Heat, rage and yet more defeat

th2addbeb1-3550-2b49-2b36-000070253b41_galeThere have to be more games in Dominica. In contrast to some of the windswept new constructions we have seen elsewhere in the Caribbean, which appear to have been thrown up on marshland in the most inhospitable parts of the island, this was a beautiful locale, surely challenging the HPCA Stadium in Dharamsala as the most stunning cricket venue in the world. The camera spent as much time lingering over the tree-carpeted mountains and the port of Roseau as it did pointing at the cricket.

Traveling to Myanmar on a Dominican Passport

By P. T. Freeman

I’m in Yangon, Myanmar after a long airplane ride across the Pacific from Canada and an overnight layover in Thailand.

Entering Myanmar on my Commonwealth of Dominica passport was uneventful, as it has been for most other countries I have entered using it.  Since Dominica is a small, peaceful country, it doesn’t draw undue attention—or hostility—as the U.S. passport I once carried does.  I find I’m much more free and inconspicuous while traveling on a Dominica passport.