Trump fires national security adviser John Bolton


President Donald Trump has asked national security adviser John Bolton to resign, noting that he "strongly disagreed with many of his suggestions as did others in the administration." #CNN #News

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  1. Gepetto needs Pinocchio back….. Trump is a bigger liar than Pinocchio 😂🤣😂🤣😂

  2. Can we fire Donald Trump? Like seriously, pretty please!

  3. Our enemies are Trump’s friends and our allies are his foes?!

    • Максим Кузнецов | September 11, 2019 at 6:32 AM | Reply

      And this is good
      Because we are enemies of trump 😂

    • Francis Godinho | September 11, 2019 at 8:52 AM | Reply

      Momma Bear loves to fish salmons. And hunters loves to shoot bears. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. To make fur coats for winter. Ha ha ha ha. One of the biggest trade in North America and Alaska was bear hunting. But there are some Momma bears still hiding needs to be shot dead. A dead bear keeps you warm during winter.

  4. Mohammed Dahhou | September 10, 2019 at 3:37 PM | Reply

    That was a wise decision; Pompeo should leave too.

    • Francis Godinho | September 11, 2019 at 8:44 AM | Reply

      Mohammed Dahhou. In the Quran Mohammad told in year 622, all infidels from Arab countries should leave, or accept his message from Allah appointed as the final prophet. Ever since for 1400 years there has never been peace in Islamic countries. Only death & misery. USA was at peace with all Muslim countries before 9/1. Today is the 18 anniversary, and Islam Muslims will not give up to defeat USA. In fact, America helped to get rid of Russian from Afghanistan, but what did the Taliban do? Train Jihadist to attack US by killing 3400 innocent Americans who had done no harm to Islam. Now here you are attacking Mike Pompeo who is trying to make peace between US & Taliban, Iran, and all who believe in Allah, they can defeat America to establish the Caliphate to rule the world. That will never happen. Mohammad Dahhou are you living in America?

    • What world do we live in where Trump is the voice of reason?

    • Mohammed Dahhou Yes and Trump as well.

  5. Idiot in command only hires the best people. And fires them pretty fast. So, Trump makes the best people go bad?

    • @felix u You are so stupid you think complicated things are easy to solve? 🙂 Well, you seem to believe any alt right bullsh*t, so I guess your stupidity is infinite. How many years will Jared need to “solve the middle east”? Let’s hear.

    • @felix u what? trump, outside of those slaveowners and genocidal maniac trump is the worse person ever to set foot into the presidency; he was unqualified from the beginning and on the job training has improved his knowledge, in fact all he has done to convince his fanatical followers is boast how great he’s doing. Where every poll even the one done by Fox, shows that most of the American people find his performance as president as child like. Now, whippersnapper I doubt very seriously that you are older than I am!!!!!

    • @felix u By the way, Trump said he’s repeal and replace Obamacare day one of his presidency. And that the wall was going to be built right away. How’s that going? Can you really trust Trump? Of course you can. He’s sh*tting down your neck and you love it!

    • @Cornell Howard Unqualified? He knew more about ISIS than the generals! And that was when he was a con man in the real estate business. And he knows more about drones than any anybody!

    • felix u so you never had sex with a man? I don’t believe you.

  6. NOFORPAIN - No Pants Gang | September 10, 2019 at 3:43 PM | Reply

    $5 says he doesn’t have a new Adviser next week and instead has an “acting adviser” and decides to handle it all himself…

  7. Johanna Hidalgo | September 10, 2019 at 3:44 PM | Reply

    The Russian asset doing his God’s desires….Putins the happiest mothersuker of all time!……

    • Mikey e .. the information released was sick . They informed us Americans what our shady government was doing .. why get mad at the whistle blower and not mad what’s inside those emails.. you are indoctrinated

    • @nicholestahl You should make more of an effort to express yourself in a literate fashion the next time you want to pretend to know more than people smarter than you. You’ve got nothing.

    • Mickey E Hilary Clinton and the DNC paid for Russian intelligence from Ukraine are you mad at them? The DNC rigged the 2016 election against sanders. Are you mad about that? What’s that saying about a spec of saw dust in your brothers eye?

    • Gustavo Rodriguez | September 11, 2019 at 6:31 AM | Reply

      Trump is A Russian asset because Russia leaked emails of Hillary Clinton? Hillary is the Russian asset, not Trump. Plus, they got leaked under Obama so if you think about it, Hillary and Obama are the reasons Trump got elected. As a man that likes the shitshow that is American politics, I thank them.

  8. Gun Totin Trumptards | September 10, 2019 at 3:45 PM | Reply

    This thread is so DAMN funny!….I can’t stop laughing at the comment section 😀

    • @WrizzleDVM you need wake up- the nut is screwing you and you don’t even know it, must be using vaseline and who the hell even carries 401k anymore? Just ask farmer how well the economy is, oh, you can’t because they are killing themselves for loosing the family farm from this great economy your chosen one has given everyone.. Business insider headline-The ‘bloodbath’ in America’s trucking
      1st two paragraphs-
      Truckers have for months been sounding the alarm about a “bloodbath” in their $800 billion industry.
      This year alone, some 2,500 truck drivers have lost their jobs as trucking companies large and small declare bankruptcy. Major carriers like J.B. Hunt, Knight-Swift, and Schneider have been forced to cut their annual outlooks.

      Let me here that again how CNN, lies? They are 20 %on untruths and that’s not on purpose compared to Fox’s 80% flat out lies , that means if you don’t understand, Fox only tells the truth 20% of the time compared to CNNs truth telling at 80%

    • Arthur Anderson | September 11, 2019 at 6:01 AM | Reply

      @Tattletale RED
      Lol…🤣🤣😆😆give it time son…give it time. Soon it will come🤢

    • Arthur Anderson | September 11, 2019 at 6:08 AM | Reply

      @Lilbit 55
      It’s about time SOMEBODY realized that CNN is much more accurate AND truthful than FOX ever was.

