Sen. Debbie Stabenow: Not The Senate’s Job ‘To Further [Trump]’s Politics’ | MSNBC


Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-Mich.) discusses Trump's legal defense arguments and the question of witnesses. Aired on 1/28/20.
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Sen. Debbie Stabenow: Not The Senate's Job 'To Further [Trump]'s Politics' | MSNBC

50 Comments on "Sen. Debbie Stabenow: Not The Senate’s Job ‘To Further [Trump]’s Politics’ | MSNBC"

  1. Joe Biden may have to man up and give the GOPers the fight they say they want.

  2. very well said, ty sen stabenow and mr todd.

  3. the job of the GOP is to get to the truth,if that means more witnesses,then thats what they need to do,if they dont do it,then they are not doing the job they were put in office for

    • @Jeff Harnack They invited Drumpf to testify and send witnesses that were relevant to the withholding of funds (Joe and Hunter Biden had nothing to do with the withholding of the funds, despite what “Judge Janine” may have told you). Drumpf hid behind bluster and Twitter, but didn’t allow anyone to testify on his behalf.

    • @Jeff Harnack Republicans wanted to call in Joe and Hunter Biden, who had NOTHING to do with the funds being held from Ukraine. The Russiablicans had 3 years to investigate any wrongdoing by the Bidens. They only became interested when Biden announced his interest in running in 2020. Coincidence?

    • Vagajammer- VLAD the President is charged under the National Defense Authorization Act …” a certification is required by the Secretary of Defense, in coordination with the Secretary of State that the government of the Ukraine has taken substantial actions to make defense institutional reforms….for purposes of decreasing corruption…” the fact that Former Vice President was on Video admitting to Holding up $1 Billion in US Aid Dollars to the UKRAINE unless they fired the Prosecutor, who coincidentally was investigating the same CURUPT company BURISMA, (an Obvious QUID PRO QUO) that had given his son Hunter a NO SHOW, MULTI MILLION DOLLAR BOARD MEMBER POSITION, doesn’t change the President’s Responsibility under the Act, Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative Sec. 1250…Likewise Joe Biden running for President in 2020 doesn’t preclude investigation into any his previous Corrupt Activities or Inoculate him from Investigation or Prosecution….

  4. richard lawton | January 28, 2020 at 1:07 PM | Reply

    It’s not the Senates job to protect a POTUS and their re-election and wrong doing either.

    • It’s also not the Senate’s job to clean up the House Democrat’s mess.

    • richard lawton | January 28, 2020 at 3:33 PM | Reply

      @shkspr78 s But it’s not a Democrat’s mess it’s a GOP mess their POTUS that they are bending over backwards protecting and those who think Trump is so innocent should realise that innocent people don’t hide behind a mass of lawyers and hide the evidence if they are so innocent. This POTUS is hiding everything from his taxes to what went down in that call and heaven knows what else.

    • It’s is a Democrat mess. You watch too much MSNBC. Try varying your news sources and think a little. You will find life is easier if you don’t mindlessly regurgitate swill from the msm.

    • @shkspr78 s You mean the way you exclusively watch Faux News?

    • @Vagajammer of course!

  5. Trying to get Biden to testify is so absurd. It would be like if you were caught planning to murder someone and then at your trial trying to force your intended victim to testify so you could convince the jury that they deserved to be murdered.

    • so you think that it was OK for Biden to get money through his son from corrupt energy companies? that shady energy company in Ukraine gave hunter $8M a the very least. hunter had zero experience in energy, and Biden used his power (= abuse of power) to preserve the interests of that shady energy company. Do you think that’s OK?

      PS: to expose the corruption of a corrupt politician is not the same as trying to murder him..

    • cb88 they don’t care as long it fits their narrative

    • @cb88 No, I don’t think it was ok, but there’s zero evidence that any crime was committed and Joe Biden didn’t “preserve the interests of that shady energy company”, you completely made that part up. If nepotism was illegal then the entire Trump family would be in prison. I would fully support a legitimate crackdown on nepotism but what the Republicans are spewing is just disingenuous hypocritical nonsense and anyone who supports them on that is either being gullible or deceitful. Elected Republicans don’t actually think Biden did anything wrong.

    • @w4fjhDU514I1: You’re right. That’s exactly it.

    • @cb88 Joe Biden isn’t being impeached, despite what Faux News tells you

  6. Innocent people don’t Hide Facts and/or Stop others from telling the truth.. It’s NOT a Trial without Witnesses and documents..

  7. Marilyn Clarke | January 28, 2020 at 1:15 PM | Reply

    Nor is it the senates job to cover crimes for Trump.

  8. The Senate’s job is to serve the people of the states that voted them in.
    Not to serve *themselves*
    And absolutely not serve the president, who is supposed to serve *beneath* all of America, not *above* it.


