Report: Military Flight Redirected To Trump’s Foreign Property | The Last Word | MSNBC


A new Politico report reveals that a U.S. military flight was directed to stop at Trump’s Scotland golf course while traveling to and from North Africa. Politico’s Bryan Bender, who broke the story, joins The Last Word along with Congressman Lloyd Doggett (D-TX), Malcolm Nance and Charlie Sykes.
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Report: Military Flight Redirected To Trump’s Foreign Property | The Last Word | MSNBC

31 Comments on "Report: Military Flight Redirected To Trump’s Foreign Property | The Last Word | MSNBC"

  1. Well, according to the supposed rule of the land, ‘why not, when you can get away with it’.
    I mean who’s stopping him?

  2. The gop isn’t even pretending to be above board now

  3. 2:18: 7 FOREIGN governments at next year’s G7 … +1 domestic & yeah, you’re probably right: Trump will totally invite the Russians.

  4. Dingodong Australis | September 7, 2019 at 2:59 AM | Reply

    And what will happen ? NOTHING trump doesn’t even try and hide the corruption

  5. This is why trump seems to have such distain for The Squad….cuz they work for the oversight committee in congress….and they question his decisions about the border and his administrations spending, which he does not want…so he tells anyone who’ll listen that they ‘hate America’ & shoukd “go back to their own country”!! He desperately wants to silence them!!

  6. Where I live… If our PM did anything close to this he would be sued immediatly.

  7. And the CHUMP’s just keep burning up tax payers money for his emergency stop to take a shyte at his shyty resort !

  8. Who is going to grow a pair and stand up to this…come on America!!! Also Captain Bone Spur has to give that money back.

  9. Trump made a tax cut for the rich, so that we the middle and lower classes can pay for his expenses.

  10. Trump is cooking the books. Who told the pilot to land there? That’s where you start.

  11. I am sure this is still the tip of the iceberg: there is much more to find in the hidden negatiations he did, e.g. with criminals putin and mbs. Let him pay all of this back with a vengeance, then he will go bankrupt for the 7th and final time. Then put him in jail for the rest of his sorry life. No more daddy to bail him out.

  12. When is this going to end??? If it were any other president they would hv been impeached ASAP!!!

  13. You’re a long way from when President elect Carter sold his peanut farm to avoid even the appearance of a conflict of interest. But who cares apparently?

  14. wait till America finds out trump has set up Putins agents in the same hotels and resorts….

  15. The sob in chief has broken every law and ethics regulation

  16. Elaine Brooksbank | September 7, 2019 at 3:58 AM | Reply

    Trump is lining his own pockets with money fleeced from the taxpayer, the military and FEMA and Republicans say and do nothing.

    He’s even trying to fleece the taxpayers of the other G7 countries by this ludicrous claim that his own extremely cash strapped Doral resort is the only possible venue for the next summit. He gets Pence to pour money into his golf resort in Ireland by “suggesting” that it’s only possible place for him & his entourage to stay to attend a meeting 180 miles and a 3 hour drive away.

    They impeached Clinton for one lie yet they claim they never hear any of Trump’s lies. They even go so far as to try to tell us that we never heard them either and, even if we did, he was only joking.

    They ignore his constant flouting of the law himself and his dangling of pardons for those who do so on his behalf. They’ve ignored Trump’s constant and blatant flouting of the Emoluments Clause. Moscow Mitch is trashing any last vestiges of Democracy we may have left by refusing to bring any bill passed by the House to a vote unless the increasingly autocratic Trump gives his approval first. They all sit on their hands whilst McConnell cedes the Constitutional rights of a co-equal branch of government to Trump. They say nothing as Trump subverts the power of the purse and steals money from Congressionally granted funding for the military and emergency relief funds.

    Republicans have demonstrated time & time again by their deafening silence, only broken to try to come up with some feeble defence of Trump, that they are too spineless to do their jobs. They are running scared of losing their power unless they appease Trump’s rabid minority base. But, whilst they may be too craven to protect the country from Trump’s greed, gross incompetence and malfeasance they will find that the majority of the country are not. There will be a price to pay for their cowardice and I think some facing re-election in 2020 are beginning to realise that. But, despite their gerrymandering, voter suppression tactics and help from their Russian friends they will find, after their years of complicity & misprision, it may be too little too late.

    Every cent Trump has made through his corrupt use of the presidency should be recouped and any property he has used for his criminal activity should be forfeit. That may go some way to recompensing the taxpayer for so many years of being the marks of a government sponsored conman.

  17. Why are we sitting by and allowing this? What is taking so long in the impeachment??? Pelosi, hello???

  18. Trump believes that he is doing nothing wrong to use his resorts and hotels to enrich himself while in office !

  19. paying taxes to a corrupt government is not patriotic, its slavery!

  20. Trump is stonewalling while picking American taxpayers pockets. Republicans enable Trumps grifting and Democrats need to step up oversight to stop it. Dump Trump, Ditch Mitch and Disbar Barr.

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