President Donald Trump’s Actions Create Obstacles For Trump Campaign | The Last Word | MSNBC


Donald Trump has worried U.S. allies with comments he's made regarding trade, manufacturing, and foreign policy and it’s hurting his campaign too. Renee Graham and Rick Wilson discuss what's next for impeaching Trump now that 130 dems are now supporting an inquiry.
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President Donald Trump’s Actions Create Obstacles For Trump Campaign | The Last Word | MSNBC

93 Comments on "President Donald Trump’s Actions Create Obstacles For Trump Campaign | The Last Word | MSNBC"

  1. White Centaur | August 23, 2019 at 1:49 AM | Reply

    The stupidest president that ever has been and ever will be!

  2. Next we’ll hear that Trump is chasing squirrels nude in the Rose garden. This man is losing his feeble mind.

  3. Juud Chimaoge | August 23, 2019 at 1:58 AM | Reply

    Unbelievable how foolish and stupid this man called trump is!

  4. Ann van de Kew | August 23, 2019 at 2:00 AM | Reply

    Donald Trump and his driver were cruising along a country road one night when all of a sudden, they hit a pig. Trump told his driver to go up to the farmhouse and explain to the owners what had happened. An hour later, Trump sees his driver staggering back to the car with a bottle of wine in one hand, a cigar in the other.
    “What happened to you?” asked Trump
    “Well, the Farmer gave me the wine and his wife gave me the cigar.”
    “My God, what did you tell them?” asks Trump.
    The driver replies, “I’m Donald Trump’s driver, and I just hit the pig.”

    • Agolf Twittler | August 23, 2019 at 11:36 AM | Reply

      To be 100% honest, I must admit that it is not entirely impossible for the six times bankrupted charlatan, cowardly draft dodger, shameless tax evader, radical white nationalist and Russian collaborator Donald John Trump to run for President in 2020.
      Eugene Victor Debbs ran for President from his prison cell in 1920.
      He gained 3,4% of the votes.

    • Agolf Twittler | August 23, 2019 at 11:37 AM | Reply

      𝐌𝐀𝐆𝐀 2020

      𝐌ake 𝐀ttica 𝐆reat 𝐀gain 😁

  5. Bad enough that trumputin is crazy but he still has supporters who worship him. Evangelicals waving their arms in the air praying to a man with no concern for anyone but himself. He is not the chosen one. He is not a God. He is a con and the sooner his supporters get their minds straight the better.
    He is a cult leader. Not the leader of the free world. Wake up.

    • David Hernandez | August 23, 2019 at 9:49 AM | Reply

      @Ash Roskell I like that 😂 lol

    • Leonard Washington | August 23, 2019 at 10:10 AM | Reply

      Cindy Yeager Quit regurgitating the nonsense that the mainstream media keeps shoveling down your hole

    • Captain Muhammed No Go Zone Joker | August 23, 2019 at 10:40 AM | Reply

      @Hannah wells Hitler controlling almost the entire continent, and the Blitz, is something they have not experienced. That was rather a long time ago, but many have been told about it by their parents or grandparents , and many films about the war is being made in Your country.It is part of Your identity as a nation.

      We were not fighting, but collaborating with the Germans, so we did not want to be reminded of this time too much, for many years . We were more focused on the decades after the war, when the economy was really booming. Today, with all the TV Channels,books,history magazines etc, you feel like Winston and Uncle Joe are everywhere.

      The Americans think every one has to follow them into every conflict just because they liberated Europe (alone), but fewer and fewer people are buying that.You Brits did your share, and much more, so You do not have to be ashamed of Yourself.

      Me, I”m so fed up with the propaganda and BS coming from “over there,” I hardly ever watch an American movie anymore, unless it is a classic. Mostly British, that´s my motto! I want to watch Olivier, Mirren, Mason or Burton etc etc British radio theater is very good as well.

      The UK will not perish, not even after a bad or a “no deal”. We want to go on trading with You, so sooner or later we must come to a understanding.You will still be part of Europe, even after You have left the EU. We are a small nation , and the wind is strong out there, so we flock to the others….ciao!

    • @Captain Muhammed No Go Zone Joker oh i will never feel shame at being British. We voted Churchill out. We voted in a leader with socialist ideas LOL. We didn’t vote for bojo the clown who will not survive till christmas. We will probably not leave the EU. Britain was always more of a counter balance to Germany and France. It is normal we fall out with them. We also are bad at following anyone into wars. We are simply finding our outspoken British voice again. We are a loud nation and sometimes that is needed. We will always be European but the EU was fundamentally designed to repress Germany. Post war Germany was designed to thrive within the EU. So the British will always have issues with it and even greater unity. No disrespect to our European neighbours. We are an island nation and the English channel may as well be a million miles wide in mentality. History makes us distrustful and cautious. We will never be told what to do by others it’s just not in our nature. Wishing you well

  6. The house can impeach. They do not have to send the bill of impeachmentt to the Senate for a vote. The house can do this just before the elections, so that Cmrd Don can be picked up by federal agents as he walks off the premises of the white house when he loses.

