Trump Denies Asking Ukraine To Investigate Biden In Exchange For Aid | Morning Joe | MSNBC


The president told his acting chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney, to hold back almost $400 million in military aid for Ukraine at least a week before his phone call, according to new reporting. The Morning Joe panel discusses. Aired on 9/24/19
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Trump Denies Asking Ukraine To Investigate Biden In Exchange For Aid | Morning Joe | MSNBC

85 Comments on "Trump Denies Asking Ukraine To Investigate Biden In Exchange For Aid | Morning Joe | MSNBC"

  1. “It’s very important to talk about corruption.” Hence the Mueller Report.

    • @Bub Dub Literally if you search up the definition of “collusion” on google “conspiracy” is shown to be one of the synonyms. In the majority of cases, the word “colluded” can be replaced with the word “conspired” so I don’t really get what you proved by showing that Mueller was looking for “conspiracy” instead of “collusion” when they virtually mean the same thing.

      Anyways, your correction of the term I used literally changed nothing. The part of the mueller report I cited earlier still proves that Trump didn’t collude or “conspire with Russia.

      “did not find that the Trump campaign, or anyone associated with it, conspired or coordinated with the Russian government in these efforts, despite multiple efforts from Russian-affiliated individuals to assist the Trump campaign.”

      My point is, Mueller was looking for evidence that Russia “conspired”, or colluded with Russia (because they virtually mean the same thing) and Mueller couldn’t find evidence of conspiracy.

    • ​@Jan Asamoah Goalposts –> successfully moved. This is straying further and further from the original comment simply to arrive at the factual conclusion that Trump was not indicted by Mueller. I stand by my original comment (in reply to saying there was NO Russian influence) wherein I stated that Russian influence was rife within the campaign, Trump sought help from Russia (but no crimes “beyond a reasonable doubt”), and the potential obstruction of justice charges are viable. I never denied that the report did not find Trump guilty of Russia-related crimes, and I’m not going to take the bait going down that rabbit hole.

    • @Bub Dub At this point I’m not even sure if you’re reading my comments. I never said that Russia didn’t interfere with the election. I said that Russia didn’t interfere with the election at Trumps orders. The only thing I stated is that you’re claim (that Trump SOUGHT help from Russia to interfere with the election) is wrong, and the Mueller report also disagrees with your claim.

      I don’t really think we are going anywhere with this conversation, after it’s been over 4 hours. Right now, we are literally restating our original arguments, which is a waste of time considering we already stated them hours ago.

    • I 2nd that

    • @Jan Asamoah in regards to Russia, Mueller very carefully said that what evidence was found was insufficient to effectively indict on a criminal charge of conspiracy, though Mueller clearly stated that various Russian operatives and agencies did attempt to influence the election in Trump’s favor, hence the indictments that were filed for Russian individuals. What Mueller did say about the Trump campaign was an openness to Russian offers but there was insufficient evidence of coordination that is pertinent to a conspiracy charge. Again he emphasized while there was insufficient evidence to bring a criminal charge of conspiracy this by no means exonerates Trump and his campaign. Whether what evidence he did find relating to the Trump campaign in regards to Russian interference being sufficient to be considered “high crimes and misdemeanors” is the purvey of the House and its impeachment power.

      Given that the AG withheld (legally for grand jury documents) portions of Mueller’s report from Congress, the oversight and judicial committees were forced to conduct questioning of key principals identified in Mueller’s report. It was here where Trump’s potential obstruction is evident by invoking executive privilege when he had already waived it for testimony before Mueller and wanted to reinvoke before Congress, along with his directive to not comply to Congressional subpoenas. There is also Trump’s repeated denial of any current business negotiations with Russia during the campaign which was a lie as he had his agents (kids and Cohen) keeping the Moscow Tower proposal active until it became clear he would be the Republican nominee. While I can’t fault him for pursuing a business deal while campaigning as a fallback should he not win the nomination, I do hold him accountable for the deliberate coverup and the repeated lies. To me that’s not honorable and lends credence to obstruction.

  2. went that f trump is goin to jail

  3. Then provide the transcripts to congress like the law dictates.

    • quietman356 123455 | September 25, 2019 at 1:17 AM | Reply

      You ll get your wish tomorrow.

    • TommySotomayor's Momma | September 25, 2019 at 9:27 AM | Reply

      David Clark the guy is a cheat and a liar!!! There’s nothing wrong with being a winner but if you have to cheat in order to do it……smh . It’s like the bully in school , his parents come down to the school and blames all the other kids for making him mishaps. There’s good republicans and then there’s people who are acting like the parents.

    • Hamish Gaffaney | September 25, 2019 at 9:37 AM | Reply

      @Marilyn Reallon sadly that is ture all the bad parts will be redacted, in the name of national security

    • You and other repugs do not want to listen to the president of the Ukraine when he said there were no crimes committed and refused Trumps offer to open the investigation back up.  You only want to listen to the republican controlled mass media led by the false Sinclair group of 190 mass media outlets.

