Trump Assembles Made-For-TV Legal Team For Senate Impeachment Trial | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


The Trump impeachment legal team comes together including some familiar faces, including ex-Clinton investigator Ken Starr. Aired on 01/17/20.
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Trump Assembles Made-For-TV Legal Team For Senate Impeachment Trial | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

65 Comments on "Trump Assembles Made-For-TV Legal Team For Senate Impeachment Trial | The 11th Hour | MSNBC"

  1. When #3 is taken into custody come Jan. of 2021, he won’t be the only one. It will be hilarious watching all the little traitors stepping on each other’s faces trying to cut a deal first…..

    • Crystal Giddens | January 18, 2020 at 1:37 PM | Reply

      So, he is NOT on the President Trump legal team? He said as much right here in this there video! Is he or isn’t he? I know, as a President Trump supporter I pray to God he is not part of the “team.” Is this more fake news? The same goes for Ken Star but NOT nearly as strongly. Bottom line is, is he? Or isn’t he? He denied it right here in this there video. Which is it?

      You said “It will be hilarious watching all the little traitors stepping on each other’s faces trying to cut a deal first.”Nancy Pelosi, Jerry Nadler, Adam Schiff and Chuck Schumer, my money on Jerry.

    • @Jeremy Backup You said ” Mueller confirmed the contents of the Mueller Report” You did watch this on TV right? Mueller had no clue what was even in the report.

      You said “Mueller confirmed Trump can and likely will be indicted on the 10 charges” That was not Mueller job.

    • @Jeremy Backup Funny, Trumpers are not concerned for the guy personally, as they pay no mind to his inductment just 12 months from now, which will effectively end his life. They should be urging him to cut some kind of deal.

    • @Jeremy Backup 👌😂

  2. Wow, the “klowns” of the Trump TV-land presidency, are just rolling out from his tiny clown golf-cart…
    They’ll be butchered alive in court.

  3. Patrick Kennedy | January 18, 2020 at 2:16 AM | Reply

    LEV PARNAS must be a ghost as no one knows or remembers meeting him. The Republicons are afraid to call Parnas to testify before the Senate?!?

  4. He will not pay them as usual.

    • A Wee Scots Dog | January 18, 2020 at 7:08 AM | Reply

      Though he did pay Pam Bondi once didn’t he. I seem to recall some controversy over a payment of 25,000. Not his own money of course, but from his foundation.

    • President of the Virgin Islands | January 18, 2020 at 12:33 PM | Reply

      Trump hasn’t even payed most of the cities he held rallies in.

  5. Kathleen Hammett | January 18, 2020 at 3:00 AM | Reply

    Criminal gets lawyers who are criminals to represent him.. go figure.

    • POPPIN SHT On YTUBE | January 18, 2020 at 9:00 PM | Reply

      @Crystal Giddens DESPERATE it’s FIXED NEWS that hired DERSHOWITZ? TO DO WHAT?
      Represent The FIXED NEWS CHANNEL?
      A DESPERATE TRUMPIAN no doubt about it.

    • @Jeff Holden
      1. I am a veteran who has worked in the field of international relations and human rights for the past 13 years, and I have a veterans ministry… so some of your numbers I know as an occupational necessity; are not just off, but are constantly in flux.

      2. As to your claims regarding Osama… he wasn’t Mujahedeen; in fact they are different sects of islam. And his time in the 80’s has been well accounted for.

      3. There’s a reason why people at the top levels of Government are deeply disturbed by Trump. For very valid reasons that far exceed his caustic personality. There is a major difference between Trump and Reagan… and very valid reasons why Trump is a threat to national security.

      4. There are people better than you and I tending to matters; and it is in our best interest to want the most qualified, people with real-world experience, and multiple PhDs…. do you really feel trump is the best and brightest?

    • Jeffrey Hagelin | January 18, 2020 at 10:18 PM | Reply

      @David Hale
      Johnny Cochran was one of those snakes you call a lawyer.
      Let’s hope for the mercy if your soul, you never have to hire a conman to save you from the gallows.

    • Jeffrey Hagelin | January 18, 2020 at 10:23 PM | Reply

      @Semper Fortis
      Thank you. Excellent piece.

  6. DerShillWitz again making his bid for the Fence Straddlers’ HoF.

  7. MEMO: From Trump to Pompeo, “When all else fails, claim amnesia”

  8. The Orange Sphincter with his amazing powers of deflection.

    • @Grumbleback I kinda like this new feature of youtube where I can review your comment history. It confirms about what I thought.
      Be well.

    • Noiseless Sounds | January 18, 2020 at 10:25 AM | Reply

      @Tomato Bagel lol You said maga like you tagged it on a wall. lol you magats think your a gang lol a gang of IQ 45 dunces.

