Singh asked about the costs of NDP platform promises


CTV News' Annie Bergeron-Oliver asks NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh to respond to questions that his party's platform promises are too expensive.

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26 Comments on "Singh asked about the costs of NDP platform promises"

  1. No thanks to the 5 main parties they shove in my face. Screw libs cons ndp green party and bloc quebecois. Elisabeth already said shewanted to convince ndp to join her in selling out her voters to liberals

  2. If you make housing affordable for everyone you will eliminate a huge portion of the crime. It will greatly help with mental health and addiction issues which are all tied to healthcare costs. The long term cost savings for this country would be huge. Spend now and save for the future generations.

    • To make housing affordable you have to force lower housing prices, or subsidise buyers, curb corprate and landlord greed and cut the prices of Utilities.

    • elusive wild dingo | September 18, 2019 at 4:38 PM | Reply

      @uncle darren what about all the other costs involved? There’s building materials, property taxes, home insurance, building costs etc.

    • uncle darren , all have been inflated exponentially by a corrupt fixed system that’s broken and needs an overhaul. All of these things are doable. If we don’t do it then things will continue to get worse, costs will continue to rise with tax bases that cannot support the current system. Growth based economy …….nothing grows forever. It’s also the way we consume as a society. So much waste.

    • @elusive wild dingo building material cost increases are covered by corprate greed as they are higher by region or country. As for Taxes and insurances Utilities and again… corprate greed

  3. Dr.Ehrfurchtgebietend | September 18, 2019 at 3:53 PM | Reply

    Sounds like Berniers platform for the PPC. End corporate welfare.

  4. Armstrong

  5. Tax the rich and corporations. Charge a fee for stock trades. Gun control too.

  6. We as a country are $586.3 billion dollars in debt as of March 31,2019. The statistics were released this morning. Another $14 billion deficit this past fiscal year. Cutting off a few billion or so to the wealthy or corporations is NOT paying down the debt. That doesn’t even include the interest charges on this growing debt. The day is coming when the world financial institutions will NOT lend governments any more funds. Prediction, massive “cuts” will be necessary no matter what party is in government.

  7. indiana jones 4

  8. Jagmeet tell them about the NDP money tree errrr ….forest.

  9. the ndp have run every province they have power into the ground with unlimited spending. federal ndp are no better.

  10. Why is no one asking what gurantees voters any candidate will do what they promise? Mrt proved there is no rules a pm is held accountable to? I think this is a fair question.

  11. You know until Trudeau The First this country didn’t have deficits or debt.😨

  12. He didn’t say how much and where’s he getting the money.

    • Mr.Singh promises everything like a national dental plan, national drug plan, more money for mental health, housing plan etc … Yet when it comes to costing out these programs nothing but well we will reallocate federal government monies. Sorry, Mr.Singh that just does not cut the mustard. Just a national drug plan would cost billions. In 2018 Canadians spent, $14.4 billion on prescription drugs. Plus the population is ageing, so that means more prescription drug use in the future. The fact is most provinces already cover lower-income Canadians and seniors with a drug plan. Plus in many other provinces lower-income coverage for children up to 18 for dental.

  13. Maybe someone should tell this NDP leader he is a joke with his BS promises. He should go on Bloopers for a spot for a Clown. Waste of time with this Party. He would bankrupt this Country in a year and he can be but in the same room as our Embarrassing Trudeau there both Incompetent.

  14. Just like his old country, Bribery will buy you Votes.

  15. Mitchell Hedden | September 19, 2019 at 9:24 AM | Reply

    Have fun debating Maxime hahah

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