Turkey Begins Airstrikes And Operations In Northern Syria | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC


Turkey has begun military action and airstrikes against Kurdish forces in northern Syria. NBC's Courtney Kube and Matt Bradley have more details. Aired on 10/9/19.
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Turkey Begins Airstrikes And Operations In Northern Syria | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

59 Comments on "Turkey Begins Airstrikes And Operations In Northern Syria | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC"

  1. We need trump out because people are dying because of his poor decisions

    • @Turk Turkic
      If Trump was an honorable man and tough on US interest, he could have stopped Turkey…Obama did. Under Obama, Turkey spent years trying to get their hands on the Kurds but Obama was able to halt Turkey’s aggression against the Kurds. Trump has a property in Turkey. Instead, we have a real estate guy who does not want to risk his property revenue.

    • *self serving decisions.

    • @T BZ
      This is exactly why one should never ever elected an inexperienced global mania businessman to the Whitehouse.

    • Ayedh Alotaibi | October 9, 2019 at 12:36 PM | Reply

      @KB Peters But Obama in the other hand didn’t Stop the Iranian militia and Russia and he made the nukeclear deal . Right ?

  2. Our “allies” are going to get wrecked…

    • @Attar

      Those allies aren’t allies, they were useful pawns for the US. The only legitimate Kurdish ally is the Erbil Government. Even NATO came out and said Turkey has legitimate reasons for the military intervention. Just that it shouldn’t go too crazy with it. They’ve been bombing Turkish cities for decades. Imagine if Mexicans or Canadians bombed American border towns. What would you do? Turkey took in 3 million refugees, 340,000 being Kurdish.

      And before you claim I’m Turkish, I’m actual an Albanian American so there’s that

    • Ralf Häggström | October 9, 2019 at 12:24 PM | Reply

      “Allies” ? ? ………………….

    • @Roger Out … you’re still hung up with the Russians. Lol.. you’re a clown…

    • Our “Allies” were never “Allies” to begin with!

  3. Who needs enemies when you have friends like us?

  4. Clemons Kunkel | October 9, 2019 at 11:40 AM | Reply

    How many people must die before the Republicans do there JOB and remove the fake baby bone spur? They are one of the Allies we turned our back on! The allies will turn their back on US soon! Remove Donald j trump! The sick thing put children in dog cages and 2 died! This is not RUSSIA!

  5. Trump is a terrible human being

    • Michael Chabler | October 9, 2019 at 12:28 PM | Reply

      Mister Wollahh is this an analysis from Foreign Affairs? How did they come up with this analysis?

    • @Turk Turkic

      The Girls wouldn’t dare fore on US troops.

    • John Balnis his supporters will be defending him 5 years from now, they don’t care and never will

    • @Mister Sad Erdoğan said on Thé phone to Trumph we are coming. … to pull back or noth is your choise. …we are coming whatever you decide.

      Sunday… Thé leader of the Turkisch army. Highest general said. ..we are also prepared to fight Usa army.

  6. Trump’s decision is no less than murder of allies.

  7. George Rodriguez | October 9, 2019 at 11:44 AM | Reply

    More blood on your hands trump

  8. Trump’s self-interest obeying Putin has deadly consequences.

    • [compiling]
      04/25/2019: Joe Biden announced candidacy.
      05/23/2019: Pentagon approves security assistance to Ukraine in letter to four congressional committees.
      07/25/2019: GOP Senate blocks election and cyber-security protection legislation.
      07/25/2019: Trump asks Ukraine for ‘a favor’ and mentions Joe Biden.
      07/19/2019 – 4:48pm:
      (Kurt Volker / Rudy Giuliani)
      “Mr. Mayor, // As discussed, connecting you/with Andrey Yermak, who is very close to President Zelensky. I suggest we schedule a call together// Kurt”

      07/19/2019 – 7:01pm:
      (Kurt Volker / Gordon Sundland)
      “Good. Had breakfast with Rudy this morning–teeing up call with Yermak Monday. Must have helped. Most impt (important) is for Zelensky to *say* that *he* *will* *help* investigation // .”

      07/22/2019 – 4:28pm:
      (Kurt Volker in text message)
      “I have call in to Fiona’s replacement and will call Bolton if needed.”

      ~[01/29/2019] ~
      Dan Coats describes Russia as major threat describing election interference and cyber-warfare against U.S. and in July 2019 makes Shelby Pierson first ‘election security czar’

      GOP Senate blocks election/cyber-security legislation.

      Trump asks Zelenski for the ‘favor’ *while* delaying release of Pentagon approved security assistance.

      07/28/2019 – 3:45pm:
      Trump tweets Dan Coates will be out on August 15th, 2019.

