Seniors playing euchre dealt a bad hand by city of Toronto


Seniors who play euchre at a community centre are voicing concern after a review into their game was launched. Scott Lightfoot has more.

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12 Comments on "Seniors playing euchre dealt a bad hand by city of Toronto"

  1. As long as you run a square house it’s the players’ affair if they choose to wager.

    • I agree, but the concern is over the cognitive ability of seniors. It’s sadly quite easy for people becoming senile to be taken advantage of and I think the city overreacted to that concern.

    • @Mike Smith Tis a legitimate concern but there’s no avoiding the need to go through a formal competency panel if a senior is believed to have lost cognitive function. Normal senior residences aren’t equipped to manage clients in that capacity afaik. There are specialized ones where there wouldn’t be any questions of cash to lose or win.

  2. Must be a slow news day

  3. synthesis 101 | August 10, 2019 at 7:38 PM | Reply

    They should get paid or a pension RAISE for having been harassed this way ~~~
    They actually raise emotional intelligence bar just for keeping focused and HAPPY while not destroying anything – not much gas used there ~~~ they protect their environment by being contained in specific spaces – less pollution, etc… not causing congestion,,,/// hummm and much, much more ~~~ a stable bunch of mature beings ~~~

  4. WOW what ever you do not look at the bingo game mom say’s she could win $ 5 .

  5. Maybe you cops should be preventing and investigating gang violence instead of hassling seniors.

  6. Glad to see our police protecting the masses from such horrible criminals.Gangs can breath a sigh of relief .

  7. Toronto counsel keep voting the same idiot’s in you stupid Toronto people you deserve what you get Toronto keep doing the same voting see if things change idiot’s

  8. Seniors having fun? Illegal; money laundering at the casinos? Perfectly legal. Welcome to Canada, the criminal heaven.

  9. “ the seenyears mite loose sum muneee “ that was the best part

  10. Laurie Huntley | August 11, 2019 at 12:07 PM | Reply

    This is JUST RIDICULOUS! Cops spend their time on these seniors! Ignore the stupid laws!

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