Trudeau surrounded by police amid security concern at rally


CTV's Glen McGregor shares what he saw and what Justin Trudeau's people are saying after a security concern delayed the Liberals' campaign event.

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29 Comments on "Trudeau surrounded by police amid security concern at rally"

  1. That’s racist of him to think he is in danger in Mississauga the south Asian capital of Canada.

    • LOL

    • We don’t know the facts of what the threat was. No one should be put at risk unnecessarily no matter where you are.

    • Turkey president did ssme thing with fake coup to jail opponents .anyone with security knowledge knows it was staged to be as overwhelming visible as possible for midia, the opposite of what you would do in real situation. Liberal control midia will not allow real security experts to speak on how this is propaganda.

  2. PR Stunt, no doubt.

  3. Sympathy play and PR stunt! If he was in sincere danger they would have cancelled! He is such a loser!

  4. Jester the Molester has another costume to add to his wardrobe, right beside all the clown costumes.
    Vote PPC

  5. This country is goofy

  6. Happens to be where all the immigrants are. He doesn’t feel safe!

  7. A stunt 🙄

  8. The most Hated Crimminister in Canadian history. Sorry

  9. He created this environment.

  10. Trudeau is playing the victim card to gain sympathy.

  11. He’s only in danger of losing the election.

  12. Canadian wafflz YT | October 13, 2019 at 11:41 AM | Reply

    Vote conservative!

  13. Won’t specify until everyone clearly understands the LIE to be told

  14. There were reports that someone planned to use the word “mankind” instead of “peoplekind” so RCMP packed some colouring books in their backpack and brought the mobile safe space unit in case his feelings got hurt.

  15. Blackface

  16. Robert Baldwin | October 13, 2019 at 11:59 AM | Reply

    The most divisive prime minister in Canadian history, is the cause of this! Indeed if was even real! I have serious doubts that a threat even existed. trudeau is actually the most serious security threat in this country!

  17. Bob & Nancy Miller | October 13, 2019 at 12:01 PM | Reply

    unspecified threat ! Just a PR stunt for sympathy IMO After all, who would want to hurt him ? I hope those security guys didn’t have evil guns with them !

  18. Probably not even true. He probably planned it all out for pity and votes from the gun grabbers.

  19. Libs aren’t feeling the love so Gerry arranges a publicity stunt to drum up some sympathy for Justin.
    If the threat was credible the event would have been cancelled.

  20. Are you sure that’s Trudeau…
    I could never recognize him without his face darkening makeup.

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