Trump Aide Capitol Hill: As Reports Find Giuliani Is Under Federal Investigation | Deadline | MSNBC


NYT’s Michael Schmidt, former assistant director at the FBI Frank Figliuzzi, former federal prosecutor Paul Butler, former U.S. ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul and former managing editor for TIME Magazine Rick Stengel on the concern among those close to Trump about the testimony given by his former top Russia analyst, Fiona Hill, and new reporting from the New York Times that finds federal prosecutors in Manhattan are investigating Trump’s personal lawyer. Aired on 10/14/19.

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Trump Aide Capitol Hill: As Reports Find Giuliani Is Under Federal Investigation | Deadline | MSNBC

85 Comments on "Trump Aide Capitol Hill: As Reports Find Giuliani Is Under Federal Investigation | Deadline | MSNBC"

  1. Kathleen Dunlap | October 14, 2019 at 10:46 PM | Reply

    YES. Everyone will testify to the truth that traitor trump is a criminal.

    • @PlAtInUm VoLt Plain facts and words from his own mouth are not enough for you? Are you alright? Need a doctor? I think you are off your meds.

    • The news station is saying that the president did all of these things when there has been no official statements on it.

    • Why are the democrats keeping the inquiry behind closed doors

    • Do you not hear how hard they are on Republicans and soft and nice on democrats. I don’t favor either one I’m just saying it’s biased as others

  2. So Trump and his atty have criminal foreigners running around our country setting up international crime syndicates? Cue the Twilight Zone music..

  3. D'shawn Cherry | October 14, 2019 at 10:57 PM | Reply

    This guy has the worst judge of character I’ve ever seen in life. Talk about if it’s not broken….geezus!

    • He’s a great judge of character, these are the exact people he was looking for to commit crime for him.

    • Not to mention his cultist base??! Omg, the ignorance is Astounding. There is no way of getting through them. They’re all lost causes.

    • D'shawn Cherry | October 15, 2019 at 10:05 AM | Reply

      @Nick S yea……listen I’m the last person that wants to defend trump but juelzy is the ONLY lawyer (allegedly) who was willing to take him as a client. Trump is a horrible person by my standards but I’d be lying if i said i dont feel sorry for the guy. He was probably raised by nannies and wasn’t taught right or wrong and probably (from the looks of things) got his “degree”paid for by daddy, which did him absolutely no favors. So if he is a criminal which i believe he is, its because he wasn’t taught values. A cautionary tale really. RAISE YOUR OWN CHILDREN. HELP THEM IN SCHOOL DON’T BUY THE SCHOOL TO GET YOUR KID A “HONORARY “DEGREE

  4. Everyone loves carving pumpkins in October.

  5. Pyro OneExSeven | October 14, 2019 at 11:06 PM | Reply

    Trump loathes anybody with knowledge, experience, honesty, & integrity…

  6. All of this is happening because we have a president who’s…..on 2nd thought, I’ll let Lindsey Graham explain exactly why all of this is happening.

    “I think he’s a kook, I think he’s crazy. I think he’s unfit for office.”
    –Lindsey Graham on Trump,  Feb, 2016

    “Here’s what you’re buying: He’s a race-baiting, xenophobic religious bigot. He doesn’t represent my party. He doesn’t represent the values that the men and women who wear the uniform are fighting for. And you know how you make America great again, by telling Donald Trump to go to he//.”
    –Lindsey Graham on Trump, Dec 8, 2015

    Turns out that Graham was absolutely correct. Trump is exactly who and what Graham said he was.

    • And over time,
      Ms Lindsey Graham lost the gift of clairvoyance and prophecy,
      And became just another sycophant to the 🍊🍄

    • David J Agree. Unfortunately need get point across to his obsequious followers.

