and the Parental Controls included in the Windows Vista operating system.