    • They have not listed it…

      But giving $38 Billion in US Taxpayer dollars to the Israel government, instead of funding the United States Navy; is violating his fiduciary responsibility to our Nation, and the Office he was sworn into.

    • @Semper Fortis 🇮🇱 Is Forever
      God Bless America

    • Amos R The whiner in chief calls everyone names like a child but you’re fine with that.

  9. Just Call Me MOP | January 18, 2020 at 6:08 AM | Reply

    “I don’t know” so and so, “I didn’t know about” this or that; seems like our leaders aren’t very good leaders considering they don’t seem to know enough about what is going on under their own noses.

    • Printagic Online | January 18, 2020 at 9:09 AM | Reply

      Dershowitz just told us that he is being called a part of the legal team but he’s actually just a witness. What a sneaky move by team Trump. One more thing this so called liberal democrat has been on Fox news for 3 years defending Trump. Now we’re supposed to believe his abuse of power theory. Just because he teaches at Harvard doesn’t mean he’s right. Other Law professors and constitutional scholars disagree with him on many of his theories.

    • @Printagic Online This, to me, is beginning to show as eerily subversive as it is carried out. These moves to protect Trump look like deliberate moves to destruct the system eventually. Unchecked anger is at work within Trump, he is on the road to try constructing an empire of his own and his loyalists seem to be blind to it, or, hope to be somehow exalted to some high station within it.

    • Trump claims to be a stable genius with a perfect memory, then a few minutes later claims he can’t remember a man who donated millions to his campaign and is in over 50+ videos and pictures with Trump and Trump’s family, at dozens of different events. Trump can’t be telling the truth about both…..and given his track record, he’s almost certainly lying about both.

  10. Oh no one is trying to impeach the SOB. The SOB has been impeached… forever.😂

    • @Steve Jones nothing wrong with Kool-aid….

      Are you thinking of Flavor-Aid?

    • chandler nelms | January 18, 2020 at 5:57 PM | Reply

      Great news is that after he is cleared in the Senate, the amazing President Trump will be re elected this year and because he was impeached and cleared, President Trump can run for an extra term so he can win in 2024 too. Then hopefully Ivanka will run in 2028.

    • Wallace Wallaby | January 18, 2020 at 6:28 PM | Reply

      The thing is, he watched Fox News who were pushing the idea that he hasn’t been impeached.

    • @chandler nelms Where on Earth did you hear that?

      Did Clinton get to run again? (Dont forget, he too was impeached and then acquitted by the Senate…)

    • @Rachael

      Before Trump, there have been 3 other President, that gone through the impeachment process, Andrew Johnson(impeached), Bill Clinton (impeached) and Richard Nixon(resign from office before facing impeachment this means he was going through step 1 of the impeachment process) both Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton went through step 1 and 2, so why the 3 steps for Trump? step 1 Adam Schiff, step 2 House, step 3 Senate,

      Andrew Johnson- House voted 126 to 47 to impeach Johnson of high crimes and misdemeanors(by- partisan)

      Bill Clinton- House of Representatives on October 8 where the full impeachment inquiry was endorsed in a 258-176 vote. In total, 31 Democrats supported the Republicans supporting the inquiry( by- partisan)

      Trump- The resolution passed the House nearly along party lines in a 228-193 vote. No Republicans voted for the resolution and 2 Democrats supported the Republicans not by- partisan.

      Alexander Hamilton described impeachment essentially as a release valve from another “crisis of a national revolution.” He and other Founders grappled with how best to execute such a check, and eventually they settled on the system we have today.Even more than 230 years ago, they were eerily prescient in fearing how the impeachment process could play out: beset by partisanship and broken down by factions.

      “The basic allegations against the president are that he sought foreign interference in a U.S. election, that he conditioned official acts on the performance of these political favors,” Schiff said. “And those official acts include a White House meeting that the president of Ukraine desperately sought with President Trump, as well as hundreds of millions of dollars in taxpayer-funded military assistance for a country that is at war with Russia and a country that the United States has a deep national security interest in making sure it can defend itself.”
      (military assistance for a country (Ukraine) that is at war with Russia) Kind of strange that the Democrats did not give a Schiff about this when Obama was President.

      On October 29, 2019, Roll Call reporter John Krawzak published a report with the headline, “How the OMB used its powers to delay Ukraine aid.” This report has the most accurate timeline, and if you read it carefully, it utterly destroys the official impeachment illusion timeline. But you have to parse out the fairy dust to catch the truth. Skip to the bullet points of “Key Events” at the end of the report:

      Aug. 3: Duffey signs his first apportionment, a separate process that freezes 10 State Department and U.S. Agency for International Development accounts. A portion of the Ukraine FMF funds — $26.5 million — is included in the freeze.”

