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  1. The law and order cheeto is getting his share of law and order now…

    • materialclassified * | September 29, 2019 at 11:18 AM | Reply

      @Charles Styron ..Thanks, Charles…Trump is systematically dismantling the Deep State, and the leftist are in full disbelief how many Americans are awakened to their zeal to undo the Constitution..Go President Trump, America needs you more than ever.

    • your statement is false, the is not one democrat that has even though about reading the conctitution

    • lmao @ cheeto

    • B – Republicans trying to pretend a quid pro quo is necessary here. It IS there, but not required for any charge but bribery or extortion. Not required for conspiracy against the US, abuse of power or obstruction of justice. Sorry about that.

  2. How is impeachment bad for America? Trump is bad for America. America made a mistake. Time to rectify that mistake through the impeachment process.

  3. Whether he gets impeached or not, the inquiry shows that Congress needs to uphold their duty of oversight of the current president and future presidents that we are a country of laws and not even the POTUS is above them.

  4. Patricia Schofield | September 29, 2019 at 4:10 AM | Reply

    He just keeps digging that big hole. Every time he opens his mouth it just gets worse.

    • Logic B4Religion | September 29, 2019 at 10:48 AM | Reply

      @Mister Morgan Umm, it wasn’t in Obama’s right to extort a foreign leader for personal political gains – which he didn’t. If he extorted a leader for U.S and allied countries interests is entirely different matter. Now how about sticking to what is being discussed rather than producing a red herring?

    • @Logic B4Religion pardon me, but I phrased the question precisely as you did, so don’t get all triggered. The question stands as asked, proceed.

    • Because he has no experience in government and has no idea what he is doing. Real life and reality television are two completely different things.

    • @Logic B4Religion there are teams of people being sponsored to troll all our media in an effort of trying to make people believe completely blatant lies. this is modern day propaganda. assume any stupid comments you read is some low life pos that cant find another way to make money.


  6. LMFAO! They don’t want this to be a long drawn out process!?…..
    It’s been F’N three years….;-P

  7. Q: “Why would you give money to a country that you think is corrupt?”

    A: Because you believe that they’ll go along with your corrupt schemes?

  8. It’s about to get real ugly! The GOP is imploding on itself because of the 🍊🤡. Everything he touches……DIES!

  9. Can’t wait until Trump is over, done and out of the Whitehouse. He’s been nothing but a total disgrace for America from day 1 when he decided to run. Enough already.

  10. pompeo, barr are Enablers of a corrupt and treasonous presidency, they should be held accountable!

    • Sword of ManticorE : Funny that, right? Last year, when Biden was on live TV, telling the story of how he got a corrupted official out of the Ukrainian Government, NOT ONE GOP MEMBER had ONE THING to, “say,” about it, AT THE TIME, right? 🤔 And, don’t get me STARTED on Hillary? Oh BOY! did they Jump The Shark with that one! But, then, that’s just another reason why NO ONE buys their crap now! 🤣 ✌️ 👍

    • Oh yes. They are all involved. Barr has already been subpoenaed. No one in that administration is free of guilt. They ( WH admin ) have all been planning for a complete takeover of the US government with outside help. But they have been caught ‘red’ handed. House of cards. Putin ain’t coming to help them now.

    • HAMMERED : You must be new to Trump Trollery? It’s IMMORAL to WASTE REAL TIME on lame Propaganda, son. Only other Trump Tramps will wade through all that? We Normals have read it ALL before, anyway . . . Maybe you should check out the Trump University School of Political Rhetoric? Make sure it’s the St Petersburg Branch, though? The New York one has had some . . . ”problems.” 🤣 😂 😆 😂 🤣

    • @HAMMERED DEMOCRAT OMFG! It’s the Trumptards who created the political trolling. Now you try and convince people that trolls are dems. You fucking twat! You trumptards are so f’ing dumb. You are see-through and lie through your teeth. Just don’t ok. Your mission to screw the US public has ended in complete failure. It was inevitable.

