Signing the Petition for Minister Savarin’s Resignation & Ending the Sound of Silence

Dominica  is a small country and, in many ways, we are of one family. We 
have attended school, or associated, or socialized with many persons with
whom we may later have differences of opinion with. However, those familial or
national bonds of affection serve us poorly where they may imprison us in
a tomb of silence where wrongdoing occurs. Now is a time for Dominicans
at home and abroad to end the sound of silence and support the petition for
the resignation of Minister of National Security Charles Savarin over his
call to boycott Brizee Mart.
The facts:
Jerry Brisbane is a Dominican businessman and civic leader who has a
democratic right to criticize government misconduct where he perceives it. On or
about October 1st through 21st, 2010 Mr. Brisbane wrote letters to
several aid donors, advising them of the need to be vigilant in the way monies
loaned to Dominica were spent. It was his view that a $27 million
Presidential Palace or new Government House was not a necessity for the island at
this time, due to our difficult economic conditions. He urged the donors to
ensure the “wise use” of aid funds. In none of the letters I have read,
did he ask those aid donor agencies or countries to boycott Dominica, or
cease assistance to Dominica. Thereafter, Minister of Labour and National
Security Charles Savarin was heard to state on Kairi Radio that Brizee Mart
should be boycotted. A boycott is a form of warfare. A boycott is defined as:
to refuse to have dealings with (a person, organization, etc.) or refuse
to buy (a product) as a protest or means of coercion. It is not the duty
of any government minister to coerce, or seek to coerce, someone who has
asserted their right to freedom of speech under our constitution. As Minister
of Labour it is Minister Savarin’s duty is to protect jobs for workers on
Dominica. As Minister of National Security it is also his duty to direct
and otherwise manage the use of the police authorities in the execution of
their duties. Upon taking office Minister Savarin took an oath to
conscientiously and impartially discharge his duties without, fear, favor, ill will,
or malice. These are the facts!
Why Savarin Must Resign
Dominica is a democracy and we must uphold our civic duty. This call by
Minister Savarin is a teachable moment in that it compels us to ask: What
kind of country do we have where a sitting minister of government will ask
persons to destroy the business of someone who criticizes government policy?
Such a statement made by the Minister bears the foul stamp of
dictatorship. It seeks to destroy free speech on Dominica by sowing fear and
intimidation against those who would question Government misconduct. Further it has
been accompanied by a deluge of falsehoods design to twist the minds of the
unknowing, the innocent, children and the childlike by suggesting to them
that Jeffrey Brisbane asked donors to cease aid to Dominica. I have read
the letters, and such a request was never made by Mr. Brisbane. To state to
our people that Jerry Brisbane sought to block aid to our country is on par
with the squalid tradition of Minister of Propaganda Josef Goebbels – the
inventor of the concept that the BIGGER THE LIE the more the people are
likely to believe it. Lying does not become our people, and is an offense to
the integrity of the nation. We should have none of it.
We must not abide double standards. If a member of President Obama’s
cabinet called on American citizens to boycott Wal-Mart because its CEO
disagreed with government’s policy in Iraq or on health care, he would be hounded
from office. It would be the same in Britain, Canada or any of the
democracies where Dominicans live. These countries have high standards of living
where their governments are accountable, transparent and their leaders are
held to high standards of probity in office. We should not accept lower
standards on Dominica, than what is taken for granted in advanced countries.
We deserve the best in all things as God's children and must so strive.
Haiti had a huge Presidential Palace painted in white, while the masses
groaned in the black pit of poverty. Many have had to flee to Dominica for
sustenance. Jerry Brisbane was right to condemn the plans for a state palace
on Dominica at this time when so many have difficulty making ends meet and
have to depend on the Diaspora Dominican community for barrels and other
sustenance. I join him in that call for transparency and accountability and
condemn those who seek to destroy him. If the business and civic leaders
in Haiti had taken a stand early on against the dictatorship and misrule in
that country, things would never have deteriorated to where they are now.
And it is for that reason, I call on civic minded Dominican to sign the
petition for Savarin's removal. Dominicans, do not be crippled by fear. Do
not lose your sense of duty to your country. If Brisbane is destroyed today,
then who shall be next? Once one becomes a Minister one cannot be heard to
be calling for the destruction of businesses or civic leaders who assert
their freedom of speech. That intimidation and coercion may be the tradition
of dictatorships, but that is not the tradition of law and order or
Dominica’s democracy. A great President once said: we have nothing to fear but
fear itself. Many have jobs, friendships or party loyalties which may dull
them in embracing civic duty. I say: Do not be afraid to offend the
wrongdoers. I ask that you shake off those shackles now and exercise your right to
speak out against wrong. Let us end the sound of silence. The call made by
Charles Savarin to boycott Brizee Mart was wrong. He forfeited his civic
duty. He broke his oath of office. He has no right to lead law officers in
their duties where he made such a statement. Therefore, for a better Dominica
to survive or thrive, Charles Savarin must apologize now or he must go!


