Women Initiating Self Healing Stages Empowerment Seminar on August 31


Nanny ShebaKingston, Jamaica, W.I. ( August 26, 2014) .W.I.S.H. (WOMEN INTIATING SELF-HEALING is the coming together of females to promote physical, emotional and spiritual healing despite their experiences, ailments or seeming barriers. W.I.S.H. hopes to inspire and motivate women globally starting in Jamaica through physical and virtual connection, forgiveness and genuinely supporting each other.

On Sunday, August 31, 2014, 3pm-7pm at 22 Dewsbury Avenue, Barbican, (Home of Mama Joi), women will divinely come together to continue the dialogue on how they can eat, work, pray and grow together.  Under the monika “WATERING WELLNESS WILLINGLY”, women will gather to play their part in setting a beautiful example of unity and collective security.  Guest Speakers: Balance (Snagga Puss) and Nanny Sheba will share the importance of nutrition and positive thinking and its co-relation to our health. Great tasting vegetarian meals and beverages will be on sale as well as natural personal care and beauty products, to aid us in our decision of leading a healthy lifestyle. Come prepared to share proverbs, riddles, clean jokes and lifetime knowledge in demonstrating the power of laughter.

The vision of W.I. S.H. was borne of out of the importance for women to gather collectively to heal themselves through the basic idea of sharing and caring. The acronym (W.I.S.H.) was deliberately created to reflect the concept that healing does begin with the self. Once this is achieved, it gives way to heal others. It is a mission that is geared towards healing the female egos and ethos through connecting with each other on a divine level.  The ongoing quest for women to connect is always a work in progress.  Though challenging, when women come together in the name of love, life and forgiveness they can heal the world.

It is with this in mind that women will be able to address issues affecting the family, children and relationships successfully. In doing this we become a part of the solution to the many growing problems that plagues our society, which is rooted in the breakdown of the family. Women being natural nurturers are being called to order to activate their innate divinity to bring harmony and healing to their bodies, minds and spirits.  The effect of which is far-reaching.

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