Trump says Taliban meetings are ‘dead’


President told reporters Monday that discussions with the Taliban are "dead, as far as I'm concerned."

The pine-shaded cabins at Camp David have hosted secret peace summits between Middle Eastern leaders and high-stakes gatherings of major heads of state. For Trump, the mountainside retreat offered visions of another diplomatic coup: clandestine talks between US, Afghan and Taliban officials that could end America's longest war.

Even opposition from within his own national security team, including Vice President Mike Pence, could not deter Trump from pressing forward with his plan to host Taliban leaders at the rural presidential getaway.

Trump eventually scrapped the event after a Taliban car bomb killed a US soldier and 11 others last week. But that decision came after heated debate within the administration over the venue for the summit — an outgrowth of larger, more substantial disagreements over the wisdom of negotiating with the Taliban at all.
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  1. As are that filthy Orange *TRAITORS* chances of ever winning 2020

    • I would like to first thank CNN for putting on that great seven hour climate change debate with the democrat candidates

      President Trump would also like to thank CNN for asking some of these front runners specific questions which they actually ‘answered’

      “would you like to ban the combustion engine?”

      “ would you like to ban natural gas drilling?”

      “ would you like to ban Coal?”

      say ‘goodbye’ to Pennsylvania, Michigan & Ohio ….

      It gets better:

      “ would you like to ban offshore drilling?”

      Goodbye Florida & Goodbye any chance you Democrats ever had a flipping Texas…

      “ would you like to ban factory farming?”


      Goodbye Iowa & Goodbye Wisconsin…

      So, CNN’s climate debate the We all saw the democrats answers were “stupid” …But, The questions were “fantastic” for Republicans and President Trump.

      The 2020 elections keep looking more and more like an absolute ‘landslide’ not only for President Trump but for every Republican running! MAGA

    • Bombarded w/info | September 9, 2019 at 9:32 PM | Reply

      @jonathan beatty One may tend to overthink when blinded by hatred. BTW I never called you unAmerican and I appreciate diversity of thought, I’m just sick of all the personal attacks and name calling on both sides. I’d prefer pro-active dialogue and discussions of varying opinions on policies not personalities.

    • philosophicalreason | September 9, 2019 at 10:32 PM | Reply

      @98LowDown For the Russians.

    • yeah that fake Russian “collusion”  LOL idiot!

  2. Who benefits from the US Forever War: Russia
    Who ordered the cancelling of negotiations: PRESIDENT Putin

    • Why does the US being in Afghanistan Benefit Putin? That makes ZERO sense? Do you have TDS? Oh, that explains it😢

    • @Dave Schultz Because reasons…

    • @Dave Schultz The US occupying a mostly Muslim country is fuel for the fire among the Islamic extremists and gives Russia a wedge to influence others in the Middle East. Putin is for anything that makes the US spend blood and treasure. Russia is not our friend and is not going to be our friend any time in the near future. Their interests, especially under a thug like Putin, are no where near in line with the US’s.

  3. Pence was educated at Brown Nose U.

  4. They were never going to happen, but they are dead now. 😆😆😆

    • @Holman Garcia is that the book of fairy tales about the Mexican carpenter named Jesus?

    • @Dong LeMoan not, the book explains where you come from and who formed you in your mother’s womb,also explains where you going when you die. Why don’t you find out more about the ones who made you?

    • @Holman Garcia my fathers sperm and mothers egg made me. Your imaginary friends have no power.

  5. He only wanted to take credit for negotiation that have been going on for a year. He just wants to show a “win” but like everything he does he screws it totally up

  6. Art of deal maker has no deal again?

  7. ObamaisnextLincoln | September 9, 2019 at 7:02 PM | Reply

    *Trump is the American version of the Taliban… My way or die!*

  8. Empires & country’s that have been unable to subjugate the fierce Afghani’s. Alexander the Great, Soviet Union & now America as witnessed. Afghanistan is a graveyard for megalomaniac’s!

    • The list is much longer than that. The Mongols, Parthians, Scythians and British invaded as well. Everyone easily enters before getting bogged down into some sort of guerilla war. So much for American exceptionalism. Thought we would have learned after Vietnam and it’s history of resistance against the Chinese, French, Japanese and Mongols.

    • Rex Scipio : I forgot to mention the British but thank you for letting me know that The Mongols, Parthians & Scythians also failed.

  9. Matthew Molina | September 9, 2019 at 7:06 PM | Reply

    Another instance of Trump buffoonery.