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  1. Why Charles Savarin Must Resign – Sign the Petition
    Dear Gabe:

    Why doesn’t it surprise me that you would help lead the case for this selfsh and
    unpatriotic petition? Simply because it follows the path you’ve been taking for
    the past couple of years of critizing the Government of Dominica and wanting to
    see the Government out of office.

    But what really surprises me, though again it should not, is that you and
    others appear to make this a Charles Savarin affair – it is quite amazing
    really. The cause of it, so unimportant, shameful as it may be.

    I would like the world to know that I support Charles Savarin 100%. If we
    cannot stand up for Dominica when we see people are trying to destroy her and
    take advantage of her, what good are we really?

    Today is the 6th anniversary of Dominica being struck by an earthquake. I was
    in Dominica on the 21st of November, 2004 – God spared Dominica!! But he is
    watching as we the people are bent on destroying her for our own selfish

    Last night I spent some time going over some old emails from you and I just had
    to shake my head –

    Today is the “Feast of Christ the King”, the same Feast Day of the Earthquake
    of 2004. I am asking God to continue to Bless Dominica and her Citizens
    where ever we may reside and an extra Special Prayer for Charles Savarin asking
    God, no matter what others may think of him, and wish for him, though unjustly,
    that he will allow him to continue to stand up against those who continue
    to persecute him and give him the strength to continue to stand up for Dominica
    and her citizens, regardless.

    Have a Nice Day.

  2. Citizens Forum | November 22, 2010 at 1:13 AM | Reply

    Why Charles Savarin Must Resign – Sign the Petition
    Why those who support corruption are the ones who claim to be most patriotic?
    Your hypocrisy of using prayer is shameful.
    The construction of a $27million Presidential Palace or State house in Dominica is immoral and cannot be a priority at this time. This money should be used to fund a water project to bring relief to the Dominican people.
    A loan from China for a state /presidential palace?
    Of course Jerry Brisbane is right to take objection, he pays corporate taxes and employs dozens of Dominicans to keep the economy going.
    What is your claim to fame? How many persons do you employ? You sound like one of those parasites who depend on the state for favors and perpetuate the mendicancy syndrome.
    Read the Brisbane letters and the one from the EU representative and say what’s wrong with that.
    CHARLES SAVARIN must go! But on the other hand we have to be realistic, because the Prime Minister has no pride, any leader with basic decency would have fired Charles Savarin but imagine AMBROSE GEORGE is being made to act as Prime Minister, so what do we expect?
    God is in control and one day he will intervene divinely.

  3. Gabriel J. Christian | November 22, 2010 at 1:54 AM | Reply

    Why Charles Savarin Must Resign – Sign the Petition
    Dear Pet:

    Interesting. You arise with condemnation and righteous indignation today.
    Did you do same when your brother, a government Minister of Labour and
    National Security, attacked Brisbane and sought destroy his business which
    feeds many mouths and brings benefit to the national economy?

    None of this is personal. I do not support the call for resignation of
    Charles Savarin because I hate him, but because he did wrong. If I saw Charles
    Savarin in need of water or food today, I would not forsake him because
    this is not a carnal battle. No, it is not selfish either. I seek nothing for
    myself, but the salvation of my distracted country which is laboring under
    the boot of those who allow power to cloud their better judgement, as with
    Charles. I note that up till now, while calling me selfish, you cannot
    justify the following:

    1. A Minister Breaking The Oath of Office: Charles Savarin took an oath of
    office to discharge his duties impartially, without fear, favor, ill will
    or malice. One cannot honestly abide by such an oath and at the same time
    make such public utterances as he did. If Mr. Savarin desired to not shop at
    Brisbane himself, that is his democratic right and no one could condemn
    him for doing so. But where it is true that he stated that “No Civil Servant
    can take European Union money and bring it for Jerry Brisbane and Brizee
    Mart,…” then he is wrong. He is out of place and has placed his position in
    peril as being fraught with conflict of interest. You cannot be Minister
    responsible for national security, and take such a stand against a
    legitimate business. Once one takes such an oath one is duty bound to abide by it,
    or resign where one is unable to do so. Charles Savarin broke that oath
    when he went on radio in the company of a senior lawyer Anthony Astaphan who
    could and should have counseled him wisely and called for the boycott of
    Brizee Mart. He broke that oath by acting with malice, ill will and to the
    disfavor of a citizen – Jerry Brisbane, who has every right under our laws
    and custom to disagree with government policy. Those are the facts.

