‘Shell Shocked’: Fox Insider Warns More Trump ‘Propaganda’ With Shep Smith Out | MSNBC


Former Fox News reporter Carl Cameron joins MSNBC’s Ari Melber to discuss Shep Smith’s shocking exit from Fox News, a network he agrees has been ‘too Trump-ified.’ ‘Campaign Carl’ argues Smith ‘had to face’ an ‘awful lot’ of the networks host ‘telling viewers what they wanted to hear’ instead of what they need ‘ to know to fully be informed.’ Cameron argues without Shep Fox is more “propaganda” and “that's the stuff of third world nations.” Aired on 10/11/19.
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‘Shell Shocked’: Fox Insider Warns More Trump ‘Propaganda’ With Shep Smith Out | MSNBC

82 Comments on "‘Shell Shocked’: Fox Insider Warns More Trump ‘Propaganda’ With Shep Smith Out | MSNBC"

  1. Shep Smith was one of the ONLY Faux anchors who spoke the truth.
    Anyone still complicit in this farce of an administration should be worried.🌼

  2. Shep Smith has higher ratings than Trump!

  3. All I want for Christmas is for Trump to be gone.

    • @margaret ayala I wonder what the GOP will do if trumps approval falls into the 20s and impeachment polls go over 60% they may find their back bone and if fox jumps off the Trump train he’s done

    • H Browning oh no not more Adderall

    • I can’t wait to see you uneducated inbreds squirm when Trump gets booted out, in a Historic Landslide!

    • Classical music 74 | October 12, 2019 at 12:23 PM | Reply

      How will your pocket when 78% income tax comes? We have too many socialists/communists admirers in this country.

  4. As a president tRump has the worst ratings–and he’s done that with the “very best” people!

    • Concentrate on the main issues…
      > obviously not ratings as that’s a simple view of the world.
      Truth (++ compassion/ fortitude/ humanity – society)
      those should take precedence over ratings.

      *A long aside,
      I hope you get your name back –

      I see most nameless people here,
      as folks cowed at some point into fear.
      Though do you not feel fear for your lack of identity/ in society -?
      I’m saying, somehow you’ve come to feel ok insulting others –
      while shrouded in a mask as if they were not kin.
      What though distinguishes you (one nameless) from a Russian troll(*? –
      for they would throw fire on either side of our politics (on anyone).,
      they would also speak from a false name >
      seeking to belittle our conversation

      Raise the next, it takes a village..
      Goodnight/ Peace’

    • @Devon Knobel that is hard with this evil in the oval. This is not a real President, one with pride in America, not pride in self, one that wants what’s best for America not what’s best for himself and every dictator around the world. The evil that is in the oval and those dictators are killing this world. More drilling , ignoring global warmer, they even knew about it back in the 80s but decided to keep mum.They knew there was even more oil under those glaciers. You tend to get an opinion of someone after finding out about a scheme to destroy the world on purpose.

    • Some of Trump’s best people are either in jail or
      on their way. He has done a Tremendously Perfect & lovely
      job of draining the half empty swamp to FULL.

  5. Barr meets with Murdoch and then Shep Smith resigns 🤔

    • Frank Speaking | October 12, 2019 at 7:45 AM | Reply

      @Hub Giles There is a difference between opinions and factually reporting news.

      Like wearing virtual reality glasses and walking into freeway traffic because that freeway wasn’t on the virtual scene

    • mako zero exactly. Only way they have a licence. You can just imagine their coverage of the Impeachment. Trying not to think about the bullshitometer with the upcoming election.

    • @Hub Giles noone is questioning that right so far as I can tell. They’re merely pointing out that any claim Fox has to being a credible news source is being further eroded. Also, the lack of transparency over the Murdoch-Barr meeting is deeply troubling. Unfortunately it’s typical of Murdoch’s method of exerting influence over politicians, and fundamentally antidemocratic. As an Australian I cannot begin to describe the level of regret that many us feel that Murdoch has come to exert such illicit and damaging influence on governments across the world – all in the service of his personal business interests and political ideology. And very little of that closed-doors influence ever becomes public. Here in Australia our politicians have to approach Murdoch on bended knee and literally beg for some scraps of balanced coverage, always in exchange for one corrupt favour or another. His influence is totally malign.

    • Barr is a Consiglieri.

    • Jaywalk 2020 Sure is acting like one.

  6. Man, Fox will soon have no news whatsoever if they lose Chris Wallace. Wow

  7. Now they have to change the name to FOX. The News portion has left the building.

    • Uh, I don’t thinks. I just saw a video with Sheppard Smith and he was ranting about how Trump pointed to a map and misstated the State in which some hurricane was supposed to hit the US. Trump announced the wrong State. Sorry, that’s just not news worthy enough for these times.