  10. tanattecnocraft | September 9, 2019 at 7:20 PM | Reply

    Our stable genius inviting the Taliban over to the USA, so they can MAGA. This is a clue we the people of his insanity.

  11. Donald Trump tweeted all the time whenever Barack Obama reached out to an adversary that it was the wrong thing to do and it showed weakness. Now all of a sudden it’s Trump’s turn and he wants to meet with the terrorist organization just b4 9/11 that caused 911! Talk about a political abomination

    • Trump will go down in history as a “quacky president”. When the kids get their history books, they roll and laugh all over the classroom floor.

    • Danius Von Gailis | September 9, 2019 at 10:18 PM | Reply

      So 911 was Afghanistan’s creation? Mossad had only such expertise and we should know when something is unclear and controversially mysterious and no much investigation….100% Mossad.

    • Fact: Taliban tactics are unpredictable and they
      act beyond the norms of everyday life. I hope
      they never get a hand on the Nuclear ICBM switch!

    • Talibans caused 9/12, eh? Never heard this one before

    • @Nomadic Zak naa i think trump said it better: He was there on 7/11 XD

  12. Afghanistan was doing the deal, and Trump wanted all the credit!

  13. I don’t believe that there ever was a “secret” meeting scheduled with the Taliban….actually, I don’t believe ANYTHING that the orange psychopath says!!!!

    • Cute Little Suzie but the moron would probably believe the Taliban

    • @Bob Knob Are you HOMOSEXUAL Bob?

    • Dolt Daft Dunce Deplorable Donald Trump | September 9, 2019 at 9:51 PM | Reply

      @Steve Austin The MAGA train is running off the tracks, more and more RepubliCONS are speaking out against Trumps stupidity and stability. 421 days until the elections, he will implode.

    • you didn’t hear the name of the US soldier that was killed ..he was a Puerto Rican American …go look up …If you watch CNN though don’t care ….They obviously don’t want you to know and you know why if you think…Race card and slanders all day !Trump is doing more for this country than anyone has in years…Results .Dems do ZERO

  14. Trump’s piss colored horse’s tail glues on hair looks extra ridiculous today.🤢🤮

  15. Ridin' With Biden | September 9, 2019 at 8:13 PM | Reply

    A good question: “What would Republicans have done if President Barack Obama had invited the Taliban to Camp David days before the 18th anniversary of 9/11?”

  16. icuhater numberone | September 9, 2019 at 8:30 PM | Reply

    Oh man. That’s very disappointing. I was hoping the Taliban would meet with him personally.💣

  17. Donald THE Dictator | September 9, 2019 at 8:56 PM | Reply

    I call the MEDIA “Fake News” because that is “How to be a Dictator 101”

    • Today, just as in 1972 the Democrat Party is in lockstep with the elite left wing media.

      Everything we are seeing in what President Trump calls “Fake News” existed also in 1972. The parallels are amazing & identically the same.

      The media HATED Richard Nixon in 1972 & they HATE Donald Trump today.

      The elite media’s hostility to President Nixon a half-century ago is exactly the same today towards President Trump.

      Much like President Trump, Nixon was NOT intimidated and did not flinch from the fight. Nixon understood that his primary adversary was the press – NOT his Democratic opponent.

      The elite media had its final victory over President Nixon in the Watergate scandal, which drove him from office. The elite media tried this with President Trump in the “Russian collusion” LIES and failed.

      The Left wants to forget that when the American people weighed the values of President Nixon and the values of The New York Times, Nixon got 61 percent of the vote. The same would happen 12 years later when President Reagan won with 58 percent of the vote.

      Do not be shocked if in the 2020 result, President Trump wins by a margin ‘unimaginable’ today (no one in September 1971 or September 1983 would have predicted gigantic landslides against the Left).
      Do not be shocked if the elite media are proved wrong AGAIN.

      Just sit back, relax, & bet that this does actually happen

    • @ Donald THE Dictator ….
      “Let me control the media and I will
      turn any nation into a herd of swine.” – Joseph Goebbels,
      Minister of Public Enlightenment, Nazi Germany

  18. Donald THE Dictator | September 9, 2019 at 9:02 PM | Reply

    My TOWER was the TALLEST in Manhattan after 7-eleven!

  19. If Israel can set foot on Camp David, so can the Taliban, same thing, different budget.

  20. He lied about Chinese calling, Taliban coming, Mexico paying ….

    No one in the world believes or respects this guy. .

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