    2. Calling for a Boycott: A boycott is an act of warfare. It is commonly
    used to intimidate, coerce an opponent to a particular point of view or
    destroy the economic foundations of an enemy. When did Brizee Mart become an
    enemy of the state? What has happened to our democracy when we can stand in
    support of such lawlessness and think that one day our time to be crushed
    will not come? I stand by Jerry today, because tomorrow someone may want to
    do the same to you Pet. And if someone tried to snatch away the economic
    foundations of your livelihood because you exercised your democratic right to
    freedom of speech, I would also rise in your defense.

    3. Jerry Brisbane Broke No Law: Under our constitution, and under our
    democratic custom, we have freedom of speech on Dominica. Our tradition is not
    that of dictatorship. You should have counseled your brother to put his
    duties before engaging in the damnation of others lawfully engaged in the
    exercise of their free speech rights. If Mr. Brisbane had broken the law, then
    Minister of National Security Savarin could have had the police under his
    charge arrest the man. But you well know that Mr. Brisbane had broken no
    law. By calling for a boycott, your brother allowed himself to become so
    beguiled by power that he lost his better judgement. Further, he has become so
    hardened in his wrongdoing, and so pompous, that he has yet to do the
    gracious thing and apologize for his intemperate remarks which I publicly asked
    him to do. Those are the facts.

    4. The dangers of Falsehood and Twisting the Truth: The suggestion by the
    rulers has been that Jerry tried to block aid to Dominica. That is not
    true. Anyone with an elementary school education who reads the letters will
    note its call for vigilance in the use of aid monies and “wise use” of funds
    loaned or given as grants. Why the falsehood? Have you seen to condemn that?
    When one spreads such inflammatory falsehoods, one instigates mob action
    by those who may feel that Brisbane is taking bread from their mouths. That
    is a dangerous and irresponsible act by someone who wields such power of
    state as a Minister of National Security. I am sure, as a Godly woman, you
    would not want a mob attacking Brizee Mart, or would you?

    5. Of Modesty and Palaces; Jerry Brisbane stated that do not need a $27
    million presidential palace at this time of economic difficulty. He is wise
    in that call, and I support him. Our tradition is that of modest leaders
    such as LeBlanc, Rosie, Pierro, Mamo. Even PJ is in his same house at
    Canefield. Our tradition speaks to the modesty of 10 Downing Street the age old
    residence of British leaders. It would now seem we have a wish for kings. We
    need no palaces for our leaders on Dominica. And I condemn such a project
    as a waste on par with that of some of the kleptocratic rulers who have
    ruined Africa.

    So call me what you will, I pray you stick with the facts and act
    responsibly to counsel those in your own family who may have lost their way.

    God Bless


  4. Philipson Dobson | November 22, 2010 at 1:59 AM | Reply

    Why Charles Savarin Must Resign
    If what I observe is that Gabbie did not respond(deliberately) directly to
    your mail and suggestive and selective thinking and again thought it best
    to resend to you, in partcicular his article re Charles Savarin`s
    riduiculous, childish and unbecoming behaviour is because he expects you to
    get off the family circle and childish loyalty that you hold for better or
    for worse, in sickness and in unhealthy behaviour and use this opportuntiy
    to put Dominica first and , read the article again and get the “message”.
    Your usual attempts to misuse and abuse logic and reason to write for and on
    behalf of Savarin is something you have been trying for so long back to the
    days when you supported and assisted him in the attempted demise,
    disstuuction of the Dominica Freedom Party. Savarin is the only politician
    and political leader that I know of who has been launched as a candidate
    for election by an Opposition party and Not his own party..even if he was
    the sitting leader of the D F. Party. As a leader he was unable and syill is
    unable to strategise, organise and impleent matters of paty and self, let
    alone runing the country. He has done the DFP and the country the riht thing
    and gho over to the losing side where there is active corruoptio, medioce in
    goverment visionless and spinless miniters with dubuios loyalty. they are
    afiad to so publicly, but do so privately
    Does that not tell that Savarin lacks leadership, is an opportunitist,
    politically Lazy, feeds on the back of the hard working people to get the
    easiest way, what he wants for himslef..It is all about Charl;o..
    All savaribs does, because no onoe as a labourite, within the labour party
    and government will stoop so low to the levl of comprer tigre and go on
    radio and talk rubbish just to deend PM.can yo imagine this.?? Not even
    TYimothy , Ambrose will go publicly and defend and or talk for and ob behalf
    and i defence of PM Skerrit They know why, “they know…they know..”

