Unfounded Conspiracy Theories Flourish Online Over Epstein’s Death | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

Unfounded Conspiracy Theories Flourish Online Over Epstein’s Death | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC 1


Moments after news of Jeffrey Epstein’s death in prison, conspiracy theories sprouted up all over the internet. NBC’s Danny Cevallos joins Stephanie Ruhle to discuss who and what truths are behind them.
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Unfounded Conspiracy Theories Flourish Online Over Epstein’s Death | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

50 Comments on "Unfounded Conspiracy Theories Flourish Online Over Epstein’s Death | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC"

  1. He had dirt on the elite running this country. Of course they’d want him dead. Dumb AF of them TO NOT keep an eye on him 24/7. If he didn’t divulge looks like those elite are safe.

  2. Barr and Trump? hmmmmmmmmm

    • Flinstone was mad about it…he says, but he doesn’t look or sound mad… OK maybe they both look mad 😯, but not that kind of mad… Very suspicious !!!???
      So Barr can’t sneak into a prison even doubling as your garbage man. He could probably fart outside the cell and incite suicide. Who else has these powers besides the penguin.

    • Richard Trudeau | August 12, 2019 at 11:15 PM | Reply

      One divbypi Snowflake

    • That sounds like the most logical way it could have happened.

  3. He knew too much!

  4. Assassinated to cover up. Nice. Classic. Totally didnt see that coming. Whoa dudes. 2019.

  5. How many times is the system going to keep failing these victims? 🙁

    • Equal Opportunity Offender | August 12, 2019 at 9:46 PM | Reply

      Hey Ro G, the answer to your question is “The Golden Rule.” No..not that one from Jesus Christ, I mean the modern version that goes like this, “Them that have the gold make all the rules.”

    • @Equal Opportunity Offender Sad but true. Protecting the rich is still more important than protecting 14 year old girls from a predator. Sad.

    • Benjamin Henderson | August 13, 2019 at 5:24 AM | Reply

      every time until its destroyed

  6. Listen, the case was covered up by people in 2008. Stop with the “unfounded conspiracy” this case has been FRAUGHT with nonstop conspiracies that have been true. I don’t know what happened here, but it’s astonishing that Epstein would be unchecked, no video recordings, he’d have the materials and height in the cell to latch onto something to do this, and that all these rich people who desperately wanted the criminal inquiry to stop just “got lucky”. Sorry, I don’t buy it. I don’t know what happened. All I know is we are being told nothing, being shown nothing, and that stinks. If anything we should know everything by now.

  7. عفيف موقع الاحمد | August 12, 2019 at 4:58 PM | Reply

    its not a conspiracy the lolita express has been known since the late 90’s.

    • Gloria Elcock | August 12, 2019 at 9:49 PM | Reply

      Trump orchestrated the the killing that’s why he’s so quick to formulate his theory

    • @Gloria Elcock sure sure sure….

    • You know how we all heard the word, “collusion” over and over on the CNN airport monitors? Well, get ready to hear “Unfounded Conspiracy” over and over. One or more people got paid off or promised something. Competent investigators should be polygraph interviewing that whole half-assed prison staff to find out who is behind this.

  8. Problem is, most people were predicting he’d be killed before ever going to trial. It’s just common sense and it came to pass.

    • @MusicStudent1 can you please point out where EXACTLY I said Billy was innocent?!?

    • @pawpaw pawpaw funny how you didnt mention TRUmp or Dershowitz being in that little black book….🤔 the partisan b.s. needs to stop. F*k all pedos, wether they are lefty or righty should NOT matter. Trump is balls deep in this as much as Bill Clinton.

    • @Chief Louie If you write Jesus Christ on a wind mill vain, everybody stands around and reads it over and over until they get hit by lighting.

    • @pawpaw pawpaw …and Trump was a fake Democrat before being a fake Republican, but hardly knew the guy… He sometimes brought them coffee.

  9. Can you imagine the coverage if this happened last Friday and not a early Sunday morning.

  10. Barr how RU going to SPINNN this ONE?Mmmmmmmm something smells funny

  11. Unfounded? A guy who has allegedly dirt on some of the most powerful people in the world mysteriously dies and that doesn’t raise an eyebrow.

    • @Justice Ovman there are many of them -however not enough to get Trump the popular vote. clearly you are one of those people who think anyone who doesn’t agree with you is somehow ‘lacking’. as the saying goes ‘sometimes a cigar is just a cigar’. not everything is a conspiracy.

