RE: IPO Second Annual Report

I have been absent and I am only now catching up on this tread.
The IPO and its effectiveness is dear and contentious (controversial sense) to me personally. It is the only true deterrent with measurable attributes we have in assessing (with accountability), our public servants, and needs to protected.

“The Commission’s experience in the discharge of its sections 9(a) and 14 functions under the Act over the past two years has forcefully revealed that:

  1. comprehensive investigations into the “financial” affairs of “persons in public life” require high level professional staff in the field of forensic and investigative accountancy.

It is clear that the obligation of governance in ensuring (as clearly legislated and mandated by the act), that the commission has skilled, qualified and “competent” investigators capable of executing the “mandated” duties, has been compromised. This reality seriously undermines the intent, hence the purpose of the commission and its mandate. This says to me, a “questionable and contestable” provision within the act has been masterfully manipulated.
Redress and legislated correction is certainly warranted and should be pursued at all cost. If we ignore the importance of this “stated” relevance, our inaction will be, (and should be) construed as being supportive of the perpetuation which continues to personify the commissions “perceived” ineffectiveness!

  1. The Commission is continuously seeking to contribute to the promotion of probity, integrity and accountability in public life in the Commonwealth of Dominica within the parameters set by Parliament and invites the cooperation of all relevant constitutional authorities in this regard.”

I need further qualification on this ‘implied’ suggestion.
Who is the commission referring to, in their suggestion of, “seeking qualification from” on probity in public life? And within which “parameters of limitations” (as implied), set by Parliament are they suggesting is inhibiting their progress?
In summarization of these comments, one can only conclude the commission is implying, (‘within the limitations of disclosure’) to the public, they are subjective to legal obstructions within the act.
This further qualifies the necessity for redress and legislated changes enhancing its effectiveness.


This certainly does not constitute those who man the commission as being incapable of qualifying Lennox Linton’s claims, or they are “somehow” inept in their ability to investigate the assertions levied against the Prime Minister. The Commission may not have the qualified forensic investigators required (which is disheartening) to validate the assertions, but they do have the authority to investigate. This says to me that Lennox’s claim is not cut and dry (as some would have us believe) and is open to conjectural interpretation.


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  1. Philipson Dobson | April 4, 2011 at 2:57 AM | Reply

    Re: IPO Second Annual Report
    They have also waged an attack on Bihanzin Tiyani…….by not allowing to be called to the bar.. What a country we run and Parry asks that we highlight the good…and not the bad and ugly in Dominica. He wants us to highlight all the good (by patronising what is just to us and right us) but not mention the ugly that keeps this country backward and will not go forward………
    Praise your leader and hide the truth and poverty and illiteracy of this country.


  2. Christian Volney | April 4, 2011 at 3:02 AM | Reply

    Re: IPO Second Annual Report
    I disagree with your comments regarding the government “waging a war” against the judge. I do not dispute his effectiveness during his tenure, nevertheless two points of importance regarding the Judges are;

    1. A non-renewal by governance is not a dismissal, termination, or a “war being wagged” (as suggested by the critics of this government who have manipulated his non-renewal for political gain); and
    2. Benhanzi never disclosed the disciplinary proceedings or fine against him during his application which would have impacted on his hire in the first place. Also, as a member of the Bench his extra judicial pronouncements were totally out of line according to the Caribbean Code of Conduct governing Justices!

    On these grounds, the Prime Minister had every right to not renew his contract. I have reviewed the Caribbean Code of Conduct governing Judges and (even if it his non-renewal can be construed as a political ploy on the part of the PM), the Judge error-ed in judgement. Plain and simple!
    My unbiased opinion!