    Savarin`s attack on Jerry Brisbane and his company is a real low and will
    always be seen as stupid, ill thought off, and narrow minded and guutered/
    as savain and others continue to sing for thier supper

    As you were advised during the discussions that came up re the Fredom party
    about 3 -4 yeas ago, you should excuse yourself from these debates because
    of your impartlaillty and conflict of interest. You seem more to want to
    protect and represent your brother more than loyalty and dedency, and the
    good governance of Dominica.

    God Bless

  5. Clayton Shillingford | November 22, 2010 at 2:02 AM | Reply

    Why Charles Savarin Must Resign
    Charles Savarin was a student of mine at the Dominica Grammar School as was
    Eddie Lambert. I considered Charles as a friend.. We also served for a
    short period on the staff of DGS..

    That institution taught discipline and adherence to ethical and moral
    standards and principles..hence my disappointment with conduct that Charles and
    Eddie Lambert must know do not reflect well on their education and training
    and the high standards of their alma mater

    Charles broke ranks of friendship when he said publicly that I was an
    agent of the US Secret Service or CIA. A statement he knew to be false.

    Now he proceeds into a range of further falsehoods to attempt to stifle
    the freedom of speech rights of Jerry Brisbane by asking citizens to boycott
    Brizee Mart.

    I also support the petition call for his resignation never mind the DLP
    endorsement of his conduct and his sister Petrolina’s attempt to rationalise
    and excuse conduct that she must know is not acceptable for a Minister in
    our Government

    I further support and agree with the statements made in Gabriel Christian’s
    submissions on this matter


    Dr Clayton A. Shillingford

  6. Christian Volney | November 22, 2010 at 2:06 AM | Reply

    Why Charles Savarin Must Resign
    Rhetoric aside.
    A calling for a boycott by Charles Savarin of a Local Businessman (who ‘vocally’ differs to the government publicly) is ‘probably the most ‘undemocratic’ suggestion I have heard to date! Dominica is Democratic (spare me your contention Shirley) and these ‘suggestive’ actions by a Government Minister are wrong, should be denounced, and should be indeed worrisome.
    I am sorry Mr. Prime Minister but your Minister is way off base and he should resign for his comments. We are still democratic right?
    The opinions of our people are derived from our constitution; although the
    law does not regulate our ‘individual’ morality, it is that legislation that gives it birth.
    When legislation grows weak, morality degenerates; censorship and Mr. Saverin’s actions combined, will fuel an already growing disconnect with the people and perpetuate unnecessary escalation of an already fragile condition.

    “I am persuaded that the good sense of the people will always be
    found to be the best army. They may be led astray for a moment, but
    will soon correct themselves. The people are the only censors of their
    governors, and even their errors will tend to keep these to the true
    principles of their institution. To punish these errors too severely
    would be to suppress the only safeguard of the public liberty. The way
    to prevent these irregular interposition’s of the people is to give them
    full information of their affairs through the channel of the public
    papers, and to contrive that those papers should penetrate the whole
    mass of the people.” –Thomas Jefferson to Edward Carrington, 1787.