  9. Since when a trial is exempt from have witnesses or any new evidence.
    It the Senate job to try and remove the president, a trial need witnesses and any new evidence should be use against the president.

    • @Jeff Harnack
      Didn’t the house want john Bolton, Mulvaney and Pompeo to testify?
      Trump administration claimed executive privilege.

    • Oba*** Man- LEARN THE FACTS…The Democrats never called John Bolton, Nick Mulvaney, Nick Pompieo to Testify…Nor did they Subpoena any of them to testify in the Impeachment Hearings…they did Subpoena Tim Morrison, John Bolton’s aid and then withdrew the Subpoena…Upon receipt of Morrison’s Subpoena, Bolton publicly stated if asked or subpoenaed to testify he would allow the courts to decide, prompting the Democrats to immediately withdraw Morrison’s Subpoena….Now the Democrats want the Senate to call of these Presidential Advisors as witnesses in the Senate…While simultaneously Impeaching TRUMP in Impeachment Article II- Obstruction of Congress, for not allowing them to testify by asserting his Executive Privilege…

    • Oba*** Man- You are Confusing the House Committee Hearings that took place all Summer Long with the actual Impeachment Hearings…The Trump Administration had complied 100% with the DOJ Mueller Investigation, giving them 500+ witnesses and 100’s of thousands of pages of Documents…Once the Mueller Investigation Collapsed, and no Collusion and no Obstruction was found, the Democrat Leadership in the House sent out over 150 Subpoenas for Documents and Witnesses in order to redo the Mueller Investigation, many to the same Trump Administration Aides who had previously testified to Mueller Investigators …It was at that time TRUMP asserted Executive Privilege…The Actual Impeachment Hearings began in the Fall in the Top Secret Hearings which were held in the Capital Skiff run by Adam Schiff and then moved on to public hearing including two headed by Nadler….The Democrats called 17 total Witnesses….and never called or Subpoenaed Bolton, Mulvaney or Pompieo to Testify in these Impeachment Hearings…..

    • @Jeff Harnack
      The House did ask Bolton to testify on Nov. 7. But Bolton, who left his post in September, declined to do so at the White House’s directive. The White House successfully blocked a number of officials from testifying or producing documents relevant to the House’s investigation.
      Bolton signaled that he would testify only if he were subpoenaed and if a court ruled that he should obey the subpoena over the White House’s instructions.

    • Oba*** Man p- Did they compel Bolton to Testify in the Impeachment Hearing via a Subpoena….answer NO……

  10. That is so true why would you reward Trump with Biden or his son as a witness. That would just give him what he wanted to destroy a vice president, and his opponent.

  11. “Putin told me that I have to get him off the hook for the 2016 election meddling in our private meeting, and I believe him” DJT

  12. And we’re treating this as the new ” normal”.If a civilian would be charged with obstruction of Congress,illegally meddling in foreign affairs without being sanctioned by the State Dep,and threatening U.S embassy personal abroad,he’d be in jail,held without bail and looking at 25 to life.How this Trump circus get’s away with this is far beyond me.

  13. 🚨 Trolls are busy Trolling.

  14. WTH??!! These FOOL lawyers are talking about everything but the impeachment case! He is rambling about James Comey and FISA warrants?? The DESPERATION IS REAL!!

  15. Michigan stabenow has got to go

  16. Mitch McConnells senate isn’t for anything….he’s killed almost four hundred pieces of legislation in three years half of which was bipartisan


    • Elaine Johnson | January 28, 2020 at 5:23 PM | Reply

      What crimes did the Bidens commit??? Name one!

      Making large amounts of money from your job… isn’t a crime. Being hired to do a job some people think you are unqualified to do… is not a crime.

      And, please do tell me how Joe Biden supposedly got the entire IMF and EU to stop an investigation into Joe Biden’s son… especially since Hunter Biden wasn’t EVER even under investigation!!! Can you tell the difference between the CEO of Burisma and Hunter Biden??? The investigation into the CEO had been dropped. That’s part of why the Prosecutor had to be removed. What Joe Biden did INCREASED the chances of Burisma being investigated, not decreased it. READ A FACT CHECKER and quit being COMPLICIT with spreading the President’s impossible to have happened conspiracy theories!!!

      Trump is on Trial, not the Bidens. The Bidens are American civilians. If there was PROBABLE CAUSE of a CRIME, they would be tried in a court of law, not in an Impeachment Trial. They are not civil Officers who can be removed from office through Impeachment. What ever happened to being INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY in a court of law in your non-existent criminal case?

  18. I want trump’s tax returns he promised hows that?

  19. If t’rump is so confident that he’ll win in 2020, then why risk his whole legacy on selling out our democracy for help? 🤔

  20. They can choose as long as they’re the ones we allow them. It’s amazing these people can say this with a straight face.

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