    • bluegold21 : This is why I NEVER waste actual TIME on Trump Trollery, my friend. It’s unhealthy, and an IMMORAL waste of time. Hammered wants people to waste their lives, answering him, point for point, lending CREDENCE to his bonkers thesis. When we COULD be jumping from story to story, commenting on so many other things. Remember, it’s NOT his, “Job,” to, “win an argument,” or even to debate, in any REAL sense. His JOB is to take up your time, prevent you from commenting elsewhere and, MOST OF ALL, provide Trump with that Oxygen that got him in office: THE DIVISION of AMERICANS. There are people out there who HATE their fellow Americans more than their actual ENEMIES, now. Trump is the Troll in Chief, but he’s a grubby little foot soldier ✌️👍

  11. Just wanna say….. Andrew Yang sounds very appealing and refreshing

  12. I’m not overwhelmed or confused….I’m intrigued & anxious….cant wait to see the Orange Moron in an Orange Jumpsuit sooner then later.

  13. “…what the do-nothings are doing to me…”
    He’s breaking down. His insults and paranoia are clashing in nonsense.

    • Patrick Dolan you should’ve stayed in school and not be a dumb sixth grade dropout. Common sense is a rarity anymore.

    • Darrell Phillips | September 29, 2019 at 12:21 PM | Reply

      @Patrick Dolan PS FIVE grammatical errors in your one little stupid rant. The world needs less of you and more people who have actual brains. Wow Repubs are the stupidest people in the world.

    • GT3X
      Hey, I dropped out in 6th grade & am learning 2 languages right now. That’s an insult to all dropouts. This guy’s worse

  14. Artillery Horse | September 29, 2019 at 7:11 AM | Reply

    “Mulvaney on shaky ground”, we are told? Even a master boot licker is not safe with this drumpf

    • Mike Hall Ah two thirds of the Senate ain’t there. But Pelosi and the rest of the screwballs believe that if you smear President Trump enough he won’t get re-elected. Do democrats really want one of the screwball democrat candidates to win, really? God help us all.

    • Power corrupts Ah, How bout making the average American rich. Checked your retirement account lately.

    • David Sherbert Well said. Scary and true. God help us.

  15. Look over there..something shiny! No its just a war with Iran….

    • You have the first part correct. But the second part is not. It’s not war with Iran. It’s the financial system breakdown and the billions and TRILLONS of dollars being robbed from the citizens that they don’t want you to see.

    • Wait for it!

  16. How are they “Do Nothings” if they are “doing” something to him?

    • Brittany Harrison they are doing their jobs. Maybe he should do his job and not be a fucking dumb crook

    • materialclassified * | September 29, 2019 at 11:21 AM | Reply

      @GT3X How is exposing the crooks (Biden’s) not doing his job?

    • WEST TENNESSEE HOMESTEAD they republican party has been Pissing away the American tax payers money they want a wall at the southern border what a fucking waste of are money shut your mouth up right wingers are the most ignorant sob there is trump can piss in your mouth and u well say it taste good cons love other cons the end is near for that stupid fucking treason party ask help from Russia, Ukraine to help find dirt on a rival wtf they can never find any dirt not even a lil.smoke only conspiracy theories that’s it💩

    • Brittany Harrison | September 29, 2019 at 11:52 AM | Reply

      GT3X respectfully, could I ask why you feel he is being dumb and how is isn’t doing his job?

    • @Brittany Harrison how is corruption okay to uncover corruption?

  17. “Extremely stable genius” The donald needs to be questioned under oath and put the final nail in his coffin.

    • Yeah because he’s why you’re 24 TRILLION in debt with unfunded liabilities of 125 TRILLION. The “Donald” didn’t have anything to do with it yet you not only support those against him who did f$ck you over you’ll vote for them again.

      You’re the dumb one.

    • @Donald Ducko you’re a C&^ks@^&*r!

  18. The Death Star blows up Alderaan: “BOOM.”

  19. “I love the poorly educated!”

    — Donald John Trump

  20. I never realized how stupid or self centered a person must be to back this traitor in the white house

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