UWP Political Leader Condemns Fire-Bombing of home of Senior Police Officer

U W P  Statement

25th January 2011

UWP Political Leader Condemns Fire-Bombing
of home of Senior Police Officer

The United Workers Party firmly condemns the actions that saw the firebombing of a Senior Police Officer’s Home this weekend.  Once again, we call on the relevant authorities of this Country, especially the Government, to act swiftly to put a stop to such criminal behavior.  We see this as an attack on justice – just when justice is seeming to be done, that is, investigations on money laundering advancing. . . we see attacks.  .  All of us can recall the Christmas morning firebombing at the home of Lawyer G.O.N. Emmanuel.

We sympathize with the Police Investigator attacked and also urge the Police to avoid being misdirected in their role as the independent security and law enforcement agency of the State.

The criminal elements in our society, perhaps comforted by the now notorious “No Law, no constitution”  statement of Mr. Roosevelt Skerrit and the laizzez-faire approach of the top Leadership of the Dominica Labour Party and the Government of Dominica, continue to demonstrate the Country’s slippage into lawlessness.

Our Government’s attitude is totally unacceptable, and cannot in anyway be condoned or excused.  Why have the UWP Proposals for a National Symposium on Crime been crudely dismissed?  Why have Cabinet Ministers refused invitations to the Peace Conference at Wesley?

Without clear, vigorous, and   creative actions to stem crimes Skeritt’s Government must agree they are bankrupt of new ideas.

Once again we call for a genuinely inclusive national approach to examining and proposing solutions to this crime surge in Dominica.  Certainly the Peace Conference Initiative in the Northeast is a promising and creative approach towards pointing the way forward.

Ronald Green, Political Leader

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