Nancy Pelosi announces formal impeachment inquiry against Trump


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announces a formal impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump over the whistleblower complaint on Trump's communication with Ukraine about Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden.

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  1. Wow…way to impeach him after he finished his 4 years…

    • I am voting for Trump in 2020 regardless of what these political hacks do!

    • @768PP

      You still don’t get it 🤦

      Everyone is fed up to the gills with Democrat shenanigans. WTF do you think got Trump elected, in the first place??? But, instead of taking the L with some dignity and integrity and learning a valuable lesson, they’ve been impeaching him, since literally the day after the election and growing ever bolder and shameless with false accusations and desperate slanders against anyone associated with him. They are the party that cried impeachment and at this point, if he did actually do something, no one but the most radical base will care. America is going to use 4 more years of Trump to punish them, in hopes of purging them from party.

    • At least we won’t have to suffer another 4 yrs of him stinking up our white house and good riddance to his ugly wife and snobby kids too!

    • Tairondae Donald | September 25, 2019 at 12:28 PM | Reply

      Yes because America is in such a great state! Mass shootings, controversy flooding the media, a manic orange man, who is a perverted, narcissistic, who can see smiles through the phone, and political parties gunning each other down rather than looking for actual solutions, and idiots going to a area 51 raid with stupid signs!

      America is great like it’s always been! Well… I’m not sure when America was ever truly great but you get the point!

    • Above All, United | September 25, 2019 at 12:34 PM | Reply

      Mike Thompson you show your fatuous ignorance with every word; you say demokkkrat but even a farm fool like you must realize that all kkk members are republicans

  2. I like were she says cummings is a master of whistle blowers. hahahaha. 😂😂😂😂😂😂




    • @Kevin Bryant , The law ……. ? A law. Um, isn’t it LEGAL under Sharia Islamic LAW to stone or kill females just because …. you fill in the blanks.
      Years ago I watched a video of a young Muslim girl being stoned to death, this one guy picked up a 30 pound rock on bashed her head in. Her crime?
      She was a in love and had a relationship with a Kurdish boy, they wanted to get married. …. the point is ‘Laws’ do not always lead to justice. Think about it.

    • Well those two were instrumental in taking down democrats, thus explaining why they got what they got.

    • @Robert Garcia wtf are you talking about? Geeze….somebody get this fool a drink

  4. It is the responsibility of ANY administration to investigate, ask question, probe ANY illegal activity in a foreign country by an elected/government official.

    • @Raf Dad Guilty until proven innocent? is that Dems Law? Where is the proof – who heard it? Even the whistleblower says did not have first hand knowledge! where is
      the case – they take this stupidity and go to Senate – Senate will Toss it out very first Day like used Napkin!
      It is supposed to be Innocent until proven Guilty – Dems cannot make up their own Laws! – They may have given Victory to Trump in 2020 Sealed.

    • Great…Nadler..needs to be investigated for OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE.

    • @sunny shrm Yeah, Dems da breaks.

    • @Paul Regalado Yes, that would be a Gift from the Gods.

  5. When did Politicians start following laws in Washington.

  6. I bet it was 6ix9ine that submitted the whistleblower complaint!

  7. Running to get my popcorn 🍿 and drinks 🍹 , getting ready for the Show. Hahaha

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    • Chances of impeachment passing thru Senate? About 0%.
      But it will still be a shitshow for sure.

    • @PunchingPlugs CF I meant how it is more political theater, than anything else.

    • Impeach CORN POP…..!!  Ha….Ha….Ha…..!!  The DemonRats Took The Cheese….!!

  8. Boyd Plankinton | September 25, 2019 at 2:52 AM | Reply

    What is wrong with this picture? Answer: The Speaker of the House cannot decide on her own to move forward with Impeachment Inquiry. The full House of Representatives has to Vote on moving forward with Impeachment Inquiry. The full House has not voted to do what she wants.

    • @Boyd Plankinton You way, way, way off. There were nine months of formal investigations of Watergate by various congressional committees prior to the House voting to initiate impeachment proceedings on February 6, 1974.

      The House Judiciary Committee has already passed a resolution that set procedures and rules for impeachment investigation hearings of Trump, before Pelosi’s announcement. That is the committee’s right to do this. Pelosi’s announcement recognizes what has happened and this type of announcement is her job.

      I know how much Trump supporters want to make proclamations that they think will some how change the law and put Trump in a better position to continue his criminal activity unimpeded. But the law just doesn’t work that way. Your proclamation did not change the law, the constitution or the case precedent.

    • Committees May not set their own agendas. They get their agendas from the House. Otherwise you would have rouge committees investigating things the House has no knowledge of. Approval for investigations comes from the House.

  9. Oh boy, here we go again LOLOL

  10. I still say Dave Chapelle’s standup is way funnier than this.

  11. Only the US, its constitution and the REPUBLIC are a hope not only for the US, but also for the world

  12. Will believe it when it happens. It wont. What a laugh…

  13. As independant, its an embarrassment for the US to let Congress/House to waste my tax payer dollars pursuing this guy over and over as never seen before. Didnt voted for this guy but he was elected in democracy. This time Pelossi lose one vote until they start doing real productive work.

    • Wonder if you minded that trump didnt give Ukraine the promised 250 but 390mill or spends money at his own expensive resorts with detours?

      And the Democrats in the house have also been democratically voted in. The president is not the only person in your government hope you realise that.
      On top of that it seems to me that you are oke with a democratic voted president that uses corruption and and obstruct democratic decision. Seems like your idea of democracy stops as soon at the votes are counted.

      The likely costs of this impeachment procedure won’t even come close to the money your farmers are losing or the interest of the increasing deficit.

    • @Remco That guy is a Russian Bot, not an American. They copy paste broken English. “I’m not a republican” “As an independent” followed by some obscure reasoning to why they shouldn’t investigate Trump, then bash someone on the left. It’s so blatantly obvious at this point you can pick them out a mile away. Some are his cult followers, sure.. but I’d take a guess that many of them, especially now, are just trolls. How else can you explain the sheer lack of common sense and disconnect from reality?

  14. Yes,this is historic,Policy decided to ack on a “press release”

    • Uhm she clearly said in this video that efter the president himself admitted that he talked with the Ukrainian president that they decided to start an impeachment.

      So maybe listen again?

    • Remco- OMG, the president of the United States talked with a leader from another country?! WTF, throw him out NOW! So instead of just listening, maybe try comprehension?

  15. American Citizen | September 25, 2019 at 7:56 AM | Reply

    This will fail just like ALL of the other attempts Democrats have made to take down Trump.

  16. Pelosi is gonna get mailed to Pakistan.

  17. she is the number one reason why I want term limits

  18. BallTistic Screecher | September 25, 2019 at 9:17 AM | Reply

    Look up Bidens tape at the CFR bragging about coercing the Ukraine PM into firing the prosecutor looking into Hunter Biden and his corruption with the oil company there.

    Also China corruption.

    Keep digging the hole Nancy. Biden is on tape. Its all over social media.

  19. This is an inquiry not an impeachment,most likely will take as long as the suspicion of collusion, but no one seems to address the one or one’s who lit the fuse on all these matters ,it has become the most egregious situation the Gov’t has pursued domestically.

  20. We are cursed with x ray vision, we can see through the lies when you smile for the television

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