      “Aug. 9: The OMB releases the State Department and USAID funds — but not the Ukraine money — “
      This informs us that the $141.5 million in State Department funds was released on August 9th. So we can subtract $141.5 million from the remaining $266.5 million and we get down to just $125 million unreleased funds left by August 9th, 2019, a full month before the whistle leaker started this hoax, and only 16 days from the phone call with Zelensky.

      “Sept. 11: State notifies Congress the $141.5 million in FMF money for Ukraine is ready to be obligated.”
      This Roll Call bullet point appears to contradict the August 9th release, but that’s just fairy dust in your eyes. Once money is released, it takes some time to be obligated, which is a term of art for getting it headed where it needs to go. And where it needs to go is subject to laws of review for appropriated funds. Which brings us to the actual “holds” that were conducted throughout this process.

      The Roll Call bullet point timeline erroneously tells us that a verbal hold was placed on the full $391.5 million on July 18th, and that this hold was put on paper July 25th. It also states that the funds were under a “freeze”. An earlier paragraph in the report tells us:
      “A subsequent review by top White House officials including then-National Security Adviser John Bolton took longer than expected, and the hold was extended several times, according to the official.”
      Notice the word “review”. Now go back to that August 3rd bullet point, “Duffey signs his first apportionment, a separate process that freezes 10 State Department and U.S. Agency for International Development accounts.”
      Technically, the freeze was due to “reapportionment” as noted in OMB’s August 3rd letter. But here’s the dirty little secret of the whole shebang, “reapportionment” is a legal process whereby the Ukraine funds could be reapportioned to Ukraine not from Ukraine. This is not “rescission”, which is a cut in funding, nor is it “deferral”, which is taking the funds and holding them in reserve, both of which require special messages to Congress. Such letters were never sent.

      Apportionment law is set out in 31 USC 1512:
      The official designated in section 1513 of this title to make apportionments shall apportion an appropriation under paragraph (1) of this subsection as the official considers appropriate. Except as specified by the official, an amount apportioned is available obligation under the terms of the appropriation on a cumulative basis unless reapportioned.”
      Since the “freeze” was placed due to a reapportionment pending review of previously apportioned funds, there was nothing to be alarmed about. The funds were still going to Ukraine, but exactly how they were used by and for Ukraine might change in the reapportionment. For example, instead of buying rifles, they might buy grenades. Instead of training Ukraine for cyber security, they might train for field communications.

      This is why the law allows the official in charge leeway to do what he “considers appropriate”. This is not overriding Congress. The Executive Branch is charged by law on how to use those security assistance funds for Ukraine. The freeze in question was never going to cancel the funds to Ukraine. That’s the dirty secret of this hoax.
      And the hold (or freeze) came about from a lawfully mandated requirement that demands a review of all “apportionments or reapportionments” at least four times a year.

      POTUS had absolutely no legal authority to cancel funds granted to Ukraine. Therefore, he could not have threatened to withhold any funds in a quid pro quo. Trump had no carrot to dangle. And without the carrot, there could be no threat, no intimidation, no blackmail, no bribery and no extortion. The funds granted by statute could never be unilaterally canceled by the President. Only Congress has the Constitutional authority to cancel those funds. Trump released the funds exactly as was required by law.
      I have more than 8 pages of this but all won’t fit. So I don’t care what people say, this impeachment crap started 7/16/2016 well before the election.

  11. Cheryl Bazemore | January 18, 2020 at 6:25 AM | Reply

    Criminals. Who cares what 🍊thinks. Knows nothing about nothing…. yes SOB✔💯

  12. One Drone Pilot | January 18, 2020 at 7:03 AM | Reply

    Notice: all the brothers ain’t smiling…

  13. Dershowitz seems to be saying the President is above the law. How did he become a professor at Harvard.

  14. Trump called himself a SOB for once he told the truth!

  15. keeping up with the trumpershians ! everything is made for tv

  16. “If Hillary Clinton had been elected and she were being impeached.” The republiturds just can’t let it go.

    • The horse they bet on won but, since it won by doping and cheating, it invalidated their win prize.

    • Wallace Wallaby | January 18, 2020 at 6:34 PM | Reply

      They were actually already threatening to impeach her when they thought she was going to win. Several Reps were extremely open about that.

  17. Trump called Star, “Sperm Stain Star.” Fact. You can’t make this stuff up.

  18. The defense team was recruited straight out of the swamp.

  19. David Brandenburg | January 18, 2020 at 3:52 PM | Reply

    for someone who is supposed to be innocent he sure has a lot of lawyers

  20. Trump still doesn’t believe he has been impeached.

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