Why is Bernie Sanders stuck in neutral?


Senator Bernie Sanders’ 2020 polling numbers have stalled out over the summer, leaving Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Elizabeth Warren to take the lead. Chris Cillizza explains why people may no longer be "feeling the Bern." #CNN #News #Cillizza


Why is Bernie Sanders stuck in neutral?


National NBC/WSJ poll on 2020 Dem race


RealClear Politics: 2020 Democratic Presidential Nomination


Bernie Sanders shakes up campaign leadership in New Hampshire


Elizabeth Warren flexes progressive power with Working Families Party endorsement


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53 Comments on "Why is Bernie Sanders stuck in neutral?"

  1. Hey, Chris here — what would be your campaign slogan?

  2. first to reach a million donors, but yeah…..”neutral”

  3. I need the glasses that Chris has to ignore 90% of reality.

  4. Keep trying cnn. Bernie just got 1million individual contributions. Why you no report on that?

  5. Benjamin Henderson | September 19, 2019 at 9:11 PM | Reply

    Are these the same polls that gave $hillery a 99% chance to win 2016?

    Thats what I thought.

  6. How weird, all of the media limits Bernie time and when they do talk about him it’s negative.

  7. Bernie Sanders has literally grown further in the polls more than any other candidate. Slightly above Warren.

  8. They say he’s “stuck in neutral” as he is breaking records with individual donors. What a pathetic attempt to distract from Bernie”s momentum.

    • He would be the 2nd biggest mistake hes now in putins pocket educate yourselves. Anyone can spout things you want doesnt mean hes going to carry through. He is a senile old man rollung in his rubles.

    • @Gail Norris You are as pathetic as the guy doing the interview! Bernie’s record shows exactly whose pockets he is in and it’s the 99 percent that Bernie has been fighting for for decades! You are the one that needs educating!

    • @Gail Norris He had been advocating these populist pro-working class policies for his entire life. He is extremely consistent. What makes you believe he won’t follow through? He is the only candidate who is fully funded by small grass roots donors. He has no loyalty to anyone but the common working class people who are supporting him.

      What is this nonsense about Putin? Why do you think he has any connections with Russia?

  9. When the Poll that showed Bernie tied for first in CA, I knew CCN was going to pull out the propaganda. This just means that Warren is not taking Bernie out like the Elites hoped for. #Bernie2020

    • CNN is worse than Fox News at this point. At least Carlson opposes war against Iran.

    • Proud Earthling | September 20, 2019 at 9:43 AM | Reply

      @RandomKid Carlson is terrible. He opposes war in Iran but then blames PROGRESSIVES for it, not the actual neo-con warhawks who are actually pushing for it. He’s the worst of the worst.

    • I’m a progressive who despises Carlson. I was just emphasizing how low CNN has fallen.

  10. Lokyo Multimedia | September 19, 2019 at 9:31 PM | Reply

    ” I am a billionaire corporate backed media company and I desperately approve this message” oh here’s another message CNN 🖕🖕🖕

    • May I ask where you get your news?

    • Lokyo Multimedia | September 20, 2019 at 2:19 AM | Reply

      kroyford majority report, rational national, etc, primarily on podcasts, you know, places that aren’t funded by major corporate entities that have a vested interest in maintaining a mid tier nominee that won’t interfere with their profit margins

    • Nice to see you shills are finally getting a taste of your own medicine. Frustrating, isn’t it bud?

  11. He just hit 1 million individual donors. Chris is a slimy hack undeserving of his job.

  12. Fox News. Bernie up 8. Warren down 4. Biden down 2.

    • Is that the one that the Morning Joe folks hated so much? I’m surprised they would even show any polls favorable to Bernie.

  13. 3xtra Terrestrial | September 19, 2019 at 10:55 PM | Reply

    How can you be so disliked and actually feel comfortable putting out videos?

  14. Cnn continues to do nothing but throw anti Bernie videos. They went from horrible to complete bs status

  15. …so does Biden have to die on stage before you stop pretending he’s even still in this thing?

  16. CNN you are straight up hacks. You’ve lost all credibility. You’re the fox news of centrism at this point

  17. CNN, when you really need some serious corporate propaganda, they are screwing Bernie because he’s coming for their sponsors.

  18. This guy wouldn’t have any channel if it weren’t for Bernie. Get this guy off the air.

  19. Look at the likes vs. dislikes on this….What is that 10 to 1 against.? …. I’m not really a Trump supporter but he’s 100% right when he calls CNN fake..

  20. No this is Patrick | September 19, 2019 at 11:49 PM | Reply

    The like to dislike ratio on this video is so satisfying

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