Solomon: Why the 2019 election has been a win for Singh despite seat losses

Solomon: Why the 2019 election has been a win for Singh despite seat losses 1


Evan Solomon breaks down why it will still be a victory for NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh despite seat losses.

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26 Comments on "Solomon: Why the 2019 election has been a win for Singh despite seat losses"

  1. It’s not about only two parties: Liberals versus Conservatives… it’s progressive versus conservatives and the popular vote showed that Canadians voted more for progressive parties than conservative parties on a whole… thank goodness.

    • GospelFisherman | October 22, 2019 at 5:35 AM | Reply

      Sean Metivier yep Canada is a lefty paradise

    • GospelFisherman | October 22, 2019 at 5:39 AM | Reply

      Sean Metivier that’s also why they call themselves “Progressive”

    • @GospelFisherman Not federally. You are thinking of some of the provincial parties.

    • Canada is morally and ethically bankrupt…as shown by electing a factually morally bankrupt party. Ethics were shown to be out the window and candor is a place in Newfoundland.
      What a completelu F’d up nation….sad. canada was great before 2015….

    • What a joke. Andrew Scheer and his old Reform Party cronies have basically turned the Conservative Party of Canada into the Alberta party. Get ready to never win unless you realize that you’re running to lead the entire country. This ” put money in your pocket” conservative mantra it’s getting a little tiresome. The campaign run by the conservatives was a disgrace. Big mistake not electing Bernier as the leader.

  2. The NDP will SO trade those seats for the balance power: in August their party status was questioned, now the Libs will tax the “super rich” and do pharmacare, student-debt relief, etc. Oh yeah, Singh is a happy camper, and you know Trudeau will SO buck the Lib establishment and go a little Left, “Tax the Rich, Tax the Rich,” oh yeah;)

    • I hope you’re right, but this is too strong a minority for them to need the NDP as much anymore.

    • @bbbl67, you might have a point, except with NDP backing, Trudeau has the power of a dictator, ie, the power of a majority govt. The question is, did the Lib establishment limit what he really wanted to do as PM, and does the NDP holding the balance of power allow him to do what he always wanted to do? We’re about to find out, stay tuned;)

  3. Surely we can get electoral reform through in a minority situation.

    • Not with such a stong minority. No single secondary party has enough of a hold on the Liberals to force them to go for electoral reform now. If the Liberals were below 140, then the parties could’ve forced them into electoral reform (I personally prefer ranked-choice voting over proportional representation, as it requires a lot fewer changes to the electoral system, while getting much closer to true democracy). If the Libs had won fewer seats, then the life of their government would have been on life support more often, and they’d have to make more deals with the opposition, and most likely one particular opposition party who would’ve been part of their coalition. With a strong minority, there’s less need for a coalition.

    • @bbbl67 Pity… I don’t want you to be right, but you’re right.

    • Vfor Vriendetta | October 22, 2019 at 11:15 AM | Reply

      Uhhh what kind of electoral reform? Cause any substantial changes are gonna require a referendum, of which the standards of success are so absurdly difficult to meet that we might as well have a referendum about changing the referendum laws first.

  4. 🔥🇨🇦🔥WEXIT CANADA!

  5. Ndp is cancer

  6. Well, canadians really have shown that the bar is set just above the concrete. Morals and ethics be damned…

  7. ȘȚɄƑƑɎǾɄ1oo | October 22, 2019 at 6:05 AM | Reply

    Not surprised that the *Bloc* got so many votes/seats. This is a party that at its core wants to separate and openly says *”Quebec First”* illustrating how vile Quebecers really are if they could vote for this kind of party. Here’s a tip Quebec, if you want to separate, have the referendum outside of Quebec next time. We’ll vote your butts out quickly and you’ll be taking your share of the debt.

  8. It was a win for Singh? Woah backwards math.

  9. Wtf are you talking about? It’s no win for anyone but liberal fanatics who overlook scandals, inept spending and governing.

  10. The total vote is basically even but 160-120 in seats?? You tell me if there isn’t something drastically wrong with the way seats are set up. I could see a 10 or even 20 seat win but 40?

    • There is definitely something wrong with how the seats are divided here. Ontario alone has more seats than basically the entire western half of the country. So the vote usually ends up being called before the polling stations in B.C. even close. One province shouldn’t be able to have that much control over government composition.

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