  3. Philipson Dobson | April 4, 2011 at 3:29 AM | Reply

    Re: IPO Second Annual Report

    Chris, how appropriate at this time that you are party to the reasons of his contract not being renewed and the government is aware of these issues re Tiyani. Whatis going on????/Ask yourself. Are you telling me that the government did not do a due deligence check before Tiyani was first appointed and NOW they have found good cause NOT to renew. Isn`t this laughable Chris?
    The issue of non renewal, dismissal is secondary, this is not what is really at question here. At a time when you have a shortage of magistates, and those who fear working in the outer districts for safety etc, you are telling me about termnination, appropriate termination rather than creating all avenues to ensure that this magistrates contract is renewed. All it takes is an SRO to have Tiyani called to the Bar, if there are not presenting doubts, and if so, you do not know, only Tiyani and the governement to address this and publicly say so and Tiyani has not confirmed any of this. I give him the benefit of doubt. You see Tiyani has become a nuisance, a challenge to the status quo, addresses drugs and crime head on, took on community challenege (Peace Confernce- no public achnowledgement) and inititiaves that no other would leave the bench and do and you are telling me this is not “worthy: of recognition, but they can find all means to appoint an unqualified Parry Bellot to be productive officer and YOU have not said a word on this based on principle, and really what is he doing, who pays him and how much di he sing forf his supper and which job is most “worthy” to the couhtry at this time and yo out there trying to jujstify government`s non appointment of this “worthy son of the soil”…a former PM`s son, back home to help his coiuntry. I think you owe me, Tiyani, the publouic an apology, becuase you are not being objective, but very selective, like Parry on your presentations. I go on principle, if it is right say so regardles if it is Parry, Tiyani or PM, likewise, if it is wrong and unworthy regardles if it is Tiyani, Parry, PM or who else, I wiil say so and I have.
    Manipulated for political ghainis….the oublci did not start this scenario you know…do yo the circumstances why he is off working for 3 months before contract expired?????

    Chris, I bet you , if Tiynani, like Parry and Savarin were singing the songs and tunes and for thier supper, Tiyani would be appointeed long time with no issue…I was told so by a top brass, but he has to learn a lesson as to who is in charge…. nothing to do with whjat yo mention….Get real….

    God Bless

  4. Christian Volney | April 8, 2011 at 3:12 AM | Reply

    RE: IPO Second Annual Report
    Mutual respect in “differences of opinion” during dialogue is a governing principle of decency and objectivity. Opinions are like noses, we all have one; we do not have to agree with them, but we should always respect them. My opinion has been changed many times in the past when another has educated me to an alternative perspective I did not consider. This can only happen when communication is respected during dialogue.
    My apologies for implying “villain”, and associating you with it; this was a generalization that I certainly do not associate you with in dialogue.

    On the Parry comment you made, I did not comment because it was a political appointment and not worthy of dignification. This is indicative of Dominican politics, and as such an appointment based on partisanship is not surprising. Parry is politically motivated and has strategically aligned himself as such. Why is this surprising to you? Our system of governance allows for such partisan appointments; this is not about whether or not it was right or wrong.
    I am tired of professing the necessity for legislative constitutional change; change that would effect and prevent such partisan appointments by governance. When was the last time a political appointment of importance was made by any government in Dominica that was “not” based on political allegiance? This is not new and should not be surprising.

    My contention and fight is with, and will always be, with legislated amendments to our constitution that will effect change, hence promote and protect the interest of the people. Like “crabs in a barrel”, our civic ignorance negates this reality. Our system of governance protects those who are of a questionable moral fiber. We have entrenched constitutional provisions enacted, that are supportive and protective of corrupt politicians! These provisions are continuously manipulated by crafty legal advisers who are motivated by fame and glory.
    We have never successfully prosecuted a politician in Dominica for corruption and will never will. Our constitution and its continued manipulated interpretations of intent will never allow it!

  5. Vince Riviere | April 9, 2011 at 2:47 PM | Reply

    RE: IPO Second Annual Report

    So you are saying that we must continue to accept the unacceptable just because it has been happening this way for as long as we can remember???

    That is not only very naiive of you but very revealing indeed. You are just as rotten as those politicians you are apologising for.

    No wonder you are so vehemently opposed to Lennox exposing the corruption which is festering away in Dominica today. You have in your mind accepted it as part of the status quo and part and parcel of everyday Dominican life.

    Well, well well!
    I have some news for you. Politicians are nowadays being held to account for their corrupt acts and actions. No longer will they be allowed to get away with it. Witness how many of those politicians in the UK are beginning to call prison their home.