    • @Arthur Anderson my gosh, it’s about time someone listens to what I have to say instead of thinking I am against them. Thank you!

    • @Arthur Anderson I should share a few things I have found that may make sense if what is going on around you but, maybe you already know, check this out and if want more info, I have plenty-

  9. David Schlessinger | September 10, 2019 at 3:45 PM | Reply

    “I hire only the best people…..and then fire them. And then, turn on them….they were terrible. But, they were only the best people.”

    • David Schlessinger | September 10, 2019 at 10:46 PM | Reply

      @CRedding94 No, you’re not. Again, it’s called the ‘Fallacy of Irrelevant Thesis.’ You simply don’t have the capacity to understand. But it’s not my job to educate you. You likely used Trump University for that.

    • David Schlessinger Yea my auto-correct wasn’t turned on my bad – don’t report me or anything… “changing the topic again” so really what did I change? You said that I’m “trying to be right” but that is exactly what CNN does even though they know damn well that the information they’re dishing out is inaccurate. I guess more comparing and contrasting further confuses you. Might I post a link to the dictionary definition? Or do you have trouble reading too? Wouldn’t surprise me since we are still stuck on ‘unrelated topics’. I only came here because a pea brain (like yourself) linked to this video from another thread (talk about off topic). You can’t even tell me the words in *your original comment* are yours or not. Looks to me you just don’t like others questioning you so you go on the offensive…typical of those on the left. So does the make you a democrat of some type? Probably a socialist? Why am I even asking questions when you just turn your loping switch on and further attack what I say without retorting anything that is stated? But what should we expect from someone who cannot even make comparisons unless they are of the same topic? Why should I reason with those unwilling to reason? You know, the left have this big problem of portrayal and since your characteristics (thus far) align with theirs more than any other political group currently in thought then I will assume you are a type of democrat that thinks their candidate has a good chance at winning office legitimately. So does that also mean your parents were siblings? You probably have a relationship with your sister as ‘she’ is probably the only ‘woman’ in your life that you have ever talked to. Some advice from an imbecile, talk to women outside your household, you will feel much better. Have a nice night.

    • @David Schlessinger wrong, he’ll be choking on 2 scoops

  10. Nice…. Send bolton to prison as a war criminal

  11. Mrs. linda george | September 10, 2019 at 3:49 PM | Reply

    Buckle up American it is going to be a bumpy ride here on out

    • @jeck jeck We know you are HOMOSEXUAL.

    • @Kat To tell the truth,I did not like Bolton.I do not like anyone in our ADMINISTRATION.Practically I never read politics NEWS in my life ONLY now for 5 OR 6 years and I SEEN all is DIRTH.THEY NEVER WORK FOR AVERAGE CITIZEN.THAT”S ALL.

    • @Elena Timofte at least your honest. I think our govt has always been so screwed up. They definitely dont represent the people and just use us for the vote. They spend our tax dollars and fight with each other.


  12. Good riddance. May his moustache never kill children again.

  13. Glad Bolton is gone but I wish trump would GO TOO!

  14. Will it be Ivanka or Jarred that gets the job? Stay tuned.

    • @Clown Whisper That’s fake news moron.

    • @Tomee Gunz why?

      It’s great plus have you not seen any of the videos on YouTube about Trump making sexual remarks about Ivanka?

    • @Hazel McCloy Nah I think this is a perfect fit for Barron Trump. Give him a map of the world, and let him point you to which countries he wants to ally with, and which ones he wants to bomb

    • @dark lord Honestly, I wouldn’t hate that, it would be better than most picks. Tucker may be a xenophobe, but he is pretty anti-war, esp. for the Republican Party

    • Jared is busy “solving the middle east”. And Ivanka is just complicit nowadays.

  15. one B is out, two more to go “Benjamin and Bin salman” then we have a much better world.

  16. Come on down to Faux News John!…We have a MEGAPHONE waiting for you!

    • @Mike Smith
      I didn’t know trump and Bolton where in THAT kind of relationship. I don’t think Putin and Kim will like trump two timing them:/

    • @jeck jeck I guess you never heard of metaphors before to right.your trying to hard to be like CNN fake news trying to put a spin on everything.grow up

  17. And the revolving door at the White House’s employee entrance keeps spinning!

    • Gustavo Rodriguez | September 11, 2019 at 6:04 AM | Reply

      Just like your mom’s house.

    • Gustavo Rodriguez | September 11, 2019 at 6:05 AM | Reply

      @Tswjnreeg Thoj Poor baby. Do you want a tissue?

    • # the best people
      # muuuh huh

    • Francis Godinho | September 11, 2019 at 9:03 AM | Reply

      Tswjnreeg Thoj. China is the world biggest Robber of US Intellectual Patented Property who made in China sells to the world. For over 40 years Chinese secretly fooled and robbed America. Now Trump caught the conniving Chinese red handed and put sanctions, tariffs made Chinaman Xi into a beggar. Can you believe it China boasted as the next economic power is turned in a beggar by Trump. That tells the whole world. There is no country on Earth, not China, Russia, N. Korea, Iran can take on President Trump. Bye bye Beggars!

    • @Gustavo Rodriguez R.I.P., Mom 1922 – 2018

  18. a step in the right direction. This war monger fired will make this sad world less violent.

  19. I’ve got leftovers in my fridge older than Trumps cabinet members

  20. I’m no fan of Trump but Bolton is a war hungry SOB and I’m glad he’s gone.

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