  7. The most powerful man in the world, also happens to be the most unstable and sociopathic man in the world. Nothing good will result for that.

    • David J could this be due to syphilis?

    • So true , his mental health that seems to be afraid of everything . He took this job as a power trip but found out the stress of this job to handle so many situations is way too much he can take . He see’s his life to be exposed, the economy tanking etc and he dont know what to do and he is lashing out in panic.

    • So right!!

    • Darren Tobias Harris | August 23, 2019 at 9:25 AM | Reply

      Trump ain’t the most powerful man in the world I’m so tired of Americans repeating that lie it’s a scam.

  8. The worst decision Trump has ever made in his life was running for president. To be as corrupt as he is and then to run for public office was downright stupid

  9. Secret Service needs combat pay! They will also need PTSD treatment. Then again, 67% of voters need that too!

  10. Renee Vejbirk | August 23, 2019 at 2:18 AM | Reply

    The strange and damaging thing for USA as a hole is that he still got 36% of the population who approves. And 39% who want him reelected What is wrong with the American people?

    • Leonard Washington | August 23, 2019 at 10:18 AM | Reply

      Renee Vejbirk Quit regurgitating what the mainstream media keeps shoveling down your hole

    • Some who truly want him to be impeached are frightened to death by pence. My daughter, and her friends told me this is why impeachment scares them. Fear of pence.

    • They believe the lies and propaganda. Republicans have been lying to the American people for decades

    • @Justin Stephenson I agree. I have only met or been around 3 people who admit to voting for trump. One liked her 401k, she may think differently today, this was a few months, his ugliness and being a bully seemed less important. Listening to his conversation with another person, he is a racist. And the other one is a white Evangelical, who told me he was terrific, he had not disappointed her, he’s only human and forgiveness is the key to his greatness. So, I will not intentionally talk to a trump supporter, these were just occasions where it happened. I have nothing in common with anyone who supports trump.

    • Those percentages are the racist population with low IQ’s that drank the Trump Kool-Aid. I’m just glad the majority of the US realizes that we need to get this wacko out of the White House!

  11. I like, it’s almost there, to this spoiled brat out of the Oval Office!!!

  12. He’s mad all right. Bonkers. Republican base, you are such Tools.

  13. It’s insane that the GOP doesn’t support an impeachment. They should be the first to fight against a president who has destroying their future.

    • And boom goes the dynamite. Because of their past choices, they were already doomed by sheer demographics. That’s why they did the post mortem after Obama, and in classic Republican fashion they chose to double down. The southern strategy chickens are coming home to roost.

    • Why should the people who elected him support impeachment ?

    • wooster the more tightly you squeeze to hold onto something the more likely it will just slip out between your fingers.

  14. christiane fiorito | August 23, 2019 at 2:40 AM | Reply

    thats in case there is any future for the world after Donald Trump. A bratty , narcissistic kid, playing with nukes and believing he is god?

    • The world is in very real danger.

    • Leonard Washington | August 23, 2019 at 10:12 AM | Reply

      christiane frito Quit regurgitating the nonsense the mainstream media keeps shoveling down your hole

    • Trump maybe the man who destroys the world. I would hope if Trump threatens the world with nukes the military would stop him.

    • Scary!

    • christiane fiorito do the people laughing and cheering at his hatefilled rallies realize, he will and is hurting them, their children and grandchildren. they need clean air, water and earth just like the rest of us. Do they understand that trump hate is killing people and that also hurts them.

  15. The GOP would endorse Sharia Law if it came with a tax cut, and a rollback of environmental regulations.

  16. George III could have had a blood disorder or bipolar, to account for his mental illness. Trump is probably ravaged by syphilis.

  17. When are the psychiatrists going to facilitate removing him?

    • Silverfirefly1 | August 23, 2019 at 8:20 AM | Reply

      They have already performed their duty to warn, as a body.
      Direct interference is never better than the nearest and dearest realising that the time for intervention is at hand. In this specific case, things are going to have to get much worse first, because of the consequences politically.

    • I read the book, The Dangerous Case of D.T. They sent a letter to then-president Obama, stating the need for a psychiatric evaluation.

    • Leonard Washington | August 23, 2019 at 10:16 AM | Reply

      touchwood108 Not before they remove you fake news idiots from MSLSD

  18. Michael Rowsell | August 23, 2019 at 3:15 AM | Reply

    King George madness was only temporary..Trumps madness is getting worse and is incurable.

  19. Donald Trump having no moral compass is selling America to the highest bidder. We have a mobster as a President and the whole world knows it!

  20. The horrible thing is that when the time is up for Mr Trump, expect a rise in mass shootings carried out, as usual, by crazy Trump-supporters. Probably x20.

    • Mental illness is a result not a cause. It’s about time we tackled the social conditions that leave would be shooters feeling that atrocity is all they have left. Stress, inequality, divisive language…. Happy people don’t hurt others. Shooters are as much victims as those they harm.

    • My God I hope not. Im sure he’ll say it was rigged when he loses. He does incite violence and hatred. The right wing groups do adore his rhetoric but hopefully, we will have a peaceful transition.

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