    • I just want to explain what is happening so you’ll know. DONALD TRUMP IS THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA…dig

    • angela bluebird60 | October 15, 2019 at 10:52 AM | Reply

      Fortunately, Jaime Harrison is running against Graham in SC. Amy McGrath is running against McConnell in KY. We can support these quality candidates, regardless of which state we reside in. We would do well to do exactly this, as the well being of our People, nation and the greater good of the world depend on it. We can also join in the ongoing work to eliminate the poison intrusion of Big $ upon our elections/govt., and ask our friends and families to do the same. Move to Amend, American Promise, Trust Vote, Our Revolution, Common Cause just a few of the quality groups of everyday people we can check out/join with. In order to clean up and restore our govt. of, for and by the People, We the People must show up! I believe we will.

    • But what does it make Graham, now that he’s changed his tune about #45?

  7. Donald Trump is corrupt and a danger to the national security of America!

  8. How many of trumps lawyers need to be disbarred and jailed before trump sycophants ask questions?

    • @Gina Ke
      A : all of them.

    • Cisco Zerratano Globalization has been a reality for over a hundred years, exemplified by Trump’s own actions of exporting labor and hiring undocumented immigrants in his own organization.

      You can swallow his BS and hypocrisy if you want to.
      But then, you are obviously a fool.

    • @Cisco Zerratano
      Your orange drug addict psychopath has already set it un motion. The U.S. has no allies, is not trusted by any country and is trillions of dollars in the hole.

    • they wont, they just dont want to see

  9. Konstantin Polyakov | October 14, 2019 at 11:12 PM | Reply

    Makes you wonder what Giuliani let Trump do in the 90s in NYC…

  10. The greatest military in the world, tucked their tails between their legs and ran away from allies, all at the whim of a DRAFT DODGING imbecile president.

    • @Ann Owens well the troops are being deployed to protect Saudi interests.

    • @Lex Nel Is the american army become an army for hire?
      Is that why americans sign up for the army?
      Have the people of the US no pride anymore, no morals? For god’s sake, the Arabs killed and tortured an american journalist; the air attacks 09/11 were performed by Saoedis. And now US is selling army power to Saoedi Arabia?

    • GORGEOUSGEORGE | October 15, 2019 at 12:05 PM | Reply

      That must be making the boys and girls in uniform really proud and happy.

      And allies distancing themselves as fast as possible. Acting alone will never be as powerful as acting in alliances….but I guess we will find that out the hard way…

    • @Ann Owens and allies that were or are still part of the military that worked on silencing IS. I don’t know the exact role of other european countries but I do know that the Dutch were involved with bombing ISIS to support the Kurds. They worked there
      with f16s for 1 year, that was the mandate. And since there was no bombing necessary the troops were pulled back last January. Not on an impulse but well prepared.

  11. He doesn’t care Putin wants civil war.

  12. Marcellino Sananto | October 14, 2019 at 11:20 PM | Reply

    Trump is a very loyal person. . To Vladimir Putin.

  13. the president’s lawyer looks like Dracula has a criminal partner named Igor and is digging up dirt in Translevaina Romania…LOL if this was a Hollywood movie you would say YEAH, RIGHT

  14. Christmas comes early when Rudy wears the orange jumpsuit🤣

  15. Trump, the crime boss, is self-destructing.

  16. Curtis Williams | October 14, 2019 at 11:29 PM | Reply

    I hope Ruby go to jail for his part…very bad man..

  17. Trump is fundamentally stupid “irrespective of his many claims to Einstein like intelligence” he surrounds himself with crooks, cons, hookers and lickspittles none of who’s council is either sage or prudent . Feet of clay has never been more apt description

    • @Almagiri Mai Yes true but I think a little verbal embroidery never goes amiss

    • LOL…What in the world is a “LICKSPITTLE” ?

    • Diamond Dave: “Lickspittle” refers to someone so craven and submissive that he would lap up his master’s spit, after his master had spit at him, and would pretend that it tasted good. You know, Trump’s definition of “Loyalty.”

    • If you’re a Tolkien fan, think Grima Wormtongue and Sauron. Or Gollum (whom Rudy is rather beginning to resemble) and Trump as “My Precious”?

  18. Trump is nothing but a corrupt draft dodging criminal. He and his mafia crime family should be dragged out of the White House in shackles.

  19. Putin is sitting in his Lair petting his white cat and smiling. “Excellent…excellent”
    Trump is the Virus. Cut out the cancer America.

  20. Trump and family belong to

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