Response to Government resistance to call for outside assistance


By Senator Hon Ezekiel Bazil

January 05, 2011

The United Workers Party’s call for outside assistance in the investigation into the burning of the home and car of Mr. GON Emanuel, and the unwarranted attack on his life  that now notorious  Christmas morning is timely, genuine, honest and in the interest of Dominicans who are becoming victims of this Labour Party fear mongering system of governance.

The subsequent resistance to such call by Labour Party’s operatives such as Dr. Dublin can only be labeled as unfortunate but is expected from men who have a lot to hide and to gain. We are speaking here, of Dominica’s Non-resident Ambassador to Costa Rica and the Chairman of the Public Service Commission, a body created under section 84(1) of the Dominica Constitution Order and whose mission is “to provide relevant advised and administrative support to the public service commission”. Dr Dublin appears rather to be on a mission to pay back the Labour Party government?

We in the UWP, have always supported the police and have always pledged to work with them. We are however, mindful of the difficulty associated with their task, partly due to interference by this government as they (the police) seek to execute their duties. It is difficult to imagine that to date, after more than two weeks since the fire, nothing in that regard has come from the police – not even an “arrest on suspicion”?

We have called on this government in the past and we are doing so again to effectively train and equip the police in some targeted areas of policing and investigation in order to help curb the growing trend of lawlessness on island. Of course since this may turn out to be a direct threat to their acts of active corruption, the government they will resist it.

We have also called on the government to strengthen the police and give them their independence by formally appointing a commissioner and deputy. However, again for fear of a halt to their active corruption this will be resisted. We again renew this call.

We note the dissatisfaction of the of the chief justice recently in the handling of some local court matters, yet the authorities do not see it fit to come to the assistance of the police and the judiciary.

We believe that any failure of this Labour Party Government (against which there are so many alleged charges of corruption) to seek outside assistance on the matter of this famous Christmas fire and the attack on the life of Mr. Emanuel is simply a manifestation of the fear of the possible faces that may show up in the event of proper forensic investigation. We also think that any further delay will be considered as attempts to contaminate the case and evade justice.

We appeal to all Dominicans to join their voices against this apparent new level of intimidation in this country. This style of communism fear mongering governance should not be allowed in this lovely nation of ours.


Senator Ezekiel Bazil

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