Sen. Martha McSally Not Thinking Long Term, Says Fmr. RNC Chair | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Sen. Martha McSally, R-Ariz., referred to reporter Manu Raju as a 'liberal hack' when asked about considering new evidence for the president's Senate impeachment trial. Sen. McSally is now fundraising off the moment. The panel discusses. Aired on 1/17/20.
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Sen. Martha McSally Not Thinking Long Term, Says Fmr. RNC Chair | Morning Joe | MSNBC

75 Comments on "Sen. Martha McSally Not Thinking Long Term, Says Fmr. RNC Chair | Morning Joe | MSNBC"

  1. There you go Ducie!!! Just remember she was not voted in and appointed by you. You both will be gone very soon. Voters remember this!!!

  2. Douglas Hughes | January 17, 2020 at 2:49 PM | Reply

    At some point all these Republicans will find themselves on the wrong side of history and will have Trump to thank for their demise.

  3. jotork lucylu2012 | January 17, 2020 at 2:52 PM | Reply

    She should not get a penny

  4. Don’t give her the air time. She’s not even an elected Senator.

    • @Freedom & Liberty Bot Boy are you confused!!

    • Freedom & Liberty Bot | January 17, 2020 at 6:36 PM | Reply

      @Stasia Spade 4 Years of dud bombshells….. and you’re still buying fake news BS?Jobs galore…. It’s almost as if you wanna gonna back to miserable Mother Russia? Odd, cause most Russians would never wanna go back

    • ✔MARK KELLY for AZ SENATE SEAT this upcoming November!! ….Buh-Bye, Martha McSalty!! …. “LET’S TURN ARIZONA BLUE in 2020!!” 💙😃

  5. Any politician that can say anything like trump needs to be shown just how sick and sad their reelection is going to turn out. Unless of course this is what we want to continue in our government and our lives?

    • thesun collective147 mcSally is not frustrated, she is as tired of CNN as the rest of the country is. CNN’s ratings are going down the toilet, only about 6% of Americans believe them to be reliable. CNN is, in fact, a collection of liberal hacks.

    • Daniel Kruger Trump decimated ISIS in the Middle East (Obama couldn’t).
      Trump is taking MS 13 off the streets (Obama didn’t even try).
      Economic gains under Trump:
      • 7 million jobs
      • 4.2% economic growth (Obama said it would never reach 3% again)
      • From August 2017 through July 2018, U.S. manufacturing added 327,000 jobs, the most of any 12-month period since April 1995.
      • 3.9% unemployment (49-year low)
      • 533,000 manufacturing jobs (Obama said those jobs were going away and were not coming back).
      • 50 year overall low unemployment.
      • 5.9% black unemployment (all time low)
      • 4.8% unemployment for Hispanics, lowest in 46 years
      • 3.6% unemployment for women, lowest in 65 years. But none of this will matter if you are a racist/sexist, will it?

    • McSally delivered her reactionary, Trumpish response in such a gratuitously rude, snappish manner, I had flashbacks of classic male arguments in the 60’s as to why women could never be trusted with leadership positions. I won’t repeat the colloquial phrases that were used, just that for each & every woman there was a certain time of the month in which she was prone to “bitchiness” or emotional lability.
      Those of us who became doctors, lawyers, CEO’s, etc. worked hard to overcome that male prejudice by avoiding such stereotypical behavior.
      McSally wouldn’t have made it through med school or law school because of her inability to keep her emotions in check. The good old boys would have harassed her mercilessly & we women would have demanded she turn in her ERA card.
      Only her mentally ill master would reward her for such an uncalled-for loss of self-control.
      I’m sure Arizona voters will continue NOT voting for her.

    • Brenda Heeligan | January 17, 2020 at 10:38 PM | Reply

      Dennis Vance Wrong Wrong And Wrong again. You just posted a load of BS.

    • @Dennis Vance for the record when trump does take the gang off the streets everything else was already in motion from the administration from him but we wont talk about the debt he’s holding over us because he’s always failed at money unless he’s stealing it.

  6. She was being cranky because she just realized she’s losing he job in November.

  7. Blondine Anthony | January 17, 2020 at 2:55 PM | Reply

    She was never ELECTED, in fact she was Rejected by the PEOPLE.

    • Freedom & Liberty Bot if crawling on hands and knees for king trump is what your calling being American. I’m good. Will let you have that all to yourself. I want real freedom and the America I signed up and went downrange to fight for. The America that isn’t allowing one man run 2 separate but equal branches of government.

    • Freedom & Liberty Bot a little history lesson for you. Russia stop being communist when the Berlin Wall fell. School wasn’t your strong suit apparently. Russia has a prime minister and parliament and a president. That’s not communism. Russia has three branches of government. If anything it’s a oligarchy. Read a book sometime. Or at least make your insults sound more intelligent. That’s why trump idolizes Putin and wants be just like him when he grows up.