    You may have accepted what you describe as “acceptable and inevitable” but the rest of us find these practices as abhorrent, dispicable and corrupt. We are living in 2011 and not in the good old bobol days of the 50’s.

    We may not have successfully prosecuted a Dominican politician for corruption in the past but why are you and your corrupt cronies like Parry and Tony trying to stop us from doing so now?

    If you accept these rotten politicians as inevitable, then that is fine as it is your view. So please step aside and let those of us who want to fight the good fight remove those rotten apples from the stinking barrel that is blighting the reputation of our beloved country.

  6. Philipson Dobson | April 9, 2011 at 2:49 PM | Reply

    RE: IPO Second Annual Report
    I wish to echo your sentiments here which are well articulated, I however wish to disassociated myself with this statement: “You are just as rotten as those politicians you are apologising for.” Although I do understand the frustration, I like to know that one remains consistent with what their mission is, just as I am because of conviction, trends, unanswered questions of corruption practices. I have listed many of these questions including openly handing out money to Village councils, past election candidates and there has been no comment on these and you are right Chris has used many “conjectural” phrases to indicate the beneffit of doubt, dubioius, politically motivated practices etc. I am sometimes lost. The history of many us tracking accountability and good governance goes way back to the days of Patrick John, Eugenia Charles, Edison and up to Skerrit in particular and when this is done it is seen as personal by protectors of the government cabal. The latter, that is this administration is the worse that I have seen with inept, dubiouos behaviours of politicians headed by this PM that makes me nervous. There has been too many “mistakes”, acts of corruption that as you indicated this PM and his ministers etc should have their home addresses now in the State Prison. I believe ipolitical appointment, it is not a crime. Politics is a science and should be seen and respected as such which should guide our youth into politics and the appointment of Parry etc is a damnation to our youth, our country and has brought shame and the level of decency of politics to rock bottom because there is a PM in office who is dubious, makes friends and influcences poor ansd deprived people at all levels, including single vulnerable mothers, elderly, sick. He preys on them for simple popularity purposes just to make SELF feels good – that PAPA Skerrit , likes you and feels for you and only offers assistance which is not sustainable by nature and practice and PM can only see no further than his Nose……The bigger picture of development and nation building he has no knowledge of.
    Chris`s views are welcomed, I see sometimes he comments on critical issues well, just as I feel Lennox`s work is exceptional as he has single handedly return our money but to some he is in contemp and accused as beoing “political” Givce me a break….who brought Watergate, it was journalist> but I do not see Chris` views positioning itself on the Values, merit of decency in mpublic office, but comes across most times with apolegically because , like a mother , is ashame to know your son, your only son is in crime and will do anything to protect it, protect with nice words, hide it, nblames everyone else of not liking that son, jealous etc and that “he” means well. So nice words, well constructed words , excuses are used to cover up what really is happening and the people under Lenox singlehandedly brought back money to our treasury, pay back time rather than focus on the situation and people like Senior Counsel, Savarin, Aaron, M. Paul, Maynard (wish him well with Alzimars) are all doing the same.
    My country comes first and I will never be a boom boom fly to any leader, any politician, and show allegience to anyone, not Eugenia, Eddie, or Skerrit, the latter I feel is the worse PM this country has seen and another time, again we could offer a lists of serious errors of judgememnt, “mistakes, deliberate, inexperience, and all of this had to do with coming into politicians and leadership by accident, with lack of expereince, values but to use the people succesfully to gain wealth where many questions are still unanwered. I mean the PM, says he is a French cirtizen, his own words, people are all out there still protecting, defending him like a Christ….I mean any decent politician found out on own admission in Canada, UK, USA would have step down, applogise, resign and never wait for it to get to court and everything is done, with power and wealth to defend a crime, on own admission and then again, with letters of renounciation surfacing they are still being arrogant under the advice and guise and arrogance of counsel that we the citizens should not have the passports declared as evidence when you admitted being a french citizen. Where is the damn decency.It is on this platform that I write.
    I want Chris and others to argue the merits and not tell me about conjecture etc, I see this as a distraction.. This is a mother and son scenario of defending her son irrespective of the evidence that the school records show her son was not at school for 5 days, but denying that he has been everyday at the Bayfront.

    God Bless

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