  7. Philipson Dobson | November 22, 2010 at 2:09 AM | Reply

    Why Charles Savarin Must Resign

    I have been exposed to international agencies, at world Bank level, ILO
    etc… and your statements hereunder are wholly unreprensentative of the
    spirit and intent of these international bodies. If your read carefully the
    responsse, immediate though, from the EU, it is the usual and accepted
    format used by most agencies , same spirit of the letter. In the past 5
    years International agencies have lost confidence in government in their
    programmes re alleviating poverty for these same welfare people you talk
    about…therefore your sentiment of depriving welfare to poor people in
    Dominica is very much untrue…and unrepresented. These agencies are very
    concerned of poverty , abuse of power, rise in all forms of abuse of
    children etc..These agencies welcome feedback, comments etc from citizens
    as they need to know that their money is well spent.
    For example in dealing with CIDA- Canada International Development Agency
    under their local Caribbean agency CFLI, Canada Fund for Local intiatives
    offial about 10 years re Grenada, where aid was given for some floating
    jetty re emergency and evacuation. A Canadian citizen visiting Grenada saw
    that this investment was not well taken care off after and in consulation
    with local people, themselves who were disgusted and did not meet the
    objective it was set up for. Upon return to Canada, that cirizen placed a
    formal complaint in the strongest words possible to MP and other governemnt
    offcials also indicating the complain was also expressed by local
    citizens… The Canadians intervened and said to the government they were
    unhappy that their investment was not taken serioulsy by local government
    and expected that the standard will develop. To cut long story short…….
    CIDA and CFLI work and investnment in the Caribbean has strengthened and
    never affected any futrure investment….So there you are .
    People jsut jump about and say that not talk too loud .. China,
    Venezuela will not give more because of… etc etc .. This is absoulute

    God Bless

  8. Anthony W Astaphan,S.C | November 22, 2010 at 2:20 AM | Reply

    Why Charles Savarin Must Resign

    All of this is nonsense. Charles Savarin is entitled to express his outrage in any lawful way.

    Also, the suggestion of the lose of jobs is simply childish. What do you think would happen to the country if the international bodies and states took Brisbane seriously and stopped or suspended grant or loans to the Government? How many people do you think would be affected?

    I noted in one of your earlier scud missiles you said that all that Brisbane complained of was the 27 million for the State House. The letters written by him state otherwise. The clear motive, intent and purpose which followed and arose from the wholly salacious allegation that the Government was corruptly misappropriating loans and grants was to stop the loans and grants!

    I simply do not have the time to say much more at this time as in St Vincent. But I intend
    To do so at a later stage this week. Rest assured I will.

    So in the meantime let the cakafete continue.

    Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device from Cable & Wireless

  9. Anthony W Astaphan,S.C | November 25, 2010 at 3:51 PM | Reply

    Signing the Petition for Minister Savarin’s Resignation & Ending the Sound of Silence
    Point to one piece of evidence where one minister has corruptly misappropriated one cent of any grant or loan from the EU, CDB, WD, IMF, USAID, PROC or VENEZUELA and you will find the answer to your question.
    > Also, read every report or document from the EU, CDB, WD, IMF, USAID, PROC or VENEZUELA and let me know if you find one sentence of concern or complaint about the Government’s accountability and integrity with the use of fund. Once you have done so, you will find the answer to your question.
    > Finally, read every loan or grant agreement from the EU, CDB, WD, IMF, USAID, PROC or VENEZUELA. And point to me the one clause which would enable any corrupt misappropriation. Once you have done so, you will find the answer to your question.
    > Let me know when you have done your review.
    > Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device from Cable & Wireless

  10. Thomson Fountaine | November 25, 2010 at 3:53 PM | Reply

    Signing the Petition for Minister Savarin’s Resignation & Ending the Sound of Silence

    I tend to agree with you, so I find it very hard to understand the hysteria over one letter. Do you truly beleive these noble institutions with all their checks and balances would suddenly decide to not give money to Dominica on the say so of one individual (even assuming he had asked them not to).

    As a staff member of the IMF, we get that all the time. Individuals or groups urging caution either through letters or telephone calls. This simply does not rise to the level to which it has been elevated in Dominica, and the masses are beleiving the hype.

    Which takes me back to the hysteria. Is this simply a smokescreen to mask a deeper problem in the national physche. Is this a classic case of scapegoating to deflect attention from other more pressing issues needing the peoples attention. Surely, this misrepresentation of the motives or impact of one individual in my mind has a more incidious meaning and like Maureen said is more like “a storm in a teacup.”

    Surely, Jerry is not what’s wrong with Dominica.


  11. Michael Astaphan | November 25, 2010 at 3:58 PM | Reply

    Signing the Petition for Minister Savarin’s Resignation & Ending the Sound of Silence

    There is naked evidence to support most of the claims of corruption. Jerry
    showed without a doubt that all the untendered projects he investigated,
    when compared with tendered projects, tax payers was fleeced by
    millions. *WOuld
    not those savings if the projects were tendered be more and better health
    care at PMH, more and better services in the so called Housing Revolution,
    Scholarships for the poor Etc. *

    To say Jerry was attacking the sovereignty of Dominica and to stop Dominica
    receiving money from our donor friends is a smelly smoke screen or a rotting
    red herring and you know it.