    • Barr already put his dirty redacting fingers on it as reported by the WH.  He alone will decide what the public hears.  Sound familiar.

  4. He never asked…. but I bet he had a lackey do it for him. Expect another fall guy to go down soon.

  5. The man who has told us over 12,000 documented lies since taking office would like us to believe him. Should we?

    • Exactly. And Mika is right. 11:25 Trump wants people to think that he alone is telling the truth and everyone else is lying.

    • I googled that question of how many lies he told and was given that number too. Being that was over a 2 weeks ago im sure its up to 13.000 now lol.

    • @Richard Owens It is your media which is lying to you. Three years they lied about an alleged russian collusion, which was obviously a pathetic hoax, and now they are trying a similar lie, and dumb sheep like you are believing it again…
      so sad.

    • It is over 14,000 lies to date.

    • @apseudo13 You mean “lies” like the MS13 hoax?

  6. Moscow Agent Governing America

  7. Trump talking about corruption in another country…. Well I guess he would know the best.

    • *but then so would biden.. *

    • Ukraine’s president has debunked the smears against Trump, but Biden is on tape as VP threatening the Ukranian prosecutor investigating his son. Biden said he never spoke to his son about Ukraine but his own son made Biden out to be a liar in a New Yorker article.

    • @Kip McEwen The Ukranian President WHOM TRUMP IS EXTORTING WITH FOREIGN AID went on to “exonerate Trump” LMFAO you are ignorant if you believe that one.

  8. “I hope you get to hear it…” means “you’ll NEVER hear it.”

  9. Trump has been useing or military tax dollars as his slush fund like he did with his charity

  10. Evil is on earth. Antichrist is here. Trumpets are determined to destroy the world. It’s not just about the US!
    Antichrist; A person or thing regarded as supremely evil or as a fundamental enemy or opponent, it starts from within the church! (Venting)

  11. ..what did the orange say when he turned into a peach??…

  12. Remember, laws are only as good as those charged with enforcing them!

  13. Trump!!!! We are not stupid! We don’t believe you!!!!!

  14. From the stand point of…. stupidity

  15. I do not want to SEE a doctored transcript. I want to HEAR a recording which can be authenticated. I do not trust the dishonest and corrupt Trump Regime.

  16. His campaign manager is literally in jail for being an agent of Ukraine. He has 1st hand experience with ukrainan corruption

    • SkyGemini so Tax evasions is being an agent of Ukraine? Since when? Lol im not a Maga or Magat or w/e you call it. Just a moderate who sees ppls hatred for Trump lead them them to buy into so many conspiracies and continue to look foolish doin so lol. How many times do Dems and the media have to be wrong and made to look foolish before ppl start realizing what’s goin on? Who told you he’s an agent of Ukraine 😂? Same ppl who told you Trump colluded w/ Russia and that’s why Wisconsin and Pennsylvania voted for him? I almost feel bad for ppl like ya.

    • @Tj Anderson Oh, the comedy… Ignorance looks good on you.

    • el bee aww, nice response w/o actually addressing any of the points I made. At this point y’all do realize why nobody takes you and other Dems serious anymore right? Y’all genuinely provide nothing to the political discussion. Yelling baseless accusations and constantly trying to one up each other on the outrage meter is why the louder the left gets, the less they are taken serious. The entire democratic campaign has nothin to offer lol. It’s funny to watch. Ask what policies they can institute that can improve the country and they skate around the topic only to get back to yellin orange mad bad. It’s sad but predictable. So call me ignorant while you literally have nothing of substance to share w/ anyone. You’ve gotten caught up in pushing so many lies that you can’t remember the truth. I hope one day y’all come back to reality. The political climate is genuinely better when we have 2 sides working to improve the country

    • JoeKopsick4Congress | September 25, 2019 at 5:25 AM | Reply

      @Tj Anderson Trump’s campaign manager Paul Manafort is in prison now because he failed to register as a foreign agent, after working for the Ukrainian Party of Regions. The Trump-Russia collusion story points to Ukraine, because Manafort and Tony Podesta used the think tank European Center for a Modern Ukraine; to try to Westernize the Party of Regions; and to lobby the Obama administration.

      Trump did Russia collusion by asking for Russians to find Hillary’s 30,000 emails (it’s good that we have the emails, but Trump did collude when he asked for those emails live on TV)

  17. Florida Crypto R | September 24, 2019 at 12:50 PM | Reply

    He admitted to this on national TV and now DENYS the same claim. *What a LIAR* !

  18. “Lies will not sustain a tyrant.” Quote from the movie, The Vikings. Sure works here.

  19. Look at this dummy. The man who had to pay at $25 million settlement for fraud talking about honesty.

  20. I wonder what the Ukraine president has to say about this.

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