    • I call it FAUX

    • @JEIL i call it ‘Faux Snooze’.

    • @Frank Zappa haha nice 1

    • Just call the media what they really are. Communist media. Trash. Why would you believe a communist that makes 14 million dollors a year to lie to you. The media are all millionaires. Senators are all millionaires. They don’t care about Americans. The Democrats will betray you into believing them. They are communist. They would round you up and put you in FEMA camps. Let you and your children starve to death.

  8. Did everyone get their million dollars tax cut?

  9. Denise Warner-Dodson | October 12, 2019 at 12:22 AM | Reply

    My daughter use to tell my grandson that when he got upset he should go to his happy place. With this “administration” I need a happy place to take my bottle of scotch.

  10. Fox News pro-russia, anti- america.

    • abundantYOUniverse | October 12, 2019 at 10:11 AM | Reply

      @MrDong101 Trump is FINALLY doing something OBAMA and HILLARY couldn’t do! GET IMPEACHED! 🙂

    • @Mario Rocher The Kurds will turn to Russia for air support to keep from being annihialated and the US lose their advantage in Syria. Chump bringing 50 troops home from Syria but sending 1500 to protect the Saudis. [facepalm]…

    • Oh yeah, absolutely, that was another move that will favor the Russians in that area, not only the Kurds will turn to the Russians for help, the Russians will attack Turkey a NATO member, most probably, or I should say logically pushing Europe to back up Turkey militarily. We’re are heading towards a big mess!!!!

    • @MrDong101 no they are just trying to prop up an illegitimate election of one of the most corrupt bunch of republican thugs we have seen since Nixon and Agnew.

  11. Sherri Greeydelinarez | October 12, 2019 at 12:29 AM | Reply

    Shep has integrity & dignity! Now Fox is Nothing but a swamp filled with sewage!

    • And look on the bright side, with the severance package, he won’t be shopping Walmart!

    • That’s what you call a cesspool.

    • Kelley Andrews | October 12, 2019 at 10:29 AM | Reply

      Good riddance Smith….Chris Wallace should be next to go.

    • Shep was just another leftwing partisan hack who has been proven to be wrong on everything. Everything the leftwing media has been reporting for years has been proven to be lies. Yet the programmed braindead left still believe every word. Yes liberalism/progressivism really is a mental disorder.

    • Joy Phillips “how dumb liberals are” this coming from a republican. Go crawl back under your rock

  12. Trump is poison. He kills everything he touches. Vote blue to take this country back from the evil of trumpism.

  13. Hey Republicans; look at Shep and learn, that’s what integrity looks like.

    • Oh please they are all corrupt. after the spying, FISA report and IG report gets released next week.
      This reports will he very damming to Democrats. They have everything, evidence. Witnesses and the server.
      While Mueller was investigating Trump. The special counsel Durham was investigating the Democrats. Boom!

    • @Debi you are just slandering, smearing, spewing lies That communist media tells you. The media is own by a communist. Why would you believe communist they are trash. They lie to you brainwash you. Into believing its the truth .
      The communist party always said. If you repeat lies over and over. The Americans will believe its the truth. This is you folks who think the communist media going to tell you the truth.
      You trust communist that much already.

    • @Jack Wertz…There, there, calm down…lol.
      Go put on your hood and find another leader when Trump gets booted out in 2020.

  14. Jason Hanrahan | October 12, 2019 at 12:41 AM | Reply

    Strange coincidence this comes immediately after Trump’s AG Bill Barr meets with Fox owner Murdoch.

  15. I wonder now if Fox too is also subsidized by Russian interests.

  16. Mario Borkowski | October 12, 2019 at 12:43 AM | Reply

    Barr the traitor had meeting Yesterday with Murdoch..

    • Eastwood Unforgiven | October 12, 2019 at 3:57 AM | Reply

      They are trying everything to stay afloat on a sinking ship! Justice is coming

    • That’s because the AG of the United States has nothing better to do, other than meet with the owner of state run tv. 🙄 Corruption Incorporated is this ENTIRE administration. People better get out and vote blue if they want to take this country away from this evil.

  17. Trump just never stops lying. And, he does it so spontaneously.

  18. Demetrio Carrillo | October 12, 2019 at 12:50 AM | Reply

    Mexico will pay for the wall…. LIE
    Shep had the worst ratings…..LIE

  19. Did you notice Shep Smith “resigned” shortly after AG Barr’s meeting with Rupert Murdoch?

  20. when he says “hannity” he sounds like a bad late night actor for a condom commercial.

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