  8. Guess she doesn’t like her job, she’s going to lose it. Please don’t let Mitch McConnell shut the press out of the Senate Trial, we also need tv camera’s ( more then one, not just Fox News) covering the Trial.

    • I believe the Washington post has be streaming the impeachment live on YT as well.

    • She could not answer that question even on Laura I on FOX so called news and Laura asked that several times … republicans , the know nothing party, , where members need to phone Putin to get their talking points .

    • @Pete Lind FOX is like Celebrity Xtra. And Trump is their celebrity. Is why it is called FOX Entertainment News.

    • @j r weaver alright everybody let’s all propose some questions to n r weaver n see how enlightened she is from listening to Fuxx no news who’s first

    • well said about putting the brakes on FOX news .. or also aka thump / moscow mitch network . i think they with fox should be removed somehow from the human eye sore they represent .

  9. Republicans never think long term. It’s all about grabbing the nearest dollar.

  10. She is in no position to call anyone a hack. She lost an election and got a participation trophy. She shouldn’t be in office in the first place.

    • Zhor'i Ambassador | January 17, 2020 at 10:21 PM | Reply

      @Dennis Vance “You sound like the traitor Peter Strzok who tried to frame President Trump for collusion.” You mean like the people who tried to frame Obama as illegitimate? Wait wasn’t Trump one of those? Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

    • Delinda Jensen I have, in the course of 30 years, read over 2000 books on a multitude of subjects, have written my whole professional career, write more than a hundred thousand words a year and think nothing of dropping two thousand words at a sitting. You are a dweeb; your attempt to hector someone on the basis of their English usage is execrable at worst, risible at the least. I have bossed work crews of prison release day-workers and stood toe to toe with college professors, matching them vocabulary for vocabulary. Your attempt at bullying others on the basis of language is pathetic.

    • Zhor'i Ambassador | January 17, 2020 at 10:39 PM | Reply

      @Dennis Vance And yet throughout that entire time, you haven’t learned how to argue in a proper and coherent manner. All you do is agree and bring up people based on their authority on the subject as though that constitutes as factual information. A complete mockery of true intelligence. Delinda, please intellectually destroy this manchild.

  11. *That is who she truly is..she is a cheep “Sell Out” who never should have been “Given” the job!*

  12. There are not two republican parties. There are Trump zealots and those who like to pretend a fiscally conservative party exists.

    • Well, if there are two parties, they should break up.

    • ii..Conservative? The republicans are showing the whole world how conservative they are. They are using Trump as their example of conservatism… They love when he speaks, the dirtier the better for them.. They re a bunch of rich pedophiles and whores..

    • Zhor'i Ambassador | January 17, 2020 at 9:34 PM | Reply

      The real conservatives jump ship. Paul Ryan resigned and Amash gone independent/rogue. There is no conservative Republican party. There is just the stupid party and yeah they might get upset or blame those who say such for some immoral and injust practice of labeling them as something that they believe they should not be called, but if they took a second to step back like Amash did and see themselves, they would know that they are becoming like Democrats (attacking each other and not caring about certain ignored constituencies that they pretend to represent) and they should be ashamed. Why can they not just stand together and remove Trump from their party like what happened to Tyler in the Whig party? Backlash? Then they prevent those people from voting (suppress them like they have done to other constituencies) and if things go violent, then they turn to a different electoral base (maybe the Progressive wing of the Democrats who hate CNN and MSNBC, I mean there are other disfranchised voters they can grab) and maximize their support to remain active while cracking down on descent until it is thoroughly rooted out or emigrates/leaves to Canada and Australia. You can always suppress voting, you can find another base and you can always remove people you don’t want who don’t support you, especially if they have the means to leave, which these Trumpists do in fact have.

    • @Meng Hao THANK YOU!!! Even though I tarry my best to bite my tongue I really want to roll out a B*TCH FIT on these sick, twisted, vile, disgusting, monstrous, evil, ignorant, miserable, self loathing, weak minded, insufficient, little little little slimeballs!!!!

  13. As an Independent I must say a liberal hack is better than a government official that has no regard to the oath of office.

    We the people ladies and gentlemen.

  14. Linda Broomhead | January 17, 2020 at 3:09 PM | Reply

    McSally is a disgrace to Arizona. We didn’t vote for her, McCain would be aghast to hear her. We voted her down once, we will again.

  15. what a nasty and woman spoke with such distain towards the reporter when all he was doing was his job.

  16. The saddest thing about her comment, is that the question asked was as normal as can be: ” Should the Senate consider new evidence as part of the impeachment trial?” Never thought that would be considered as a Liberal question. But then again, she is a Republican.

  17. Don’t give her and coverage, don’t report anything she has to say. Let her die in darkness. She’s a one trick pony. TDS

  18. I am from Arizona I did support Mc Sally because she’s a veteran. Yesterday I could not believe my ears and eyes 👀. She will be known as the Sarah Palin of Arizona.

  19. She is just another fluffer like stephanie grisham. Her days in office will end at her term expiration. Another example of a FDC!

  20. McSally is a loser, and she continues to act like one.

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