Police Officers charged With Murder


dominica.jpgTwo servicing police officers on the Commonwealth Of Dominica Police Force were charged with murder when they appeared in court on Tuesday 11, December 2008 in Roseau. The two officers Carlton Williams and special constable Dethros were charged nine days after one of the police officers shot Stan Bruney 30,in the head killing him.

Stan Bruney was a resident of the Carib Territory.

Earlier reports out of village stated that the lawmen were called to investigate a disturbance of an armed man-carrying a cutlass and arriving on the scene one of the officers attempted to calm the man down when he was attacked leaving the other officer with no choice but to shoot Bruney to save his fellow officer’s life.


According to the Chairman of the Police Welfare Association inspector John David speaking to reporters outside of the courthouse "it’s a sad day for the police" he said and that his association did not anticipate a charge of murder on its officers and are very concerned. "We are not saying we are above the law however what we saying is why the charge of murder?"

David continued to point out that when they leave for duty an officer do not go with the intention of killing anyone. He however explained that during the execution of his or her duty somebody might get killed. "It may be accidental or you may want to say a use of excessive force but where is the malice or the intention to kill?" the lawman said.

Police Welfare Association has summoned all members of the association to an emergency meeting later today Wednesday.

Carib Chief Charles Williams commenting on the shooting incident on that fatal Sunday said that the shooting brought back memory of another shooting incident which occurred 1995 and said that his people were condemning very strongly the actions of the police in that regard. "It is not the first time that a Carib person is being shot by the police", the Carib Chief said and added that the 1995 killing in the Carib Territory did not result in a conviction of the police officer in question but felt that justice should be done in this incident.

He also called for the two officers to be suspended, arrested and investigated and If found guilty then justice has to been served for the Carib people the Chief Williams said. 

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  1. miss
    police officers have the right to defend themselves.these men defended themselves and i support them on what they did. one of them could have get killed.

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