      08/09/2019 – 11:27am:
      Volker: — “Mentioned Z making a statement. Can we all get on the phone to *make* *sure* *I* *advise* *Z* *correctly* as to *what* *he* *should* *be* *saying* ? Want to make sure we *get* *this* *done* *right* . Thanks!”

      08/09/2019 – 5:46pm:
      Volker: Excellent!! How did you sway him? 🙂
      Sondland: Not sure i did. I think *potus* really *wants* *the* *deliverable*

      Whistle-blower complaint is filed.

      Dan Coats is out.

      08/29/2019 – 2:28am:
      (Yermak texts Volker)
      “Need to talk to you.”
      He shares a link to a Politico Article on *Trump* *delaying* security *assistance* to Ukraine with *no* *explanation* as to *why* .

      09/01/2019 – 12:08pm:
      (Bill Taylor to Gordon Sondland)
      “Are we now saying that *security* *assistance* and *WH* *meeting* are *conditioned* on *investigations* ?”

      09/08/2019 – 12:37pm:
      (Bill Taylor)
      “The *nightmare* is they *give* the *interview* and *don’t* *get* the *security* *assistance* . The *Russians* *love* *it* . (And I quit.)”

      09/09/2019 – 12:31am:
      Bill Taylor:
      “The message to the Ukranians (and Russians) we send with the decision on *security* *assistance* is *key* . With *the* *hold* , we have already shaken their faith in us. Thus my *nightmare* scenario.”

      09/09/2019 – 12:47am:
      (Bill Taylor)
      “As I said on the phone, I think it’s crazy to *withhold* *security* *assistance* *for* *help* *with* a *political* *campaign* .”

      09/10/2019, 8:58am:
      Donald Trump tweets John Bolton is out but Bolton resigns.

      House officially releases whistle-blower complaint.

      Kurt Volker resigns.

      Trump asks China and Ukraine to investigate a political opponent, again.

      ” *Russia* , if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing, I think *you* *will* probably *be* *rewarded* *mightily* ” ~ Donald Trump

      *Ukraine* *needs* *assistance* *to* *defend* *against* *Russia* */* *Putin* .

    • …and does he care about you? – not likely – he is an ugly lying deviant


  9. There is going to be a bloodbath. America will never recover from this stain.

    • In İrak died 13 miljon people… who remembers. .. who knows?

    • @Back in Black Trump is merely the face of the Republican party, which only really cares about money and power. War generates a ton of money, and the loss of lives is insignificant!

      People will never learn that lives really mean nothing to the GOP…it’s always been about money. Even regarding abortion.

      Politicians convince their constituents to rally against “the murder of unborn children,” while these same politicians encourage their mistresses to seek abortions. If the government wasn’t paying the bill, none of these Republican politicians would care about abortions.

      There’s nothing Christian about the GOP.

    • lol, you guys have bigger stains, like stagging 9/11, illegally invading Iraq, illegally invading Syria, supporting terrorist states like Saudi Arabia, you’ve done worse things

    • Ralf Häggström | October 9, 2019 at 12:26 PM | Reply

      NO, you will NOT ! …………………

  10. I bet Putin enjoyed his Birthday present. Smdfgdfh!!!


    • IsThatTrue OrDidYouHearItOnFOX | October 9, 2019 at 12:04 PM | Reply

      You don’t need to remind the trump worshipers that they are on Turkey’s side. They know their only friends on the planet are Russia, Saudi Arabia, Israel, North Korea, and Turkey.

    • I fear most Republicans already know this, but are pleased by this fact. Republican’s haven’t exactly stood beside America in recent years. They are always party before country and profits before people.

    • Always some Republican excuse for the evil and corrupt Trump.

    • they’re supporting the potential release of around 12000 isis members held in several prisons in the area, captured by kurds. there are also 3 camps holding isis family members. isis fighters have already carried out 3 suicide attacks. i hope the republicans will at least care about the potential release of these terrorists and do something to stop this.

  12. How does one person hold all of this power? How is this possible to happen without any opposition?

  13. The chosen one is a draft dodging coward.

  14. Stage II of Putin’s indignation plan

  15. They’ll have to replace the desk in the oval at this point. No one can have *this* much blood on their hands without getting it everywhere.

  16. Add this one to your resume Trump ….MURDERER!!!!

  17. It is time to impeach that traitor Trump and lock him up for life!

  18. Man ..that breaks my heart , Trump got to go.

  19. Let’s hope America never needs allies again. *eye roll

  20. As a Democratic army veteran, I can hardly express how depressed I feel about what my country has become. We fought together with the Kurds, and now Republicans stab them in the back. Our word means nothing now.

    • Don’t take it all upon yourslef Jeff – you have doen your duty. This is all down to the corrupt administration and the president’s inappropriate collusions with rogue states. You cannot be blamed for the corrupt president’s actions – but you can stand up and inspire the people to reject the evil which is corrupting this nation and may the nation recoup its pride and honour once more!

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