Who is Billionaire Jared Kushner? 11/14/16: Young Guy Behind Trump


Who is Billionaire Jared Kushner? 11/14/16: Young Guy Behind Trump

Who is Ivanka Trump's husband, Jared Kushner? He is said to have a major role helping Donald Trump.

President Donald Trump News – November 14, 2016


26 Comments on "Who is Billionaire Jared Kushner? 11/14/16: Young Guy Behind Trump"

  1. it’s not true.

  2. If Trump’s kids get security clearances there won’t be a problem with Jared
    talking to Ivanka….Wolf is another biased shill-and not very bright!

    • it was a lie presented as a fact, even trump himself took to twitter and
      disproved it, he never asked for security clearance for his children

  3. If Hillary maid can handle secret info. I’m not worried about Trumps kids !

    • Micha EL they would have higher clearance than Hillary and be in New York
      on many private servers. Huge security breach. Plus any one could walk into
      trump towers and break into one if their offices and steal the info or just
      take the kid since they have the same info as the president
      But don’t forget they are to run trumps country. Why would they need any
      clearance on top secret info

    • Micha EL I thought the president had the highest level

    • +Bob Leroy Many government officials have the highest security level.
      Unless you think Obama was sending messages to himself that were too secret
      for anyone else to read ?

  4. Ask a hebrew why Jews r Jews.

  5. Oh okay, he is the Jews son in Law…

  6. Christopher Blundell | November 15, 2016 at 6:49 PM | Reply

    CNN continue to lie, KellyAnne confirmed that DJT did not ask permission
    for his children to get security clearance!!

  7. Jared Talkin to Ivanka is not the one I would be concerned about him Talkin

    • Bob Leroy The Trump insiders Kushner did not want Christie because be knows
      were the “body” is buried. Kushner is the one who got Pence in the door…I
      thought so long ago. He’s the one to watch.
      Adelson is the other one….he pushing for bringing up Bolton and Guliani.
      Dangerous because Adelson is Netanyahus boy in the usa.

  8. Laurelio Alcaide | November 15, 2016 at 7:54 PM | Reply

    cnn more BS news.

  9. Funny how all the people who prosecuted his father all got fired by ivanka.
    Chris Christie was the prosecutor bye bye and 3 others got axed. Don’t mess
    with the
    Elite white

  10. What about Hitlery and Bill Clinton???????

  11. What a asinine rule. Husband not allowed to talk to Wife (who is daughter
    to president). They will talk and should be allowed to talk to each other.

  12. Jared Kushner is so attractive😍

  13. Kushner looks like a very good guy.

  14. Certainly not news (cnn) can anyone take this news network seriously?
    Propaganda and lies for globalism. Obama calls the resistance Crude Sort of
    Nationalism. BrExit and TrumpIn has these globalists on these their heels.
    Fight for the sovereignty of your nation!

  15. VIETNAM COMBAT VETERAN | November 16, 2016 at 1:28 PM | Reply

    What is the left wing, liberal, Jew controlled media going to say about
    this strict orthodox kike, will they even acknowledge he is a Jew. Don’t
    they use the line of crap Trump is anti-semetic, fucking pot stirrers. That
    includes you zionist piece of crap..

  16. oh, yeh, ummm, who is Robert Mercer? Oh yeh, the George Soros doppleganger
    in the trump administration.

  17. kushner= a mole for israel…

  18. Kushner is super smart!

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