    • Krab krust tv2 | August 13, 2019 at 2:55 AM | Reply

      rapunzel eh?, yeah but the surveillance tapes just mysteriously aren’t available due to malfunction in a case that includes a pedophile island that belongs to someone with powerful connections. That shouldn’t raise an eyebrow?

    • ​@Krab krust tv2 maybe they just looked the other way to let him do us all a favor. but if someone off’ed him, they’re only putting off the inevitable…. maybe it was Moscow Mitch or his russian pals… there is bound to be a trail – FOLLOW THE MONEY. but for trump to say clinton? please. would be willing to bet trump has more to hide than clinton. trump was accused of raping a 13year old girl at epsteins mansion – but if either trump or clinton was involved in this ‘ring’, they should both go to jail – this isn’t a ‘party’ thing – the US seems to have mixed MORALS with political party – which is half the problem the country has now – trump molests a woman, but people look the other way, because they’re republican. he’s a hateful person. you have to be a hateful person to vote for him. if you want to MAGA, he’s not the one to get you there.

    • @Hank Moody 9 feet ceiling, paper sheets …sure we believe it …

  12. Oh come on, Epstein was murdered! This is BS so he must have had dirt on people in high places in the media! The dirt must be huge for this cover up!

  13. Y’all it’s more of a conspiracy theory to believe that he actually killed himselfs!

    • Equal Opportunity Offender | August 12, 2019 at 9:45 PM | Reply

      This was a carefully planned murder conspiracy! From the moment Epstein’s plane landed in New Jersey a conspiracy of murder was all set to take place. Every step of way was perfectly choreographed to lead to Epstein’s murder. He knew too much dirt on too many powerful people and they wanted to get rid of him, just like they got rid of JFK, RFK, MLK, and Vince Foster. It is a conspiracy folks.

    • @Equal Opportunity Offender something seems to have happened. I do believe that conspiracies do indeed happen. I had been watching the Epstein stuff for a few years, long before the MSM even touched it. When the MSM did , finally start talking about Epstein, I was actually surprised, as they seem to be helping suppress the story in the first place.
      The whole ENTIRE thing has been a huge CONSPIRACY. From Epsteins wealth, to his child trafficking, to his connections to big wigs like the Clintons, Trumps , prince Andrew, etc,., to his ” sweetheart ” plea deal by Alex Acosta, to now….his death. Be careful of saying things….theres always a bunch of misinformation with things like these. Look for the same m.o. as in other ” mysterious ” cases…..like ” faulty ” CCTV during CRITICAL times and Dont fall for the partisan B.s.

  14. He hanged himself and the cameras breaking down were a coincidence and the guards were too tired because of the overtime they worked. That is the wildest and least plausible theory!

    • Taffy O'Keefe | August 12, 2019 at 9:48 PM | Reply

      No camera malfunctioned, there was no camera in his cell. Someone started the camera malfunction rumor and it won’t stop.

    • @Taffy O’Keefe what about the camera in the hallway outside the cell. There should be days of footage to see who came and went from his cell.

  15. Imagined this happened in Russia. What would MSNBC being saying?

  16. Joseph Leslie | August 12, 2019 at 6:36 PM | Reply

    They get rid of the evidence because they knew he was going to spill out names.

  17. Aleenas chanelle | August 12, 2019 at 6:36 PM | Reply

    Conspiracy theories? More like Conspiracy realities!!

    • Liberal AND CONSERVATIVE MSM didnt touch the Esptein stuff for years!!! Even though the information was there!!! Epstein hung out with BOTH, liberals and conservatives….the corruption runs deep!!!

  18. Realeyesrealizereallies | August 12, 2019 at 6:37 PM | Reply

    Where’s the body? Great way to escape believing he died.

  19. It is not irrational conspira-theorizing to think all is not right with this picture. Left and right can both agree on that.

  20. LOL conspiracy? We the People are not idiots. Our eyes are opening to the systematic corruption that’s been going on behind the scenes since god knows how long. It’s just a matter of time until we find out the truth

    • “It’s just a matter of time until we find out the truth” ………. We are unlikely to EVER know the truth. Powerful men will cover up the cover ups ad infinitum.

    • John C a lot of us know what the truth is, i just doubt it ever becomes public knowledge

    • For starters we need an uncorrupted law enforcement agency to investigate. Using the FBI doesn’t cut it. It’s proven most of them hate President Trump and would do a half-assed job. The people need a task force consisting of non political inspector general agents and local officers. Real cops brought in from elsewhere would get to the bottom of it quick.

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