    What Jerry was asking is no different than what Lennox has been asking or
    what Lennox, Uncle Waddy and your Good Self was asking during the UWP
    administration under The *Good and Accountable Government banner*. Do you
    remember??? Did you hear calls for boycotting J Astaphan & Co. You remember
    that Guard Rail fiasco that Yvor presented to the public against Julius
    Timothy, Earl Williams and Norris Prevost. Did they ever asked to boycott
    Archipellago Trading or any of the companies he had interest in. He had ever
    right just like any other citizen to speak out and ask for accountability.

    Tony, every citizen has a right to question their governments use of their
    hard earned taxes. O. D Brisbane does not owe any taxes to the Urban Council
    as explained in my previous emails. The council failed to pass the necessary
    bylaws to effect the tax or to make it Law.

    And even if they follow the law to institute house taxes, can you blame any
    corporate citizen or resident who refused to pay taxes to the Canefield
    Urban Council if the service that is delivered by the council is
    unacceptable and/or there is massive abuse of funds and corruption. The
    Chairman is clearly abusing the residence by violating the Act and resources
    of the Council in every way.

    The Act does not allow any executive paying positions of councillors. As a
    matter of fact, the act states that no taxes collected by the council should
    be used for anything other that what is outlined in the act. Also, you may
    have heard the chairman say, live on Q-95, “he does not deny having received
    change from Urban Council’s Cheques”. I do not blame O. D. Brsbane or any
    other corporate citizen or resident for taking such a stand to protect
    residents’ hard earned taxes.

    I, Tony would like to go on record to thank Jerry for the time and effort he
    has made to educate and inform Dominicans.

    *Tony, those who believe that this DLP Administration is innocent against
    the charges of corruption levied by Lennox and Jerry are unfounded are no
    different than those Europeans in the fourteenth centry who believed the
    world was flat. And to redicule and attack Lennox and Jerry is to say that
    Dominica was never discovered and does not exist.*
    *Wake up cous and smell the coffee. Charlo must go!!*



  12. Dr. John Celaire | November 30, 2010 at 4:42 AM | Reply

    Why Charles Savarin Must Resign-Sign
    If this pattern of corruption and abnormal behavior is allowed to persist unabated,the island’s
    political and economic viability will deteriorate.
    Currently,it appears,that the people in power are determined to simulate the footsteps of Chavez,Castro,
    N.Korea,China and other so called dictatorships.But those ruthless nations have ruined democracy and their
    people are subject to great control.
    It appears that we are headed this way,– how did Dominica ever get this far off track!?
    I am a medical man,that means i am not very smart,but if i can see thru this political malignancy why can’t
    most people see it.

  13. Christian Volney | December 1, 2010 at 2:55 AM | Reply

    Why Charles Savarin Must Resign-Sign
    Let’s get something straight; Dominica is not bordering on ‘failed’ state status as the Doom and Gloom political ‘opportunist’ would have us believe! This government is not perfect, but is certainly not a failure as has been suggested.
    The beginning of our demise was long before this government came to power! We knew ‘well’ in advance, and neglected to address the pending demise of the protectionism regulations governing the banana industry we enjoyed for years, at the expense of EU generosity. Our economy has never truly recovered from the consequences of that ‘neglected’ reality; one which was self inflicted and perpetuated by our ‘ignorance’ and political failures in recognition of’. Our principle GDP had collapsed and we spiraled into the abyss of bankruptcy at a rate disproportionate to any counter measures of relevance we could muster!

    Now we are within the throes of an acute economic crises, and at the mercy of IMF intervention and dictation. How quick we have forgotten it was the ‘discipline’ and fiscal restraints ‘exercised’ by this government, under the leadership of this Prime Minister that brought us out of bankruptcy! Yes the external remittances of diaspora contributions became the new GDP and sustained our people, whilst assisting our government in time of crisis.
    The global economic crisis that followed (this already suffered broken leg we were recovering from) further challenged a lame (but alive) economy; again under this government and Prime Minister, when our Brothers and Sisters in the OECS were struggling even deeper than us, we weathered the storm.

    The sad reality to all this opposition and discontent towards the Prime Minister and this labour party (one which was democratically elected with an overwhelming ‘popular’ mandate) is that no alternative replacement of relevance exist!
    We have an opposition that continues to erode the basic fundamentals of democracy by boycotting parliament, neglecting its intended purpose! One that has given up on its democratic mandate and justifies its actions as being patriotic. How is our interest served by such actions?

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